6 Amazing Trails to walk in the Peloponnese


Six beautiful trails in the Peloponnese, for beginners and experienced. Through gorges, next to rivers, over wooden bridges. Not that we need reasons for (another) weekend in the Peloponnese! However, the trails in the Peloponnese that run through the gorges, the vineyards, the ridges, and the banks of its rivers are magical…

Below are six amazing trails to walk in the Peloponnese.

Arcadia - Peloponnese , hiking trails

Arcadia Photo Credit: George Aivalis

The forest of Skiritida, in Southern Arcadia

Those of you who have the faintest idea of where that is, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The forest of Skiritida stretches between Taygetus, Parnon, Mainalo, and the plain of Sparta, which means that you will enjoy stunning views of the spectacular landscape around it. Its gigantic area (50,000 km) runs through a circular path of 14 km that will excite hiking enthusiasts. Pines, chestnuts, plane trees, oaks, and willows dominate the entire route. It has a strong presence of water in lakes, streams, small waterfalls, and watermills.

Arkoudorema, in Mainalo

One of the best-kept secrets of Arcadia has begun to leak! The beautiful Arkoudorema, perched at an altitude of 1,200 meters in the heart of the fir forest of Mainalo is crossed by several dirt paths that are currently at their best. Ideal for beginners is the route that starts from the cute village called Piana, and crosses Arkoudorema to reach after about three hours the homonymous church of Panagia Arkoudorematos.

The most experienced, if you want, you can continue for two more hours on the moderately difficult route to the village of Limbovisi, where the house of Greek war hero, Theodoros Kolokotronis operates as a museum.

Nemea - Peloponnese , hiking trails

Nemea Photo Credit: Spiros Vathis

The Aliko Vineyard of Nemea

Five fantastic trails start from the Psari of Corinth, very close to Ancient Nemea, and cross its wonderful vineyards, plateaus, shores of lakes, and enchanted forests. One of them is named Alikos Ampelonas. It is a short circular route of three kilometers ideal for beginners. It will take you less than an hour to cross it, starting from Psari. Walk on paths covered with oaks that generously give you shade. Pass by chapels, springs with running water, green vineyards, and Corinthian estates.

The path of Persephone, in Argolida

One of the two paths of the Municipality of Ermionida is one of the most spectacular routes that you can cross on foot or by bike in the entire prefecture of Argolida. It is 10 km long, passes through postcard landscapes, crosses the mythical Katafiki gorge, and passes through a small village that looks like it came from an island, to end up back in the gorge.

Mount Taygetus - Peloponnese - hiking trails

Mount Taygetus Photo Credit: Panegyrics of Granovetter

The gorge of Castor, in North Taygetus

Beautiful, and ideal for beginners. This trail is a one-hour walk, which follows the course of the river Kastora, in its green gorge, from the village of Kastori to the Marble Bridge. The route is for the most part flat, and well signposted. The path moves under centenarian trees that almost hide the sky. Walk on wooden bridges, next to the ruins of old watermills. Always parallel to the Kastora river, listen to its ripples which is the permanent soundtrack of the route.

The Marble Bridge at the end of the route is the old, arched bridge of Kastora. It is very close to the homonymous village, to which you can return on foot.

The “Monso Raso”, on Mount Parnon

The nine trails that stretch around Parnon’s Tsintzina all have their three names: in addition to the Monk’s Cowl, there is also the Contractor’s Trail and the Can-Can. The Monk’s Cowl, in particular, has a length of more than four kilometers. Starting from the square of Tsintzina in the form of a cobbled path it continues to the monastery of Agioi Anargyroi moving to the bank of the ravine. In summer it has little water, however, in the winter and spring a lot. The route is wonderful, as it passes through orchards and along the verdant banks of the Tsintzina stream.  If you prefer to cycle, do not hesitate, it’s an excellent ride!

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