A day trip to Delphi

It was a warm and sunny morning in Athens. My first thought when I was told that we were going to visit Delphi, was that I would rather go to a beautiful beach and enjoy the sunshine.

My second thought though, was the realization that for thousands of years, people came here from all over the known world to visit this place, so it must be worth it. And a day trip to Delphi most certainly was.

Greece Insiders, the company that took care of my entire experience for this full-day trip from Athens, calls it “Divine Delphi” and I couldn’t agree more.

Parnasus Mountain

Parnasus Mountain Image Credit: Greece Insiders

On the way to Delphi

There is indeed something divine about this place on Parnassus Mountain, which is a 2-and-a-half hour drive from Athens. It dates back to ancient Greece and it was considered to be the center of the earth. Legend has it that God Zeus sent two eagles flying from the two opposite ends of the world; their paths met over Delphi. This was marked by an “omphalos”, a religious stone artifact that can be seen in the Delphi Museum. The fact that Delphi was an ancient sanctuary, that everyone visited throughout the ancient classical world, to consult about important decisions is not random, as you can indeed sense a divine feeling in the air.

We drove from Athens in a comfortable private vehicle. The ride was very enjoyable, as I learned a lot of stories and myths of the area, before we reached the archaeological site of Delphi. My private guide was very nice and knowledgeable and added true value to the experience. I was stunned by the breathtaking views and the famous Temple of Apollo, who was worshipped by ancient Greeks. Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within the walls, you will also find the famous Tholos, the symbol of Delphi today, as well as other temple remains. We also visited the archaeological museum which contains sculptures, enormous statues and other treasures which were excavated from the surrounding area. The ancient theater is also worth a visit, once there. After we explored the area and absorbed some ancient Greek wisdom, we headed towards the picturesque seaside village of Galaxidi, a really beautiful relaxed place. I had a delicious seafood lunch and then strolled around the nice neoclassical houses and the port. I must admit, it was the perfect conclusion to a day full of history, ancient wisdom and stunning natural scenery.

Galaxidi Village

Galaxidi Village Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Why Delphi?

All in all, if you love history and Greek mythology, Delphi should definitely earn a place in your travel itinerary. It is relatively close to Athens – ideal for a day’s excursion – and will also give you the opportunity to see some of the Greek mainland on the way. Despite the fact that I prefer to travel and explore sites on my own, the service by Athens Insiders has been truly valuable. My guide grasped my interests and background right away and was able to adjust my visit and pace to what I really wanted. This high degree of adaptability to my personal needs is what truly made it exceed my expectations. Not to be missed!

If you wish to do this trip, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will arrange it for you!