Antiparos: Serene Cyclades

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Calm and dynamic, alternative, picturesque, and modern. Just a few words to describe Antiparos. Forget what you knew about the Cyclades. This tiny Cycladic Island combines tranquility, cosmopolitan air, and enchanting beaches.

We invite you to meet this island full of natural beauty and captivating energy!

Antiparos Chora


The ferry will take you from Pounta to Antiparos and the first thing you will see in the port are the white, picturesque houses and a calm landscape. Proceed to the coastal road and head to the main pedestrian street of Chora. There, coexist harmoniously, next to each other, traditional cafes, gourmet restaurants, quaint taverns, modern cafes, and shops with clothes, accessories, and household items, all of which invite you to go inside and indulge in shopping until the last drop. The kindness and courtesy of the inhabitants are pervasive.

At the end of the main road, you will see the central Georgios Roussos Square, here at night under the huge plane trees and in the bars that surround it, the youth of the island meet. Because Antiparos is not just an island of peace, contemplation, and daydreaming. It is THE island of fun until the morning. Plenty of places, waiting for you for a refreshing summer cocktail, are spread around the Venetian Castle of Chora.

Antiparos Beach


Now for the paradisical beaches of the island. The golden sand beaches alternate with rocky coves. While the sea seems to embrace the land, forming lacy shores, bays, and capes. If you want to be just you and the sea, then Antiparos is your island. As, most of the beaches are not organized, with a few exceptions. Next to Chora, within walking distance, are the two Psaralykes. With tamarisk, sand, a few umbrellas (in the first), and families. If you are one of the most daring and you feel that your swimsuit bothers you, then you will prefer the second beach of Psaralyki, as nudists frequent it!

In case you are hungry, a little further, there is a tavern and juice bars. Reach the Castle, a 5-minute walk and famous for its waves and sunset. You will find turquoise waters and wonderful sea formations on other beaches of the island, such as Monasteria, GlyfaApantima, Theologos, and Ag. Spyridon. On the way to the village of Agios Georgios, in the southern part of the island, just 8 km from Chora, your attention will be drawn to the big and small Soros, which are the central shores of Antiparos. Sand and pebbles coexist there, while taverns on the beach are waiting for you to enjoy local traditional recipes.

Antiparos Venetian Castle


In the southern part of the island, 12 km from Chora, there is the small but famous settlement of Agios Georgios, which is inhabited only during the summer. During the journey, you will meet in front of you the luxurious villa of the actor Tom Hanks. Its beach is suitable for swimming and sunbathing, overlooking the rocky volume of Despotiko. Here there are nice taverns for fresh fish appetizers. The secluded rocky islet of Despotiko is not the only one you will have at your feet from Agios Georgios. From here are visible many other islands, such as the green island of Reumatonisi -owned by the Goulandris family-, Saliagos, and the islets of Diplo, Kavouras, and Magrines, the rest of your nearby options from Agios Georgios for diving or snorkeling.

Octopus and Fish drying in the sun on Antiparos Island in the cyclades- car free islands of greece blog

Octopus and Fish drying in the sun on Antiparos IslandPhoto Credit: Matthias Forster

Plan your Antiparos Trip

Memories of the serene Aegean landscape, with its scattered chapels, enchanting beaches, famous cave, and imposing Venetian Castle will accompany you until the next time you come back. Because one thing is for sure: a visit to Antiparos is never enough! Contact one of our expert travel designers and start planning a visit to one of the smallest but majestic islands of the Cyclades. Click here!

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