Catamaran Cruising Around Santorini


Not for too long, though. Just embark on a boat and cruise the waters around the island for a day. A sail boat -or even better, a catamaran – offers the unique privilege of having your own little ‘island’ floating around in the heart of this rare natural wonder.

Morning dive in Santorini

Morning dive Photo Credit: Steve Moses

Morning dive at the Caldera

Ideally, a full-day cruise can start with one of the most uplifting experiences one can have: An early-in-the-morning dive in the azure Aegean waters; preferably in a secluded beach or even mid-sea, away from the crowds. You dive head-first in the calm water from the deck. Usually the sea is seductively calm in the mornings, the wind is mild and the water feels warm, in a way. You resurface in absolute serenity and open your eyes to a breathtaking view of this rocky kingdom of white, blue and volcanic gray that seems to magically float, just like you, in the middle of a vast blue canvas.

The red beach of Santorini

The red beach Photo Credit: Rinetta Gousgouni

The red beach at Snatorini

The cruise continues, eventually making a stop at the famous Red Beach; you sail along the White Beach, the Black Mountain and the big Light House, south of the Caldera. Small and empty, unnamed volcanic beaches wait to be discovered in every cove of the rocky landscape.

Hot Springs at Santorini

Hot Springs Photo Credit: Graeme Churchard

Swim at the hotsprings

Stretching your body on the ship’s net-deck makes you feel like a seagull flying low over the waves, with small doses of sea-spray cooling your skin while sunbathing. Your ship slides over the water and stops in places that can make you forget you are in a small island that is visited by more than a million people every year. The views and the colors from the deck are spectacular and on the way to the Hot Springs, you can feel the energy of the Volcano and the spirit of this mesmerizing place. The boat’s crew brings out the snorkeling equipment and the marveling-at-the-view game goes underwater.  Whether you are looking for Nemo or the lost Atlantis, the play of the sunrays on the seabed is seductive.

whatch the sunset from Thirassia

Thirassia Photo Credit: Abir Anwar

Visit Thirassia

Next stop is a small fishermen’s island called Thirassia, perfect for swimming and admiring the unique view of Manolas village. Lunch always tastes wonderful when still dripping sea water. Sea Food, chicken fillet, salads… this part of the world is generous in colors and tastes and they are all on deck. Reigning king among the rich local produce, the white wine of Santorini completes the rainbow of tastes and smells along with fruits & desserts.

Catamaran Cruise sunset tour at Santorini

Catamaran Cruise Photo Credit: niki georgiev

Enjoy watching the sunset from the catamarans deck, away from the crowds

It would be hard to find anything better than this wine to accompany the wait for one of the best sunsets in the world. And even harder to find better seats to the grand show of nature, than a boat sailing in the middle of the sea and this caldera-dominated scenery.

The frenzied sound of your camera accompanies the epic curtain closure to a day of pleasure and marvel. Finally, the encore comes as an on-board dinner, while the boat is approaching the port of Vlihada, to moor. The perfect ending to an overwhelmingly memorable experience.

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