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Greece is one of those unique countries that eloquently combines various elements that build up a perfect travel itinerary for families. Our expert guides and leaders will take you on an adventure of a lifetime catered to the ages and preferences of each family member. Your sole job is to enjoy the ride and create joyous family memories that you will cherish forever. Therefore, we invite all multigenerational families to come together and bond in a country where the possibilities are endless. And as we love to say, the More the Merrier!

For the history buffs & mythology lovers, the archaeological sites, as well as the legends piercing through them, are scattered all over this country. For the ones who want to unleash their creativity, our crafty art, music, and dance workshops will allow them to do just that. A family without a ‘foodie’ does not exist, therefore, we design hands-on cooking classes so you can master the Greek cuisine. Finally, the best way to understand Greece’s customs and traditions is by interacting with locals.

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