Galaxidi: Its Silence “says” it all

Mainland Greece

One two days is enough for Galaxidi to win you over, relax you, and put you at its pace. A place with a strong sense of identity, and its silence says it all.

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Galaxidi Overview

Arriving in Galaxidi, the first thing you encounter is its quietness. The road leads you to Nikolaou Mama Square and the main port. Fresh sea breeze, cafes, and taverns in a row, moored boats, and sailboats reminiscent of old glories, people strolling opposite the pine-clad slope, Pera Panda. Preserved captain’s houses make up a setting reminiscent of Nafplion, with a much milder, less commercial, but a lot of character.

Galaxidi overview

Going up Iroon Street, sneak peek through front doors at nice cobblestones, while soft music comes out of open neoclassical windows. Head towards the Maritime Museum. This small museum, with its spherical amphora of the 3rd millennium BC, coins, weapons, spears, and an excellent collection of stamps, is a very good introduction to Galaxidi. In the same neighborhood, the “Palio-Galaxedo” of 1655, the fully carved wooden iconostasis of the patron saint of the seas, Ai Nikolas, will leave you speechless, especially observing its every detail.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the “Galaxidiotes” did not manage to pass the sails to steam. The most commercial and prosperous port of Greece, along with that of Syros, in the era of sailing ships, lost the bet of modernization but managed to save its special character, remaining a place steeped in history and the nobility of its maritime tradition. Galaxidi was classified as a protected area in 1978. An old, glorious maritime state was thus transformed into a modern traditional settlement, oriented towards mild tourism. Linking them, the mansions and cantons, which have been largely preserved unchanged over the decades and centuries, around its two harbors.

Galaxidi mansions

In the Old Mansions

The Galaxidian sailors always painted their floors with plastic paint, what was left over from the ships, while the upper floor in the houses, was single, without walls, to spread and sew the sails; elements of the Galaxidian aesthetics, which every careful restoration preserves and perpetuates. Another charming element is the section of rock that is embedded in the basement of several old mansions. Modern interesting approaches sometimes include it in the bathroom. Other times in the decoration of the guest house, in which many old residences are now taking shape.

Galaxidi port

Walks in Hirolaka

Afternoon bike ride and getting to know Hirolakas, the second port of the Ianthi Coast. In the mansion of folk writer Rodoula Stathakis-Koumaris, you feel like you are in a period movie. Get lost in her words about Galaxidi, but also in the whole atmosphere of a house that loves books and cats. Across the street, notice the different examples of Galaxidian architecture. Such as the old “Sidiropouleiko” and a house founded on the walls of the ancient “Haleio”. This is what Galaxidi was called in ancient times and its maritime identity is lost back in the depths of History.

The reference point for the traveler in Herolaka, the old preserved Liotrivi. Its balcony, right on the sea, offers coffee, food, and a very island feeling. Thus, without being an island, it created an island atmosphere and a character of its own”, writes Rodoula Stathakis. A warm place, even in winter you can comfortably sit outside as soon as the sun comes. This is why Galaxidi is suitable for a winter getaway by the sea. Liotrivi also houses the works of its owner and painter Giorgos Minas.

Galaxidi tavern

Fresh Air & Homemade Breakfast

The nightlife of Galaxidi is recommended for food and a relaxed drink in one of the shops of the first port. If you suddenly want something more intense, we remind you that Arachova is half an hour away. It’s just that the wild night doesn’t match the calmness of Galaxidi. We prefer a morning walk in Pera Panda. On one side of the sea, on the other pine trees and deep invigorating breaths of fresh air. Who said, after all, that Galaxidi is not a romantic town?

In the few shops, you will find something for a souvenir. However, you are more likely to come back with different flavors of homemade jam. You will have the first test in whichever hostel you stay at.

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