Horse-riding at Lake Kerkini

Mainland Greece

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that horses are part of the beauty of this place, as much as the flocks of thousands of rare birds in the air.

Horses and water Photo Credit: Ixnilatis

So it is no surprise that so many people cannot resist the temptation of riding a horse around this majestic wetland, once they see them running around or just grazing by the water. Once on the saddle, feelings are instantly reflected on faces. Probably because riding a horse amid this beautiful scenery can make you feel that special harmony between the animals and the place.

Horse-riding at the wetlands

Once you ride into the wetland on one of these beautiful animals, the secret of their popularity is revealed. Apart from their looks and grace, their greatest charm is their playful, yet calm, nature. Their slow and gentle pace gives you the opportunity to fully absorb every detail of the stunning scenery that surrounds you, in a way that intensifies the experience. In their company, there is no mechanical noise to distort your perception of the scenery. You are in absolute contact with the environment. You are not enclosed in a vehicle and – lacking the sense that you intrude in the peace of the environment- you can let the horses take you practically everywhere around this magnificent lake and its unique ecosystem.

Horses at Kerkini Lake Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Whenever you stop, you enjoy the company of a wonderful, friendly animal. They can get so interactive, to the point that I sometimes thought that mine was trying to playfully show me something by lightly taping the water or the dirt, while nodding its head. I am sure, though, that all the stories praising the horses’ character and intelligence which our guide told us – passed down to him by his grandparents – could have something to do with it.

Horses at Kerkini Lake Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Horse-riding at Kerkini is ideal for families

It is, undoubtedly, these small impressions that make the feel of a trip here, on the back of a horse, a memory to last a lifetime, especially for kids. This is why a stay at a horse farm in the area is a great idea. Traditionally-built guesthouses with stables and specialized guides – to make your rides absolutely safe and easy – provide an ideal base, from which to venture out to experience the lake and its surroundings.

Horse-riding for families Photo Credit: Ixnilatis

The crisp, clean air provides a refreshing contrast to the warmth from the fireplace in the room where you just had your breakfast. Now it’s time to get your gear, climb up your horse and ride off towards the woods, the lake or a nearby mountain. Crossing dense clumps of oaks, riding into the shallow edges of the lake or following fairytale trails into small woody dales, in a speed that allows every sense to be deeply carved in your memory. On your ride back to the stables, the sunset provides a glorious final curtain to this uniquely memorable show put up by nature.

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