Active and Romantic Vacations in Greece

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D1AthensArrival in Athens / Jewelry Workshop
D2ChaniaDay at leisure
D3ChaniaPrivate Hiking Tour of Samaria Gorge
D4ChaniaTraditional Villages of Chania, Mainland Tour
D5SantoriniHiking the Caldera
D6SantoriniSantorini Wine Tour
D7SantoriniCaldera Sunset Cruise Tour
D8Departure Day



Experience a hiking tour of Samaria Gorge one of the most famous in Greece
Create your piece of jewelry
Hike the Caldera of Santorini
End your trip with a cruise witnessing the most famous sunset of Greece



Arrival in Athens Airport, private transfer from Athens Airport to Hotel

Upon arrival, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it. You will be transferred to your hotel.

Afternoon – Jewelry Workshop

Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation and will lead you to a jewelry workshop in the heart of Plaka, where you will have the opportunity, under the guidance of a professional, to craft a uniquely designed piece of jewelry, which you will take home with you. A truly original souvenir!





Morning – Acropolis Guided Tour

You will meet your specialized state-licensed guide and embark on a historical journey, to Greece’s most famous landmark, the Acropolis.
Athens is an ancient city that has evolved into a contemporary metropolitan continuously keeping up with the new trends of the modern world. However, Greece’s capital is immensely proud of its important heritage and has successfully integrated the ancient sections into the new scene. The blend is unique and beautiful. Your tour will begin at the most significant ancient site, the Acropolis.
A 2-hour tour with an expert state-licensed guide will be more than enough for you to inhale the greatness of this archaeological site. Once you set foot into the monumental entrance of the Acropolis, known as the Propylaea, your insightful guide will explain to you how the architect Mnesicles built it between 437-432 BCE as part of Pericles’s great rebuilding program for Athens. Standing proudly next to the Propylaea lays the Temple of Athena Nike. This shrine was dedicated to the Goddess of Victory and although it is small in size, it is of great importance. Move along to another temple that honored the gods Athena and Poseidon, the Erechtheion, The Caryatids of the south porch, serving as pillars, will catch your eye as they are the true gems of the Erechtheion. Finally, you will reach the glorious temple of the Acropolis, the Parthenon. The Parthenon was built between 447 and 432 BCE in the Age of Pericles, and it was dedicated to the city’s patron deity Athena. This Doric temple embellished with decorations in bronze, ivory, and gold is without a doubt a showstopper. Take your time to photograph the lavish details of the construction while your guide paints a mental image of what the imposing statue of Athena used to look like. Now reaching the end of your tour, make sure to take in the breathtaking view of the city of Athens before you return to your hotel.
If you wish to continue exploring the city, feel free to ask your guide for recommendations to perfect your day in Athens.

Private Transfer Athens Hotel to Airport

The pick-up time for your transfer will be advised at your hotel. Your driver will deliver you to Athens Airport.

Domestic Flight to Chania


Private Transfer Chania Airport to Hotel

Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting you at the arrival gate with a sign with your name on it, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Free time at leisure in Chania Old Town

Walk through the stone paths and the narrow streets of the Old Town and discover the hidden spots of the Venetian Harbor. You will enjoy a leisure stroll in the puzzled alleys were the Venetians, the Ottomans, and the old Cretans used to live and occupied.
Enjoy this incredible flower-decorated neighborhood, meet the locals and of course, eat like locals! The unique Cretan Gastronomy is something you would not wanna miss!





Private Hiking Tour of Samaria Gorge

The gorge of Samaria is the gem of the White Mountains! Hidden in the south part of the Chania district, it is the biggest gorge in Europe, covering an area of 18 kilometers in length. The state park of Samaria was added to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves MAB Man & Biosphere) by UNESCO in 1981, to give prominence to and to protect valuable habitats for man and the rest of the biosphere.
The gorge of Samaria is counted among the top destinations of the Chania district and a journey to Chania can never be considered complete, unless you visit the gorge… you should therefore venture a visit there and believe us when we say that its beauty will not let you down…
The gorge’s trial starts at Ksyloskalo Omalos plateau, 1.227 meters altitude) and after following the river bed, it ends up at the littoral village of Agia Roumeli. The trail of Samaria is the most visited in the whole of Greece is excellently equipped with signals and signs which eliminate the danger of getting lost, it is comfortable and very well cared for, mostly with stones and soil. It is not considered a very difficult hike, vivid proof of which is the fact that hundreds of people cross it daily from the opening (in May) till the closing of its visiting season (in October). It is a very pleasant hike, not a strenuous one, with many landscape alternations and a versatile environment. One should always keep in mind, however, that though the trail as a whole is not tricky, one should be more careful during some parts of the trek.





Traditional Villages of Chania Mainland Tour

This is a tour of the unique area of Apokoronas, the eastern province of the Chania Region. Heading to Apokoronas one of the first villages in Armenoi. You will enjoy a cup of Greek coffee next to the nature and water springs of the village. Following a route through the nature and traditional Cretan villages like Stylos, Tsivaras, and Kalives you will arrive in Gavalochori village and visit the folklore museum of Apokoronas. The 7 rooms of it,
will reveal everything about history, handcrafts, and the everyday life of the people.
Leaving Gavalochori, driving towards Vrises village you will enjoy the view of the river and the square. The village of Emprosneros is following to see the theatre “Mikis Theodorakis and the hidden church of St. Antony, built on the rock. The experience of the Cretan cheese-making process follows. You visit a cheese factory and taste the local “Graviera” “Mizithra” or “Anthotiros” cheese varieties. You will also taste some olive oil on warm bread, cookies, and Cretan biscuits in the local bakery.
After that you will enjoy lunch in a traditional “kafeneio” in Fres village, speaking with the locals and learning many things about the countryside way of life. You will have the chance to see pure beauty and feel the real Crete around you. Apokoronas is one of the most historical places in Crete because of its people. Apokoronas is waiting to reveal his secrets a whole place is ready to be explored by you!





Private Transfer from Chania to Heraklion

Your driver will pick you up from your hotel in Chania and transfer you to Heraklion. The drive is 2 hours.

Hydrofoil boat from Heraklion to Santorini

After about 2 hours you will be in Santorini port!

Private transfer from Santorini Port To Hotel

Upon arrival, your driver will be waiting for you at the port with a sign with your name on it. You will be transferred to your hotel.

Afternoon – The Caldera Hike

During this tour, you will enjoy a guided walking tour on Santorini’s most impressive paths, right on the famous volcanic caldera. You will follow the footsteps of the ancient merchants, the sailors, and the farmers, experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This specific path will take you along the edge of the supervolcano that inspired the myth of Atlantis. Following the guide, you will reach traditional whitewashed settlements, at the only inhabited caldera in the world.
Don’t miss a moment of marveling at the azure sea and the breathtaking landscapes, while learning about the history and rich myths of the island. Start walking from Fira and ending in Oia, you will enjoy many extraordinary views, you will visit unique places of high interest and for sure you will have the time to capture exceptional photographic moments. Immerse yourselves into the island life, enjoy the bright sky, the endless horizon, and all the true wonders of Santorini’s nature.





Enjoy morning at leisure

You have heard about the world-famous indigenous grape varieties of Santorini! You probably know of the Vinsanto wine! But there’s more! More flavors and delicious explosions to enjoy! Accompany us on a complete wine journey around Santorini! Book a seat at the Santorini Wine Roads Tour!
This is our signature tour and your best choice if you want to explore the magic world of the Santorini volcanic wines. Enjoy a stimulating tasting experience under the guidance of our experienced wine experts, visit three selected wineries, learn all about the local grape varieties and the viticulture of Santorini. Taste and admire the real spirit of Santorini with our signature Santorini Wine Roads Tour.
This tour is ideal for all visitors as it allows learning in an entertaining way all there is to know about the wine culture of the island! The only thing you need to do is share with us the feeling that the tastes of Santorini wines create for your palate and your heart!

Afternoon – enjoy Santorini at leisure

Without mentioning dazzling panoramas, the mesmerizing sea, or vibrant villages, Santorini’s culinary tradition would be something worth experiencing on its own. Borrowing a pronounced Mediterranean diet from the mainland, Santorini shares a tendency to use vegetables, quality olive oil, meat, and fresh seafood generously, creating its cuisine by adding products that are cultivated solely on its fertile soil.
Try the island’s peculiar white-eggplants with mozzarella, or sample the unique “Tomatokeftedes”, tomato fritters made of Santorini’s produce, and accompany it beautifully with a glass of Vinsanto – Santorini is in all aspects a work of art, and its souvenirs and local produce doubtlessly reflect the island’s beautiful facets. Oia and above all Fira are the island’s major shopping destinations, places of unrivaled charm where traditional shops line up neatly down narrow streets.
In Santorini a visit to one of the local art galleries is a must: evocative handicrafts, folk art, and jewelry can be bought at accessible prices, guaranteeing a souvenir that mirrors the authenticity of the villages. Another worthy shopping experience is all about local produce. The diversity of products makes it hard to choose from the numerous delicacies grown on the island’s volcanic soil. Fava, the Greek version of split peas, is particularly unique in Santorini and it is used to make a down-to-earth, yet scrumptious, puree. The island’s grapes make a heavenly wine that is exported worldwide and can be bought in any of the local wineries. Last but not least comes Santorini’s trademark tomato, the locals’ pride, and a must-try for food aficionados – wonderfully appetizing and juicy.





Enjoy the morning at leisure

Wake up in the morning, enjoy leisure time on your private balcony and breakfast overlooking the staggering cliff!

Afternoon – Caldera Sunset Cruise Tour

Starting from the port of Vlychada port, the cruise passes by Red and White Beach, with a stop at Black Mountain. It will then pass by the Lighthouse South of the Caldera and the Hot Springs at the Volcano. The next stop is in Thirassia where lunch will be served. You will then sail towards the port of Ammoudi for a spectacular view of Oia. The return route will offer beautiful Fira views and sunset views before entering the port of Vlychada.





Private transfer from Santorini Hotel to Airport

The pick up time for your transfer will be advised at your hotel. Your driver will deliver you to the Santorini Airport.

Domestic Flight to Athens



Today, you will have to say goodbye to beautiful Greece. After arriving at Athens Airport, check in to your international flight and depart Greece.



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