Athens Family City Break

3 Days
An amazing 3-day family adventure; all you need to do is to relax and enjoy the carefully designed itinerary, made to keep all family members excited
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D1AthensArrival in Athens & Mythology Tour
D2AthensAcropolis & Flavors of Athens Tours for Families
D3AthensAthens Treasure Hunt



Tasting the delicious appetizing treats
Exciting treasure hunts solving
Marvel the impressive Acropolis
Learn the mythical story of Athens

Arrival & Mythology Tour/Athens

Athens Airport to Hotel:

Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it. You will be transferred to your hotel.


Mythology Tour:

The beauty of the Mythology for Kids Experience is that it is essentially an educational tour for children of all ages designed most appealingly and engagingly.


Get to know the mythical city of Athens with your expert ‘Insider’ guide leading the way! For 3 hours you will walk by the famous ancient landmarks that this capital city is home to. Behind each landmark, there are stories to tell. Stories that you and your children may have only read in books or seen in movies. Now, you have the opportunity to witness the sites where the Greek Gods were worshiped and to learn about the legends behind them. Not only will your children be drawn into an imaginary world, but they will also learn the important lessons that each myth elegantly ends with.


Do you have a favorite God or hero? We especially love the Goddess Artemis. She was the Olympian goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and nature as well as chastity. Furthermore, she was regarded as a patron of girls and young women and a protectress during childbirth. She was absolutely fearless! We know that at the end of your tour, there will be a God or a hero with whom you will connect! The ‘Palace of Troy’ is your final stop. At this serene garden, your guide will end with sharing more intriguing details on your favorite fantasy movies and books, such as Percy Jackson and the Saga of Atreides, over a beverage of your choosing.



Acropolis & Flavors of Athens Tours for Families/Athens

Morning – Acropolis for Families Tour:

Visit the most famous landmark in Greece with your kids, the Acropolis. Your private licensed guide who is specialized in children’s tours will hand out specially designed iPad minis at the beginning of your experience. This tool will visually enhance your tour with its augmented reality features, bringing to life all the impressive monuments you will encounter. In just 2 hours, your expert guide will walk you through this wondrous ancient site narrating intriguing myths and stories of the past. Hold your iPad mini in front of the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and the Parthenon to see the structures as they were 2000 years ago! Allow your imagination to run wild and notice all the details as your guide will explain how the Greek Civilization flourished. The Acropolis for Kids tour is a fun and interactive way for you and your children to learn about the place Democracy was born.


Afternoon – Flavors of Athens for Families Tour:

Embark on a 4-hour gastronomic journey through the exciting capital of Greece and experience the true Flavors of Athens with your entire family. Get to know the city while biting into a variety of sweet and savory mouthwatering treats from local producers. Step into their food stores that have been around for decades and sample ingredients that locals use in their daily dishes, such as olives, olive oil, and nuts. head to the central food market of Athens where locals do a great deal of their grocery shopping as they can find the freshest produce and the most appetizing meat and fish. On your way there, your expert insider guide will explain how Greece’s culinary heritage has evolved over the centuries and how today’s recipes keep the traditions alive through modern-day cooking practices. End your tour at the market, walking along the colorful fruit & vegetable sections, the prodigious meat & fish areas, and getting caught up in the lively and entertaining atmosphere! We have a few more delicious surprises in store for you! Play a fun, sense-provoking, blind-tasting game to see which member of the family has the best taste buds. Cover your eyes, smell, and then bite into the snack. Is it cheese bread? Is it ice-cream? Which flavor? Keep score because apart from trying local delicacies, the winner will receive a yummy reward!



Treasure Hunt/Athens

Treasure Hunt:

The ancient city of Athens will be your playground, so put your thinking caps on as for the next 4 hours our Treasure Hunt for Families activity will have you solving mysteries! In the most fun and interactive way, your expert guide will give you a series of clues to help you untangle the myth of Athena. The materials and props will assist in answering the riddles to get you one step closer to your final reward! Your guide, who is specialized in child educational activities, will also engage you with various storytelling methods as well as creative arts and crafts tasks, so pay close attention as hints may be camouflaged anywhere. While on the go, pass by historic landmarks in the center of Athens and find out about the enchanting legends that surround them. Enter local shops and taste the famous Greek coffee, mouth-watering ice-cream, a traditional koulouri, and discover Greek culture while interacting with Athenians. Congratulations! You have successfully worked as a team and figured out how to help the Goddess of Wisdom. Take your inspirational prize home with you to always remember the wonderful time you had!



Departure / Athens


In the afternoon, you will have to say goodbye to the beautiful Greece. Your driver will pick you up and transfer you to Athens Airport where you will take the international flight and depart Greece.



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