Unforgettable Greece Scuba Diving Exploration

Unique cultural exploration combined with snorkeling and scuba diving in different places of the Greek islands
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D1 Athens Arrival in Athens
D2 Athens Acropolis Guided Tour & Flavors of Athens Food Tour
D3 Mykonos Delos & Rhenia Sailing Trip
D4 Mykonos Wreck Dive
D5 Santorini Travel to Santorini & Day at leisure
D6 Santorini Catamaran Sunset Cruise
D7 Santorini Santorini Cooking & Wine Tasting Experience
D8 Heraklion Knossos Guided tour & Diving in Chania
D9 Chania Traditonal Villages of Chania Mainland Tour
D10 Departure day



Marvel the impressive Acropolis
Explore Athens in a tasty way with your food guide
Unforgettable Wreck diving experience in Mykonos
Unique sunset cruise around the volcano in Santorini
Santorini, Diving to enjoy the volcanic underworld


Athens Airport to Hotel:

Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it. You will be transferred to your hotel.


Enjoy your first day at leisure in Athens city center:

Athens’ heyday was around 400 years BC, that’s when most of the classical monuments were built. During the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, the city decayed into just an insignificant little village, only to become the capital of newly-liberated Greece in 1833. Ahead of the 2004 Olympics, almost the entire infrastructure was transformed: the Metro, trams, new ring roads and viaducts have eased the pressure of the heavy traffic.


Athens is still a rather messy and chaotic place—it wouldn’t be Athens otherwise—and despite all the improvements, still retains a great deal of its oriental charm. The whole coastal stretch from Piraeus to the old Hellenikon airport has been improved with new plantings, viaducts and paths for walking. The Plaka district is becoming more and more popular and it is on the way to catching up with Psyrri, Gazi and Rouf as regards restaurants. Discover the beauties of the Anafiotika district, at the feet of the Acropolis, and visit the ancient village still housed in the midst of the city.



Athens / Mykonos

Acropolis Guided Tour Flavors of Athens Food Tour:

A perfect tour to get a true feel of Athens! Ascent to the top of the sacred rock of the Acropolis to be confronted by one of the world’s most important structures in history, the Parthenon. Once there you will enjoy a guided tour which will reveal the magnitude and the rich heritage of Athens and the cultural achievements of the Greek civilization of the Golden Age.


After visiting Acropolis, get ready for a 3-hour food tour that will truly make you feel like an Athenian! Sense the intriguing Greek cuisine and local food culture through an experiential food tour in the heart of the bustling capital of Greece. Wander through authentic corners of the city and visit a number of dedicated artisans that have perfected their recipes over the decades, specialized food stores sourcing the best products from all over Greece as well as the vibrant central food market.


Private Transfer Athens Hotel to Airport:

The pick up time for your transfer will be advised at your hotel. Your driver will deliver you to the Athens Airport.


Domestic Flight to Mykonos:


Private Transfer Mykonos Airport to Hotel:

Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting you at the arrival gate with a sign with your name on it, you will be transferred to your hotel.




Delos & Rhenia Sailing Cruise:

Our dedicated crew will welcome you on board by serving a refreshing drink and showing you around the spacious and elegant vessel. One of our cruise representatives will greet you and give you an overview of the cruise itinerary. We lift the anchors heading to Rhenia & Delos islands, the center of the Cyclades and located few miles south-west of Mykonos. After approximately 1 hour sailing, we will arrive at the untouched island of Rhenia, separated from the sacred island of Delos by just a small strait. Dropped anchor in the idyllic bay surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, enjoy a refreshing swimming.


After approximately 2 hours spent in the untouched island of Rhenia, the next stop is Delos Island, one of the most important archaeological sites of Greek history for our Licensed Guided Tour. We spend about 1½ hour with our professional English-speaking guide and about 30 minutes free time exploring the UNESCO-listed Island of Delos, visiting the museum, walking up Mount Kynthos (367 feet high) and admiring the staggering array of ancient ruins.


We are ready to sail back to Mykonos. We will say goodbye in the Greek way with a farewell drink toast and returning home full of euphoria, for having shared with you our Greece, whose destiny is bound to the sea and sailing is the best way to experience it.





Mykonos Scuba Diving:

The Discover Scuba Diving Experience is great for those who have always wondered what it would be like to breathe under water. When you discover scuba diving, you discover excitement and adventure – freedom and serenity. Nothing compares to the “weightless” exhilaration of breathing underwater. Only a diver knows the feeling!


So close to our dive center is the wreck of “ANNA II”, a 62m. long cargo ship that sunk in the South-East part of Mykonos on 20 July of 1995.
Ship remains in excellent condition and it is possible to enter in a small part of it. The site around the wreck is also very interesting, with a reef of a great biodiversity and a lot of big colorful sponges! This wreck serves as spectacular artificial reef, attracting an incredible diversity of marine life.


Wreck Diving means diving in the past, parallel with a chance to explore what has been out of reach for so long.



Mykonos / Santorini

Private Transfer Mykonos Hotel to Port:

The pick up time for your transfer will be advised at your hotel. Your driver will deliver you to Mykonos Port.

High Speed Ferry from Mykonos to Santorini:


Private Transfer Santorini Port to Hotel:

Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting you at Athinios Port with a sign with your name on it, you will be transferred to your hotel.


Santorini Free Day at leisure:

The island’s beauty has been waxed lyrical over the years, fully earning the epithet “kalliste” (the most beautiful). Together with the inhabited Therania and five other smaller islands, Thera (Santorini’s Greek name) belongs to the namesake archipelago which is the vestige of a volcanic caldera. Places of unspoiled nature and postcard-like views, the islands are reachable by boat and bear the original appeal of the old-fashioned Santorini. The main island is split further into picturesque villages masterly painted in dazzling blue and white hues, outlining the holiday resort’s multi-faceted personality and its extraordinary variety of landscapes.


The scent of wine grapes and vineyards stretching lazily down Santorini’s unrefined hills; the unique taste of tomatoes grown solely on volcanic soil and the soaring temperature of the island; the subtle sand or the smoothness of white pebbles and turquoise waters of some of Europe’s most suggestive beaches; the upbeat sound of the buzzing nightlife; the spectacle of the sun setting behind the village of Oia and the caldera to finally plunge into the skyline. Santorini gratifies all 5 senses, treating the traveler to enchanting views and thousands of colors.


Free Day


Afternoon – Caldera sunset cruise:

Starting from the port of Vlychada port, the cruise passes by Red and White Beach, with a stop at Black Mountain. It will then pass by the Lighthouse South of the Caldera and the Hot Springs at the Volcano. The next stop in Thirassia where lunch will be served. You will then sail towards the port of Ammoudi for a spectacular view of Oia. The return route will offer beautiful Fira views and sunset views before entering the port of Vlychada.



Santorini / Heraklion

Morning – Scuba Diving Experience in Santorini:

Get on board with us and explore two different dive sites of the amazing underwater Santorini. Price includes water and a small snack between the two dives.


Diving in Santorini is known for the clear waters and hence the excellent visibility, which at times can reach 50 meters. This contributes to the unique experience of diving within the caldera; which still shows signs of underwater volcanic activity.


Diving in Santorini might not be with big school of fish or very rich marine life but the biggest interest for a diver is the underwater geo-morphology. The great volcanic eruptions that shook the island over the centuries have created magnificent underwater scenery giving scuba diving lovers endless options for wall dives, ship-wrecks, caves, reefs and never ending drop-offs around the Caldera and the Volcanic islets.


Private Transfer Santorini Hotel to Athinios Port:

The pick up time for your transfer will be advised at your hotel. Your driver will deliver you to Athinios Port.


High Speed Ferry from Santorini to Heraklion:


Private Transfer Heraklion Port to Hotel:

Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting you at Heraklion Port with a sign with your name on it, you will be transferred to your hotel.


Heraklion day at leisure:

After you take in the breathtaking views over the Old Port, you can discover the historic center of the city, and the most remarkable attractions of Heraklion, or visit some of the most important museums. The liveliest shopping, dining, nightlife venues in Heraklion and the most fresh and creative Cretan cuisine! Everything is within the reach!


Free Day

Heraklion / Chania

Private Transfer Heraklion/Knosos to Chania :

Your driver will pick you up from Heraklion hotel and on your way to Chania, you will enjoy a 2-hour guided tour in Knossos archaeological site with our state licensed guide.


Knossos Guided Tour:

Follow us and explore the oldest city of Europe and the first organized human civilization. Discover the greatness of the ancient Minoans and walk around the old stone-paths of Knossos, the cradle of Minoan civilization. The palace of Knossos, the centre of Minoan civilization, was constituted the main force of the island’s population during the Bronze Age. Their civilization as well as the palace was destroyed at the explosion of the Santorini Volcano. The excavation conducted by Arthur Evans 1900-1913 and 1922-1930 brought to light the grand palace of Knossos, along with other great findings of immense importance concerning the culture and the life of the Minoans.


Afternoon – Chania Diving Experience:

Dive in Chania with our professional dive team and you will discover that Crete is as beautiful below the water surface as it it above. The very interesting bottom composition is a result of the many volcanic formations from the past The clear waters with visibility up to 30 meters, mild weather and high temperatures, provide the ideal environment for you to experience our dives sites safely. Dive sites are carefully selected to ensure an interesting and enjoyable diving experience.




The 7 Villages of Apokoronas Tour:

This is a tour of the unique area of Apokoronas, the East province of Chania Region. Heading to Apokoronas one of the first villages is Armenoi. You will enjoy a coup of Greek coffee next to the nature and water springs of the village. Following a route through the nature and traditional Cretan villages like Stylos, Tsivaras and Kalives you will arrive in Gavalochori village and visit the folklore museum of Apokoronas. The 7 rooms of it, will reveal everything about history, handcrafts and the everyday life of the people.


Leaving Gavalochori, driving towards Vrises village you will enjoy the view of the river and the square. The village of Emprosneros is following to see the theatre “Mikis Thodorakis and the hidden church of St. Antony, built on the rock. The experience of Cretan cheese-making process follows.. You visit a cheese factory and taste the local “Graviera” “Mizithra” or “Anthotiros” cheese varieties. You will also taste some olive oil on warm bread, cookies and Cretan biscuits in the local bakery.


After that you will enjoy lunch in a traditional “kafeneio” in Fres village, speaking with the locals and learning many things about the countryside way of life. You will have the chance to see the pure beauty and feel the real Crete around you. Apokoronas is one of the most historical places in Crete because of its people. Apokoronas is waiting to reveal his secrets a whole place is ready to be explored by you!



Chania / Departure

Departure Day:

You will have to say goodbye to the beautiful Greece. Your driver will pick you up from your Hotel and transfer you to Chania Airport where you will take the domestic flight to Athens, once arriving in Athens Airport, you will check-in to your international flight and depart Greece.



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