Milos: The Beach Queen of the Cyclades

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Milos is the beach queen of the Cyclades, boasting a number of exotic beaches with powder sand and crystal-clear waters.

Inspirational Milos

Firstly, Milos, the island where the famous statue of Aphrodite was discovered, is located at the southwestern tip of the Cyclades. Secondly, it is a volcanic island, with intense geomorphological and historical interest. Thirdly, it is the ideal destination for those who want to explore the endless beaches and the lunar landscape of the island. From the idyllic sunset in the picturesque Plaka to the eerie landscape in Sarakiniko, Milos will enchant you… Finally, summer in Milos means calm and beautiful seas, while many couples choose the romantic landscape of Milos for their holidays.

Venus de Milos

Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos) c. 130-100 B. C. Discovered in 1820 on the Aegean Island of Milos, Paris, LouvrePhoto Credit: Rodney


Milos Overview

Furthermore, Milos was voted by the readers of Travel + Leisure as the most beautiful island in Europe in 2019. The reasons are obvious. The Cycladic island is widely known abroad as the place where the famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos was discovered. However, visitors today still find their treasures while exploring this 58 sq km island, which offers everything: history, relaxation, great food, great coverage for all tastes and budgets, and, of course, infinitely beautiful beaches!

Walk its cobbled streets, explore the volcanic craters, stroll through the ancient ruins or relax on its crystal-clear beaches, with all-white sand and turquoise waters. Even the largest city, Adamas, where there are two museums and a large number of boutique hotels, remains for the most part quiet, without crowds and chatter, unlike other Greek islands. In conclusion, the landscape in Milos is mesmerizing, with the rocky coastline, some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see, hills with minimal vegetation, all-white houses with the famous Cycladic architecture, churches with a blue dome, and perhaps a couple of goats!

sarakiniko beach milos island

Sarakiniko BeachPhoto Credit: dronepicr

The Best Beaches

So many beaches that claim to hold the title of the beach queen of the Cyclades. Nevertheless, if we had to make a top-5 list it would be something like this:


All-white rocks that “reflect” the Cycladic light. Strips of golden sand between them. Clear blue waters with spooky caves for background. Moreover, this is the lunar landscape that made the island of Milos famous all over the world, and it becomes even more magical on moonlit nights when the moonlight is reflected on the off-white rocks. Finally, is anyone up for an evening swim?


Papafragas has emerald waters, incredible sand, and an unreal feeling, created by the high cliffs that embrace the waters in which you swim.


The largest beach of the island has light-colored, golden sand, turquoise waters sparkling waters, and an incredible number of shells. They are, in fact, two beaches: One organized with a beach bar and water sports (surf lovers will find their paradise here) and a quieter one right next to it.


Nestled between white cliffs and absolutely turquoise waters, this almost white-sand beach is simply breathtaking. One may reach it by a relatively steep path, alternatively by boat.


With its spectacular, volcanic rocks framing it, and its turquoise shallow waters, Fyriplaka is organized with sunbeds and a beach bar. However, if you want seclusion, you will walk a little in the water, until you reach the second beach next to it, behind the rocks.

plaka village on milos ilsand

Aerial view of whitewashed buildings in Plaka VillagePhoto Credit: dronepicr

The Picture-Perfect Villages


Amphitheatrically built on the hill, with its narrow, cobbled streets, all-white Cycladic houses, and its flowered courtyards. And, of course, with its Venetian castle crowning it, at the top of the hill, and offering a unique view of the sunset.


With the beautiful windmills that you can rent, for a stay beyond the ordinary. Nearby are the famous Roman catacombs. Also, the wonderful Klima where they found the famous Aphrodite of Milos.


The most romantic fishing village of Milos is waiting for you for walks by the sea and photos with the sunset in the background. The famous village of Milos attracts tourists from all over the world, who want to see the Syrmata up close. The syrmata are the typical two-story houses of the fishermen. They store the boats in the lower part of the house to protect them from the bad weather. Additionally, this settlement stands out for the picturesque houses with colored doors.


A picturesque fishing village with a long sandy beach, known for its taverns that serve fresh fish and seafood on the beach, and for the boats that start from here to Kimolos.


The quietest – and for many the most charming – fishing village of the island, with its few island houses almost touching the sea and a small sandy beach for diving away from everyone and everything.

Kleftiko milos island

Cliffs and rock formations at Kleftiko on Milos Island Photo Credit: dronepicr

The Must-Do Experience

The tour of the island with the boats that start daily from Adamas and bring you to the astonishing beaches of southern Milos, most of which do not have access from the mainland. One of them is the amazing Kleftiko, with the big white rocks that you have definitely seen over and over again in photos and postcards. Another is the cave of Sykia, with the unique colors created by the sunbeams in its deep blue waters.

seafood pasta on milos island

Seafood pasta

Local Tastes from Milos


You cannot leave Milos if you have not tried the top dish of the island. The pies are the local cheese pies with a special dough and Melian cheese.

Seafood pasta

In Milos pasta prevails and is accompanied by fresh seafood – shrimp, crayfish, sea urchin, and mussels. Genuine taste from the sea, which is not comparable to any other.

Smoked eggplant stuffed with cheese

Milos is famous for its eggplants, therefore, try it in its most spicy version. Smoked eggplant stuffed with male cheese is just the appetizer for you.

Goat with sun-dried tomato paste

Milos is famous for its sun-dried tomatoes, and the combination with goat just completely melts in your mouth.

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Featured Image by Michele Ursino

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