Nudist beaches in the Cyclades

Greek Islands

In Koufonisia, Naxos, Anafi, Serifos, and Amorgos we found the most beautiful nudist beaches in the Cyclades.

Do you want to dive without a swimsuit in the Cyclades? We searched and found some of the most beautiful nudist beaches that you will need to walk a little to reach, but they will compensate you not only with their crystal-clear waters and the absence of prying eyes but also with the absolute contact with nature.

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Mikri Italida_Koufonisia Beach

Mikri Italida, Koufonisia

It has, according to many, the most beautiful waters on the Aegean. Any time of the day, no matter how many people it gathers, deep blue, framed by golden sand. At its edge, a smaller creek, known to locals and fanatics of the island as Mikri Italida, is the favorite spot of nudists looking for a little privacy without sacrificing the idyllic landscape to a minimum. You will reach it either by boat or by a 20-minute walk from the village – it is worth it.

Mouros Beach_Anafi

Roukounas, Anafi

The once “headquarters” of the free campers of the Aegean, ceased to exist as such when the locals decided that tolerance did not bring the desired results. It remained, however, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades, with golden sand and clear blue waters, but also the favorite of nudists on the island, who still occupy half of it, despite the signs that prohibit both nudism and camping. The newly built road that connects Roukouna with Chora makes access extremely easy, while above the beach you will find the famous tavern of Papadia.

Plaka beach_Naxos

Plaka, Naxos

Next to the beach of Maranga, with the organized camping, Plaka enjoys one of the most beautiful beaches of Naxos – which are anything but a few. Sandy, with deep waters, organized, for the most part, gathers on its left edge, as one looks at the sea, nudists in the vast majority – concerning swimmers. The access will not be difficult at all, since the dirt road that leads to the beach is extremely passable, while to reach its nudist section all you have to do is walk by the sea.

Roukounas_Anafi Beach

Mouros, Amorgos

One of the most popular beaches of Amorgos, mainly for the wonderful deep blue color of its waters, “hides” behind the rocks on the left as you look at the sea going down the path, two small nudist beaches, which share the same wonderful colors of the sea with the large beach – just in a version without a swimsuit.

Karavi_Lia Beach_Serifos

Karavi and Lia, Serifos

Alas if the Cyclades with its 72 (!) beaches did not have two “official” nudist beaches. Your first choice here is Karavi, in the south of the island, very close to Livadi. This is a beautiful sandy beach, with natural shade from the tamarisk trees and slabs in the water. And then, there is the famous Lia, in the southeast of the island, which you will reach on foot for about 20 minutes. The road is paved to a point, then there is a dirt road for 500 meters and then a path). Here you will find sand and fine pebbles, and natural shade from tamarisk trees.

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