Oiti National Park & The Oiti Festival

Mainland Greece

This quiet and unspoiled place is found on the fifth tallest mountain in central Greece and is located on the boundary between the Prefectures of Pthiotis and Phocis. Its highest peak is Pyrgos (2.152 m).

It is widely known as the mountain of flowers and of legendary hero Hercules. The vastness of the fir forests, the rarity and richness of the impressive flora and fauna, and abundant waters, create a scenic destination of unadulterated charm.

One of the most delightful spots on the plateau is the alpine tarn near the shelter of the Greek Mountaineering Club at the location known as Trapeza, while just a little higher up, the peak of Greveno (2,117 m) offers a breathtaking view of the Vardousia and Giona mountains.

The site is also home to the Katavothra cave (1,775 m), a sinkhole into which water vanishes before it reappears kilometers away at the falls in the steep gorge carved by the Gorgopotamos.

Gorgopotamos Photo Credit: George Terezakis

Now, on the high plateaus of Oiti are the sources of three rivers: the Gorgopotamos (formerly Dyras), the Asopos, and the ancient Inachos (Vistritsa), all of which flow into the Spercheios river, whilst a number of streams and brooks feed the Mornos river.

Owing to the diversity of the striking natural features – like the ones mentioned above – as well as the sheer serenity that this National Park inspires, it is easy to imagine how and why outdoor activities, like hiking, can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Loutra Ypatis

Most reviews on tripadvisor speak volumes on the place’s uniqueness and suggest you stay at Loutra Ypatis and use this very location as a starting point for all your daily excursions.

Ypati waterfalls Photo Credit: George Terezakis

You can pick a variety of hiking choices; some of the shortest routes (ie. Ypati – Kremastos waterfall – Ypati (Farmakides Path)) or if you are up for an early start you can do a longer and more challenging one (Ypati-Trapeza-Kastanies).

If you aim to go up to one of the summits (Greveno, Pirgos) than you should plan a 2-3 day trip on the mountain, and possibly either camping or staying at the shelter at Trapeza.

The Oiti Festival

Until September 14th, one of the biggest festivals in Greece takes place for the 12th straight year at Lelekia Ypati in Fthiotida, just at the foot of the Mountain and near the valley of the river Spercheios: The Oiti Festival organizes a number of events, most notably the Kids Action Festival, concerts, as well as theatrical, dancing, and children’s performances, puppet shows, book fairs, painting and photography exhibitions, seminars and workshops, lectures and film screenings.

Cover Photo Credit: George Terezakis

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