Elena Kymiri planned the perfect 15 day trip – Crete, Santorini and Athens area.


Elena Kymiri helped plan our trip in March 2023, we started and finalized in September. In February 2024 we had a video conference going over the plans. I asked several questions about places we could visit when we were on our own time. Elena made decision where to go and how to travel easy. She includes local restaurants which we reviewed along with the hotel suggestions. In some cases, the tours, wineries, etc included a lunch, around 2-3 pm and at night we weren’t very hungery and may buy a snack at the local mini market. We had both some small group tours – maximum 8 but we only had maybe 5 on it including our self, some it was just us 2, we also had private tours, Athens, Delphi, Chanai. Some of the Tour companies were Luxury Tours, GS-ES tours, and driver in Athens was TBS , ask for Yani with them- great driver and very personable – we met the tour guides either at the site or they may ride with us in Athens.
The tour guides were very good and we had fun teasing and learning from them.
All the hotels which she booked were within walking distance of many sites or transportation was easily gotten, we used buses as well as hotel drivers.
Elena is worth the cost of the travel. Since we were flying in, we elected to fly via Athens to Crete so that we wouldn’t be go back and forth to airport to go from Athens to Crete or Crete to Athens to Santorini and then back to Athens to fly out. The cost to fly from Athens to Crete via Sky wasn’t much and we arrived in Crete about 5:30 pm.
We had no complaints about the Hotels, they were clean, very helpful staff and great locations.

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