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The gastronomic scene on the island of the Volcano is not clear at first glance. The quality tasty restaurants of Santorini, seem to increase over time. Nonetheless, there are fixed values ​​that remain unchanged over time and that is why we love them.

Here are our food suggestions in Santorini, that will never disappoint you and that are worth adding to your list. Enjoy!

Red Bicycle - santorini - Oia

Red Bicycle

Red Bicycle – Kokkino Podilato

Welcome to the most beautiful balcony of Oia, the most romantic of the Aegean and definitely one of the most impressive on the planet. The Red Bicycle is located in the famous traditional settlement of the island and belongs to those cases that are included in the experiences that all visitors of the island must do. Moreover, its Greek creative cuisine is firmly based on tradition and traditional Greek flavors. Finally, the experienced and talented chef composes a menu that shows a serious involvement with modern Greek cuisine. Neverthless, it has deep roots in the past.

Website: TripAdvisor

Telephone: +30 22860 71918

Location: Oia

Idol Restaurant in Santorini - Fira

Idol Restaurant


If you are looking for a restaurant that rests on the breathtaking view of the Caldera and offers a high-quality culinary experience, then you are at the right place. Idol is a role model among the dozens of mainstream food and entertainment options in Fira. You will find it in the heart of the island’s capital, in an area that spans three levels, ideally to meet your every need from morning to night.

Furthermore, Idol was renewed in 2018, as its spaces have been designed to bring out a sophisticated sense of comfort. In addition, the new collaboration with chef Panagiotis Giakalis and the configuration of a menu of creative Greek cuisine, at a fine dining level, with a more exclusive way of serving and presentation, emphasizes the fresh fish. Finally, the innovation in this piece lies in the fact that the customer can choose the fish of his choice and then the Idol kitchen sets up a whole custom-made menu on the spot.

Website: Idol

Telephone: +30 22860 23292

Location: Fira

White Cave Restaurant - Santorini - firostefani

White Cave Restaurant

White Cave Restaurant

Volcanic flavors and explosive wines, delicacies, and refreshing cocktails, a candlelit dinner overlooking the Caldera. The White Cave restaurant, in Firostefani, offers creative flavors inspired by the delicious gastronomic heritage of the local, Greek and Mediterranean tradition. Futhermore, the famous fava, grown on the island for more than 3,000 years, and fresh fish are harmoniously intertwined with the inspiration and innovative ideas of the creative chef, who creates delicious dishes that become your guide on a delicious journey. Finally, the must-try dishes are the shrimp tartare and the red mullet with Greek bouillabaisse and ouzo foam.

Website: TripAdvisor

Telephone: +30 22860 28835

Location: Firostefani

Lycabettus Restaurant - sanorini - oia

Lycabettus Restaurant

Lycabettus Restaurant

One of the most recognized travel magazines in the world for the powerful experiences it conveys to its readers, National Geographic Traveler hosted in its pages the Lycabettus Restaurant, the restaurant of the Andronis Luxury Suites hotel in Santorini. In one of the most enchanting locations in the world is the most beautiful and enviable balcony of Santorini, that of Lycabettus Restaurant that has given dreamy moments to those who have dined under its starry sky, enjoying the incomparable view in a relaxed and elegant environment.

Moreover, the cuisine of the award-winning restaurant is full of imagination as the chef, Nikos Leivadias. He prepares masterpieces inspired by Greek and international gourmet gastronomy. Finally, of great interest is the annual Andronis Gastronomy Event where renowned chefs from around the world create, among other things, at the Lycabettus Restaurant, evenings of special charm.

Website: Lycabettus Restaurant

Telephone: +30 22860 72041

Location: Oia

Selene Restaurant in Santorini Fira

Selene Restaurant


Influenced by the imposing aesthetics of the old Monastery in which the restaurant is currently based. Enjoy the colors of the island, the abundance of the Aegean Sea, and the perseverance of the rare local ingredients that flourish fearlessly among volcanic rocks. In addition, the Executive Chef Ettore Botrini, introduces his culinary philosophy while honoring the legacy of Selene. Wine has always been an essential part of Selene’s journey contributing to a spherical gastronomical experience. Moreover, the wine list features some of the most sought-after wines of the world. With a particular affection to the wines of Santorini, curated by Master of Wine, Yiannis Karakasis. Finally, we can argue that the restlessly creative and talented chef makes Selene one of the best -if not the best- restaurants on the island.

Website: Selene

Telephone: +30 22860 22249

Location: Fira

Axinos Restaurant - santorini - imerovigli

Axinos Restaurant


One of the most interesting gastronomic restaurants on the island. This fresh restaurant part of the Rocabella hotel in Imerovigli, has Mediterranean flavors merging with Greek raw materials.

Mediterranean flavors with special emphasis on Greek ingredients, French techniques, and Japanese Peruvian twists, come to add to the gastronomic map of Santorini a must restaurant. Start with fresh shrimp with green salad, louiza, and mayonnaise with ouzo, a quinoa salad with peach chutney, goji berries, hazelnuts, and falafel. The list of dishes that are considered best-sellers is long. For example, the chicken with corn, potato, and egg cream, the shrimp yiouvetsi, the octopus stew with noodles and Santorini greens, and the rice milk from the desserts receive raving reviews.

Website: TripAdvisor

Telephone: +30 22861 10000

Location: Imerovigli

Metaxi Mas - santorni - exo gonia

Metaxi Mas

Metaxi Mas

Costas and Dimitris may have left their hometown Crete but they gave the Exo Gonia a Cretan aura to the fullest. Metaxi Mas, with its two wonderful courtyards and the view that reaches Anafi, has all those elements that can include it in the delicious places on the list of every visitor who is looking for quality restaurants. The menu has dishes of Greek traditional cuisine, all made with taste and pure raw materials and given with a creative perspective. The portions are big, the raki is plentiful and of course, good wine is there, waiting for you! Finally, be sure to try Santorinian or the Cretan salad and any other dish that catches your attention, since they are all real temptations.

Website: Metaxi Mas

Telephone: +30 22860 31323

Location: Exo Gonia

aroma avlis - santorini - exo gonia

Aroma Avlis

Aroma Avlis

The restaurant of the winery of Artemis Karamolegos is one of the most delicious suggestions of Santorini. It is the only winery on the island that has a restaurant, thus composing a unique gastronomic experience. At Aroma Avlis you will enjoy dishes of Greek cuisine based on seasonal products of Santorini. For instance, tomatoes, fava, white eggplant, dry zucchini. Furthermore, most of the vegetables and fruits that you will taste are produced in the orchards of the Karamolegos family.

Moreover, do not miss the opportunity to try local recipes. For instance, kavourmas, sausage, cod with garlic sauce, and some more creative flavors. The local products are combined with excellent quality meat and every taste blends harmoniously with the wines produced by the winery.

Website: Aroma Avlis

T: +30 22860 33395

Location: Exo Gonia

Anogi Restaurant in santorini imerovigli

Anogi Restaurant


Permanently on the list of favorite tasting stops in Santorini. At the same time one of the most hospitable places. In addition, Anogi is a traditional tavern. Its recipes and influences are from all over Greece and particular weakness in Santorini products. The list is long, since here you will come and come again looking for the variety that is generously offered to you. However, bestseller dishes, as you will see, do not exist. They are all the same. In addition. the chef combines traditional flavors and a new age approach in a harmonious way, and the result is definitely delicious. Finally, the impeccable service and the authentic Greek hospitality.

Website: Anogi

Telephone: +30 22860 21285

Location: Imerovigli

The Cave of Nikolas - santorini - akrotiri

The Cave of Nikolas

The Cave of Nikolas

One of the most historic taverns on the island, a strong reason to visit Akrotiri very often. Nikolas Cave is one of the few taverns-restaurants in Santorini that are a breath away from the sea. This is a first and very good reason to love it.

However, you will definitely find so much more here. Firstly, start from the fact that the Greek local cuisine and the fresh fish. Nevertheless, whatever you try, this family business that was first started in 1967 by grandfather Nikolas, comes from the family’s garden. Secondly, the cheeses, meats, vegetables and wine, all their own, pure, fresh, and unique! Thirdly, the fresh fish come to complete the puzzle of high-quality raw materials. Fourthly, as far as its award-winning cuisine is concerned here you have the opportunity to taste Greek delicacies at their best. Finally, do not miss out on the famous tomato meatballs from your order.

Website: The Cave of Nikolas

Telephone: +30 22860 82303

Location: Akrotiri

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Feature Image: Metaxi Mas Tavern in Exo Gonia

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