The 10 Best Traditional Greek Dishes that you Must try

Greek Gastronomy

Greece may have become world-famous for its history and culture but the traditional Greek food (i.e. the Mediterranean diet) is another reason that many people visit it.

Below is a list of 10 traditional Greek dishes that no one must fail to try.

Taramosalata by our Chef Yannis Nino

Taramosalata by our Chef Yannis Nino


All tourists love tzatziki, fava, and eggplant salad but their favorite accompaniment is the taramosalata. It is made from fish eggs and is also a very popular dish in neighboring Turkey. In the video above, you will find our very own chef Yannis, demonstrating how to make this delicious dip. Gather up all the ingredients and follow his lead.

Athena and Poseidon video with Nota

Athena and Poseidon video with Nota

Olives and olive oil

Greek virgin olive oil is considered one of the best in the world and is of excellent quality. According to mythology, the gods Athena and Poseidon had a dispute over the protection and naming of Athens. Both presented their gifts and the other gods judged that the best was Athena who offered an olive tree. In the video above, our historian and archaeologist Nota will explain to you in detail the story of the competition between these two gods who desperately wanted to become the patron of Athens.

Dolmades – stuffed grape leaves Photo Credit: Lesya Dolyk


Although most foreigners find it difficult to say their name, they love them and prefer to eat them as finger food. There are many variations in their cooking but the most common is the simple filling with rice and without meat.

souvlaki - greek summer dish



No tourist comes to Greece and does not try the famous souvlaki. Abroad some eateries make Greek souvlaki but everyone agrees that for some inexplicable reason the souvlaki in Greece is not compared to any other.

grilled fish - blue zone area diet - blog

Grilled Fish

Fresh Fish

In Greece fresh fish is one of the most popular side dishes of ouzo. Therfore, it is not shocking when we see that tourists perfer to order fresh fish and seafood. Whitebait and red mullets were voted the favorite fish of tourists.

Zucchini Patties by chef Argyro

Zucchini Patties by chef Argyro

Zucchini Patties

The tourists who tried them drink water (as well as tsipouro) in their name and suggest that you try them with tzatziki. They are not wrong as it is indeed one of the most favorite dishes of the Greeks.


It has been registered by the European Commission as a protected designation of origin. This means that the name ‘feta’ cannot be used by any other cheese of similar composition made outside Greece and by another process that is not the same as the traditional one. Although this decision provoked many reactions from other countries, it is still valid and so the famous Greek cheese is the only one you will find, even if you go abroad, with this name.


Greek Honey


Foreigners love Greek honey and especially the sweets made with it. Baklava, galaktoboureko, and pastelia are some of the favorite sweets of those who visit our country.

Other foods that tourists love are moussaka, octopus, grilled meats, Greek salad, and dakos.

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