Greece in April: 21 of Best Greek Islands to Visit in April

Greek Islands

Have you ever wondered how is Greece in April? How would you feel if you visited an island in April 2024? We’re positive that you are as excited as we are! This is why we wrote this spring article on the best Greek islands to visit in April in 2024.

The most popular time for the islands may be summer, but spring also has beautiful moments and memorable weekends on one of the many nearby islands. Hop on the first ferry or flight and let Greece in April take you on a spring journey of a lifetime! Let’s get to it!

A scenic view of a serene beach with clear turquoise waters, sunbeds, and a backdrop of hills under a clear blue sky.

The Cycladic Islands you should visit in April

April in Greece is a mix of blooming flowers and historical awe. Athens basks in the sun, making the Acropolis a perfect start. Wander Naxos’s alleys, their beauty enhanced by spring. Feast on authentic Greek dishes from Syros that taste like the season. It’s an ideal time to visit Tinos’s mountainous villages and Andros’s archaeological sites.

For anyone eyeing Greece in April, get ready for a journey that weaves through the best of past and present.


Paros, nestled in the Cyclades, is a hidden gem compared to its more famed neighbors like Santorini. Easily accessible by ferry from Athens, it boasts pristine beaches, lively nightlife, and historic sites. Explore the picturesque fishing village of Naousa, known for its stunning harbor, and enjoy windsurfing at Golden Beach.


The Venus de Milo, a treasure of the Louvre, traces its origins back to Milos, a lesser-known volcanic island rich in beauty and history. Its 70 stunning beaches boast some of the most spectacular coastlines across the Greek Islands, a secret well-kept by those familiar with its charm.

However, Milos is gradually stepping into the limelight, thanks to breathtaking images on Instagram of places like the white cliffs of Sarakiniko and the emerald waters of Papafragas. The island’s unique landscape, carved from valuable minerals like obsidian and sulfur, is transitioning from a mining hub to a tourist haven, with new stylish hotels emerging. Experience the unspoiled beauty of Milos now, before it becomes a mainstay on the tourist map.


Away from the crowds of the 15th of August, Tinos is a wonderful Cycladic island, with so many beauties that you do not manage to squeeze in a weekend. It has fantastic beaches with water so clear it’s like glass. Furthermore, it has a fascinating hinterland with amazing little villages. Where to go first? To Kardiani between plane trees and running water? We suggest Volax with the background of the lunar landscape of the spooky rocks that embrace it, and the valleys with the doves that stretch around it? To Kalloni under stone arches and between flowered courtyards? Perhaps Pyrgos? If it were not a village, it could very well be an open-air museum of traditional architecture and sculpture?


Mykonos, famed for its dynamic nightlife, also boasts exceptional beaches. Psarou Beach, with clear waters and refined amenities, is a favorite. For those seeking an energetic vibe, Paradise Beach offers various water sports. Elia Beach, known for its serenity, is perfect for a calm swim or sunbathing session.


In the greenest of the Cyclades, spring could only fit a glove. The paths of Andros, which meander between idyllic gorges and running waters, are at their best at this time of year. Its Chora – which is one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades – is perfect to take walks and get lost in the labyrinth-like streets. Visit the doll-like villages such as Menites, with their orchards and plane trees, Korthio and Stenies, compete with the beautiful mansions. Andros has many hidden cards up its sleeve to charm you. It will do so either with its beaches of unique beauty, with the most famous being “The old woman’s leap”. Or with its historic center, or even with the magnificent Squares. Nevertheless, the charm of the island of Andros cannot leave anyone unmoved.

A cove with boats and clear blue water, overlooked by a rocky outcrop and buildings.


You may hear Greeks say that the beaches of Syros cannot compete against the other Cycladic islands but that is only half true. The other half is that Syros is all you need for spring walks between the colorful mansions of Ermoupolis, drinking ouzo by the sea with seafood meze, going on spectacular routes with impressive vistas, going sightseeing in museums like the one that tells the life of Markos Vamvakaris, and wine and dine at places that showcase its amazing Cycladic cuisine.


Probably the best cuisines of the Cyclades. One of the liveliest islands. A super romantic old capital called Kastro overlooks one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Aegean. And among all this, long sandy beaches, pebble coves, shallow waters for families to have peace of mind, but also secret beaches for couples.


Serifos, a hidden gem among the Cyclades, attracts those in the know, like interior designers and architects, with its pristine beaches. A testament to its exclusivity, some go as far as to divert friends to Sifnos to keep Serifos under wraps. Here, secluded coves perfect for skinny dipping remain tranquil even in August, reachable only by rugged paths or by sea.

Opt for a boat from Livada’s relaxed harbor to enjoy the island’s untouched beauty, anchoring by Anna’s taverna on Sikamia beach for a meal of the freshest catch and homegrown salads.

Serifos’ Hora offers a simpler way of life, with no need for bustling nightlife or luxury stores. Savor local fennel pie and raki at Stou Stratou, explore Natassa Kalogeropoulou’s elegant ceramics, and enjoy traditional music under the stars. All this, just a short journey from Athens.


Paths that connect beautiful Cycladic villages, mysterious ancient cities, and beaches with waters that shimmer in the light of the spring sun. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Tzia. The beautiful Chora, Ioulis, or the cosmopolitan Vourkari, will captivate you once you step into the wild scenery. Walk under the light of the skin-friendly spring sun. Give it a chance to prove to you that it is much more than the “island of yachts”.


It is one of the most beautiful islands, and in fact within a short distance of Athens. Naxos in recent years has been getting the love it has always deserved in terms of tourism. Unique beautiful beaches, excellent routes, and delicious dishes create a puzzle that enchants the senses. In April, swimming in the sea may be for the more adventurous. However, the colors and images of this island will be the best companion for its visitors.


Santorini, renowned for its vistas, beaches, and villages, truly shines in April. With fewer tourists, visitors have the leisure to fully appreciate its landmarks at their own pace. The quieter month also allows for unobstructed enjoyment of the island’s iconic sunsets.


Starting your Greek island adventure in the village square is a must – it’s where you blend into the local rhythm. Folegandros, with its dramatic Hora perched on cliffs, ups the ante with three squares, each a cozy cluster of cafés and bars. Try Pounta for a unique touch, where homemade ceramics add charm to your dining experience. A morning trek to Panagia church is unforgettable, especially if timed with the sunrise, offering a serene start or a reflective end to a night at Astarti bar.

Folegandros lives up to its rugged name with its stark beauty. Here, fruit trees huddle behind stone windbreaks, and beaches are natural, pebbly retreats like Katergo and Livadaki. For seafood lovers, Papalagi above Agios Nikolaos bay is a delight, serving fresh catches with views that merge seamlessly with the sea. Some beaches may require a water taxi or a hike, but the effort is rewarded with tranquil waters. And don’t miss out on matsata at Mimis or Synantisi in Ano Meria, a taste of Folegandros you won’t forget.

Symi town cityscape, Dodecanese islands

Islands that you should visit in April in the rest of Greece


April marks a sweet spot for visiting Crete, as it transitions from winter coolness to warmer days. It’s an opportune time to explore the island’s renowned beaches, historic sites, and landscapes with ease, thanks to thinner crowds.


Visiting Rhodes in April offers a chance to experience its beaches, villages, and historical sites without the peak season rush. The mild weather is perfect for exploring the island’s trails. To sum up, Rhodes, along with Santorini and Crete, ranks among the top Greek islands to visit in April for a diverse and leisurely travel experience.


Kefalonia, the Ionian Islands’ gem, offers an authentic Greek experience away from the usual tourist trail. Don’t miss the Melissani Cave, with its extraordinary subterranean lake, or the vibrant Fiskardo village, where colorful homes and classic tavernas await.


Corfu, nestled in the Ionian Sea, is not just steeped in history but also lined with remarkable beaches. Paleokastritsa Beach offers excellent snorkeling within its cliff-flanked shores. Glyfada Beach provides expansive sands for sunbathing. Agios Gordios Beach, with its inviting golden sands, is ideal for families and couples alike. On Corfu, there’s a beach for every preference — just remember your sunscreen and towel for a perfect day by the sea.


Just a short ferry trip from Athens, Hydra captivates with its blend of historical significance and artistic allure, having attracted figures like Leonard Cohen and David Gilmour. It’s a hub of cultural and revolutionary history, with its car-free policy and grand mansions adding to its charm. For those eager to dive deeper, Hydra Walking Tours offers detailed explorations of its rich past.

Beyond the harbor, Hydra’s trails promise adventure, with paths like the one to Aghios Mamas church offering breathtaking views. Contact Discover Hydra for guidance on these treks.

Come late spring, consider a scenic boat tour to discover neighboring isles and the ancient shipwreck off Dokos, enhancing your Hydra experience.


Chios, the “fragrant isle,” comes alive in spring with its diverse flora, including citrus, mastic trees, and wild tulips. It’s a season where the island’s natural beauty is in full display, making it a prime time for exploration. Hiking enthusiasts will find the island’s trails inviting, with the Association “Friends of Chios’ Trails” ready to guide adventurers through paths like Kampia Gorge and the historical route from Nea Moni to Lithi.

The Kampos area offers a glimpse into Chios’s agrarian and architectural heritage, enriched by the scents of citrus. The Citrus Museum and the Chios Mastic Museum provide insights into the island’s unique produce and culture. Don’t miss the mastic villages, where the architecture and traditions paint a vivid picture of Chios’s history. Spring also means enjoying Chios’s beaches like Mavra Volia and Apothika in tranquility, free from the summer crowds.


Kos, nestled in the southeastern Aegean, offers a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure for couples. With mild April temperatures between 16 to 21 degrees Celsius, it’s an excellent time for exploring all that Kos has to offer. Enjoy biking along scenic coastal paths to take in the beautiful countryside and seascapes. Don’t miss a visit to the Askleipion, an ancient center of healing, where the serene ruins amidst the landscape provide a peaceful retreat. Make sure to unwind on the island’s serene beaches like Paradise or Tigaki, the latter being a peaceful haven during this time of year.


Paxos, while modest in size among the Ionian islands, is remarkable not for luxury amenities but for its vivid blue waters and charming harbor towns. Loggos, Lakka, and Gaios each offer their unique allure, from serene evenings filled with music at Taxidi bar to the bustling, stylish scene in Gaios, adorned with Venetian architecture.

British visitors and stylish Italians alike find their slice of paradise here, whether it’s lounging under olive trees at Ben’s Bar or exploring secluded pebble coves by rented motorboat. The island’s beauty extends to Antipaxos, known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, making every visit a discovery of hidden gems.


Nestled between Rhodes and Crete, Karpathos stands out in the Dodecanese for its untouched beauty and stunning beaches. While the southern part welcomes tourists, much of the island preserves its genuine charm. Its scenic villages are bastions of tradition, offering a true glimpse into local life.

Poros Island, Greece


We’ve gathered a few frequently asked questions to help you navigate your trip to Greece in April. Is Greece in April a good time to visit?

Absolutely. It’s when Greece shakes off the winter and greets you with open arms. Imagine walking around age-old monuments with the comfort of the mild sun overhead, and the sea’s glitter beckoning from afar.

Greece in April is dressed in spring’s best—fresh greens and deep blues. The temperature is just perfect for wandering quaint streets and enjoying local dishes at a leisurely pace. In April, Greece is reawakening, offering a chance to wander through living history with fewer people around. Every corner promises something wonderful.

Greece in April Weather

In April, Greece shifts from winter to warmer spring weather, with mild temperatures varying across regions. In northern areas like Thessaloniki, temperatures range from 8°C (46°F) to 18°C (64°F), while in central regions such as Athens, they are slightly higher, between 10°C (50°F) and 20°C (68°F). Overall, daytime temperatures are comfortably warm, typically between 15°C and 22°C, perfect for outdoor activities. Athens is a bit warmer, ideal for exploring historical sites.

On the islands, including the Cyclades and Crete, temperatures are cooler, creating a refreshing environment for seaside strolls. Rainfall is minimal in April, and with abundant sunshine and blooming flowers, Greece is particularly welcoming. Select a spot that intrigues you and enjoy the beauty of Greece in April.

Is Greece in April busy?

April in Greece feels like a secret unfolding, far from the summer’s tourist buzz. You might notice a few more folks at famous spots, but it’s mostly quiet, giving you space to really soak up the sights. Picture strolling through historic sites or lazy seaside towns with no crowds to dodge. This month lets you experience Greece’s true charm, lingering in cozy tavernas and uncovering local gems at your own pace. It’s the perfect time for travelers looking for a calm, close-up look at this rich, cultural tapestry.

Greek Flavors of Spring: Must-Try Dishes in April

April in Greece means a sensory tour of its kitchen. Start with the street’s own Souvlaki, meat on a stick with a side of cool tzatziki. Then there’s Moussaka, with its comforting layers of eggplant and meat under creamy béchamel. Don’t miss out on Spanakopita, fresh with spinach and feta, just like spring itself. And for dessert, Baklava, with its sweet layers, tells stories of old Greece with every bite. This month is more than a calendar page—it’s a delicious journey through Greek flavors.

Ermoupoli town, Syros Island, Greece

In the embrace of spring, the Cyclades await, far from the summer swarm, ready for your discovery. Tinos enchants beyond a weekend, its waters like glass, its villages a live gallery of heritage and sculpture. Andros blooms in green, a hiker’s paradise, its Chora and stone mansions a spectacle of Cycladic beauty.

In Syros, the culinary scene beckons amid Ermoupolis’s colorful architecture, while Sifnos serves romance and gastronomy against the backdrop of the Aegean sunset. Tzia offers trails leading to ancient wonders and sunlit shores, and Naxos, a gem close to Athens, invites the brave to dip into its vibrant spring palette.

Planning a trip to Greece in April? It’s a welcoming hand outstretched, a country awakening, rich with fewer footsteps and ripe for exploration. From the mild weather perfect for wandering to the hidden culinary treasures awaiting your palate, Greece in spring is a journey not just across the land but through history and taste. Embrace the serene side of the Cyclades, where each island whispers its own secrets for you to uncover.

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