Greek Islands to Visit in June

Greek Islands

Why holidays in June? Because summer in Greece starts early and you must take advantage of the beautiful island during June when they won’t be crowded. You can enjoy the warm weather and of course the stunning beaches and towns without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Did we convince you? If so, then we have selected for you 5 extremely attractive Greek islands best for a June visit in which you will have the first taste of Greek summer! Also, we are suggesting 2 bonus islands, so read up!

Chryssopighi Monastery in Sifnos

Sifnos: For appetizers and dives

From the nearby Cycladic islands, it is the one that challenges us the most for the first dives in the still cool Aegean waters, with its wonderful beaches. However, the less adventurous, will not be disappointed: beautiful villages, historic sights, unique natural landscapes, nightlife, and excellent local cuisine will keep you busy. You will fall in love with the island even if you’re only there for a weekend!

Your stay in Sifnos will be packed with: walks on the cobbled streets of the Kastro, capital of Sifnos until 1836, with stunning views of the sunset, and the Acropolis of the classical era. Overnight in Apollonia, the charming, cosmopolitan capital of the island. Diving in Platys Gialos, Vathi, and Chrysopigi. Walks in the wonderful Exabela, with their neoclassical mansions and Arades, rows of about ten windmills at the entrance of the village.

You will eat: homemade cuisine and fresh fish snacks at Big Blue, in Vathi, which spreads its tables where the waves break. Local specialties in Kapnisis, Vathi Gialos. Snacks at the Dead End, and Mediterranean cuisine at Okyalos, both in Apollonia. Very fresh fish in Argyris, in Kamares.

agios nikolaos - syros

Agios Nikolaos–take from Ano SyrosPhoto Credit: Paula McMillen

Syros: In the capital of the Cyclades

Another Cycladic Island in which we firmly trust for our first summer getaways. Syros makes up for what it lacks in spectacular beaches. Four hours away from Piraeus, or two hours if you choose the speedboat is ideal for a few days in June. There your only dilemma will be if you should dive or just walk. This means that you’ll forget about your worries on this magnificent island.

Your stay in Syros will be packed with: walks and sightseeing on the picturesque cobbled streets and countless alleys of Ermoupolis, the Cycladic capital that can well “fill” a weekend alone. Cool dives in Mega Gialos and the beautiful cove of Vari.

You will eat fresh fish and other seafood delicacies in the taverns of Kini area. Ouzo varieties in Lilis, where Markos Vamvakaris once played his amazing Greek songs. Traditional dishes in Chroussa in Ermoupolis, and Italian specialties in Ambyx, in the port.

Lefkada Beach

Lefkada Beach

Lefkada: Dive in the endless turquoise

Just six words: the best beaches of the Ionian. We would tell people, but we do not want to sound exaggerated. Add to that a lush hinterland, ideal for road enthusiasts, many picturesque villages and so many other cosmopolitan resorts, plus the privilege of not having to take a boat. You can easily drive from Athens and in four hours you are there ready for your first dive!

Your stay in Lefkada will be packed with: diving in the… endless turquoise – in Egremni, in Porto Katsiki, in Pefkoulia, in Mylos, or wherever the road takes you. Nature-loving routes in the hinterland, in the gorge of Dimosari, and the mountainous villages of Englouvi and Drymonas. Nights after music and cocktails in one of the liveliest capitals of the Ionian, or cosmopolitan resorts such as Nidri.

You will eat: homemade specialties in Lefkada in Athani, fresh fish and seafood in Xouras in Lygia, snacks with gourmet touches in Phryne in Molos in the town of Lefkada, and local cuisine in Portoni in Agios Nikitas.

Andros Island, Bahamas

Andros Island, BahamasPhoto Credit: KatVitulano Photos

Andros: The Cycladic Island ‘next door’

The minimum distance that separates it from the port of Rafina (just two hours) deserves the title of… the Cycladic Island ‘next door’. Its stunning beaches, exquisite local cuisine, the picturesque alleys of Chora, its green corners – so unexpected in the Cycladic landscape – and the complete lack of crowds, are just some of its strong points.

Your stay in Andros will be packed with: walks in the cobbled alleys of Chora, between imposing captain’s houses and flowered courtyards. Dive in the extremely turquoise waters reminiscent of the Ionian sea of Zorkos, and in one of the most photographed beaches of the Cyclades, Gria to Pidima, with the eerie rock that springs from the water. Explore the hinterland and visit in the cute villages of Menites, with their orchards and plane trees, Korthi with the beautiful mansions, and Stenies with the impressive captain’s houses. Hike on the idyllic inland paths, which meander through gorges, next to watermills and over arched bridges.

You will eat local cuisine (froutalia, local omelet with handmade sausage and cheese) on the Balcony of the Aegean in Ano Aprovato. Very fresh fish and other savory appetizers in Barbarola and Gialia in Stenies and Nona, in Chora. Try homemade pies and traditional dishes with a bit of creative twist. Such as braised veal with mushrooms and mashed potatoes at Skalakia in Chora.

lindos rhodes

Lindos Rhodes

Rhodes: The Queen of the Dodecanese

Just an hour plane ride from Athens, you will find yourself on the island of the Knights!

Your stay in Rhodes will be packed with: walks in the medieval old town, which no matter how many times you walk you never get enough of it, nature-loving excursions to idyllic landscapes such as the Seven Springs and the Valley of the Butterflies (which remains beautiful without its butterflies, which make it around the end of July), sightseeing in Kamiros and Ialyssos, and dives in crystal clear Aegean waters in Glystra and Vlycha.

You will eat: homemade cooked food on the Horizon, in Psinthos and juicy local grilled meats in Bakis in Embonas. Try the local specialties in Limeri tou Robis in Profilia as well as delicious Cretan delicacies in Drosoulites. Finally, in the city of Rhodes you will find creative Greek cuisine at Marco Polo, in the old town.

For more information on Rhodes, make sure to read our article ‘Rhodes: Travel to the Island of the Knights

portara of naxos, greece

Portara of Naxos

Bonus Island – Naxos: The Family Friendly Island

Perhaps the most family-friendly Cyclades. Naxos combines beaches for every taste. With sand and shallow water for the youngest children, and with water sports and music for the older ones. There are remarkable places for inland walks, interesting sights, and the organization-reliability that you would expect from a large island.

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Assos Island in Kefalonia

Assos Island in Kefalonia

Bonus Island – Kefalonia: The Ionian Delight

Swim in the fantastic beaches of Kefalonia. The incredible turquoise Ionian waters along with the picture-perfect villages are a deadly combo. Enchanting routes and hikes in green mountains, historical sights and the caves from another world will take your breath away. Taste the delicious local cuisine with exceptional Greek delights – all with local fresh ingredients of course! This is, in very general terms, Kefalonia the ‘calm force’ of the Ionian.

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