The Best Things to do in Thessaloniki

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Autumn is the best time to enjoy the city of Thessaloniki.

A city loaded with history but also modern, cosmopolitan, full of youthful energy, and famous for its food and nightlife. You never get enough of Thessaloniki. Great sights, atmospheric neighborhoods, unique gastronomic experiences, creative trends, traditional markets, culture – all meet here, in Thessaloniki.

Below we have gathered the 6 best things to do in Thessaloniki that will make your trip more beautiful.

‘Umbrellas’ by Zongolopoulos in Thessaloniki


Walk on the Beach

A walk on Nikis Avenue to the White Tower is simply a must. The walk continues to Nea beach to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and is ideal in the afternoon to see the sun diving in Thermaikos. After the renovation of the coastal front with the theme parks, fountains, and sculptures, such as the famous ‘Umbrellas’ by Zongolopoulos, the favorite walk of Thessaloniki became even more enjoyable. Nea Paralia is a must for cyclists, romantic, and family rides.

Agios Dimitrios Church in Thessaloniki

Agios Dimitrios Church in Thessaloniki

Walk on the Cobbled Streets of Ano Poli

It is not possible to visit Thessaloniki and not take a walk in Ano Poli, the most fairytale neighborhood of its center. This special part of Thessaloniki starts from the north side of Agiou Dimitriou Street, reaching north to the walls of the Acropolis, west, and east to the respective Byzantine Walls, which are preserved almost entirely in the area. Here you will discover another Thessaloniki, taken from the past, with narrow cobbled streets, traditional houses of Macedonian architecture, but also with elements that testify to the Ottoman influences, picturesque squares, taverns, and important monuments. Make a stop at the impressive Yedi Koule and the Triangle Tower from where the view of the whole city and the bay of Thermaikos will be unforgettable. Every walk here is completed with sea bream and appetizers in one of the taverns that maintain the atmosphere of another era.

Different kinds of pickled olives at Kapani market in Thessaloniki

Different kinds of pickled olives at Kapani market in Thessaloniki Photo Credit: Marco Verch

Visit the Traditional Markets

The walk in the traditional markets of the city is an acquaintance with Thessaloniki of the past decades. The historic Modiano Market, today is a modern food market, regaining its former glory. It is worth a visit to Kapani which is full of all kinds of shops, the picturesque alleys around Athonos Square, and the Bit Bazaar to unearth vintage diamonds. Between the shops, cafes and ouzo serve inexpensive appetizers, tsipouro, and nostalgia.


Thessaloniki - Ladadika

Thessaloniki – Ladadika Photo Credit: Herbert Frank

Visit Kato and Ano Ladadika

Firstly, who isn’t familiar with the Ladadika? It is the historic district that is synonymous with entertainment in Thessaloniki. The streets of the area, defined by Tsimiski, Dragoumi, Salaminos, and Koundouriotou, became an ideal refuge for bars, clubs, restaurants, and taverns that gave new life to the nightlife of the city. In recent years, above them are Ano Ladadika, separated from Kato by Tsimiski. Here you will find shops of all kinds – handicrafts, spices, nuts, and other businesses that continue the tradition of decades standing next to new restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and galleries. Finally, Emporiou Square has become fashionable, while Veroias Street and Agiou Mina have loyal customers.

Sunset at the Marina of Kalamaria

Sunset at the Marina of Kalamaria Photo Credit: Jim Makos


Kalamaria is Ideal for Coffee and Food

Kalamaria, the ‘good side’ of the city, as the etymology of its name is, is always full of life and is one of the best destinations if you want to get away for a while from the center of Thessaloniki. Nea Krini stands out for the beautiful marina. Moreover, for the fish taverns, and the cafe bar restaurants with the wonderful sea view. It also has its famous shops that have written history. However, there are several new hangouts that have nothing to envy from those in the center. A walk on the east side of the city will convince you!

atomos Monastery in Thessaloniki, a monument on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Church of Hosios David in Thessaloniki, a monument on the UNESCO World Heritage List Photo Credit: Luc.T


Be Introduced to the Religious-cult Appearance of the Co-Capital of Greece

In the small early Christian monastery of Church of Hosios David in Ano Poli. The monument causes awe because of its history. Nevertheless, entering the image causes infinite brain stimuli. The monument is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, the care of the site has been taken over by some old ladies. They undeniably behave like you are visiting their home.

Finally, you will try in vain to keep your eyes glued to the dome. That unique mosaic makes you feel the atmosphere of the centuries that weigh on the building. However, do not give up! In the courtyard in front of the temple, there are chairs with a table that fit any Greek home terrace. This scene will complete this authentic experience.

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