The Best Winter Road Trips in Greece

Mainland Greece

‘Tis the season to take some time off work. Take your family, your friends, or your loved one and go on a winter road trip to Greece. But what are the best winter destinations in Greece for road trips?

Greece has so many beautiful places to visit that you will definitely get into a dilemma about where to go. It is best, if you can, to stay in one place for over 2 days. If, however, this is not easy, then do not stress. We have the solution for you, whether you want to go for one day or more days.

So, what are the best winter road trips to take in Greece?

arachova village on parnassus mountain

Arachova Photo Credit: Melinda van den Brink


It is only 2 hours from Athens, it is picturesque and famous for its beautiful winter landscape. It is a great destination for both families and couples. If you are a fan of snow and sports, then it is worth taking a walk to the ski resort of Parnassos which is very close to the center of Arachova.


Pelion is beautiful in all seasons and every season there is special. If you choose this destination, you will surely see that it has many options and many places to explore. The ideal would be to choose to stay in Portaria or Makrinitsa and of course to visit the surrounding picturesque villages.

Astraka Village - Zagorochoria

Astraka Village Photo Credit: Spiros Vathis


One of the most in destinations for winter is undoubtedly Ioannina which with its lake, wonderful market, good food and exquisite landscape will make you want to stay. If this is your destination for this winter, do not forget to take a trip to Zagorochoria, Metsovo, and Tzoumerka. They are all wonderful and worth spending a little more time visiting.


Endless nature, firs, rivers, stone bridges with waterfalls, delicious food are some of what you will see in Elati and Pertouli. Do not forget to explore the rich landscape of the area.

Trikala Korinthias

It is at most 2 hours away from Athens and the endless walks you will take in nature will reward you. You can walk around Lake Dassiou, Lake Doxa, or Stymfalia, eat at nice, traditional taverns of the villages and enjoy Greek coffee at a traditional cafe.

meteora, greece

Meteora Photo Credit: ZarMcKoopees


The huge rocks are the ones that dominate in Meteora. Their view is awe-inspiring, as they are seemingly floating. Of course, you will take a walk in Kalambaka with its tourist center, while in Meteora it is worth walking and discovering the surprises that it hides.


The organized ski resort, the historic steep gorge of Vouraikos, the monastery of Agia Lavra, and the countless historical sites are some of what you will see in Kalavrita. The sights there are full of culture and tradition that is worth learning if you decide to be there.

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Feature Image by Spiros Vathis

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