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In this article, you will find the most useful Greek words and phrases for your upcoming trip to Greece. Divided into categories and subcategories, learn how to make acquaintances, how to thank someone, and how to shop in Greek. Although most Greeks have a good command of the English language, it can be nice to introduce yourself in Greek and ask locals for sightseeing directions. We all appreciate the effort when someone addresses us in our language: it shows interest in our culture and history.

Imagine that you are in Greece and after a long day of sightseeing tours you want to enjoy your evening trying the local cuisine. Now you will learn how to request restaurant information, order food, and beverages, and ask for the check. Furthermore, if you have a food allergy, you will know how to inform the waiters.

Your profit will be double if you learn to speak the language of the country you are visiting: you will communicate more easily, and you will live a real experience communicating with the locals! When we use a bridge language to communicate with someone, some information is lost in the translation, while misunderstandings are not lacking. With this ‘survival guide,’ you can be sure that you will be understood when you need to be.

Grab a pen and paper, and read through our full glossary of words and phrases.

thank you in greek is euharisto - learn greek

Greek Translation: Efharistó

Greek General Phrases

The Essentials

  • Can you help me, please? ⇒ Borίte na me voithίsete?
  • Do you speak English? ⇒ Miláte agliká?
  • I don’t speak Greek ⇒ Den miló eliniká
  • I don’t understand ⇒ Den katalabéno


  • Hello! ⇒ Ya su!
  • Good Morning! ⇒ Kaliméra!
  • Good Evening! ⇒ Kalispéra!
  • Good Night! ⇒ Kaliníhta!
  • How are you? ⇒ Ti kánis?
  • Good, thank you ⇒ Kalá, efharstó
  • What is your name? ⇒ Pos se léne?
  • My name is ___ ⇒ Mé léne ___
  • Where are you from? ⇒ Apó pu íse?
  • I am from ___ ⇒ Íme apó ___
  • How old are you? ⇒ Íme ___ hronón
  • Yes ⇒ Ne
  • No ⇒ Óchi
  • Please ⇒ Parakaló
  • You’re welcome ⇒ Parakaló
  • Thank you ⇒ Efharistó
  • Thank you very much ⇒ Efharistó polí
  • I am sorry ⇒ Signómi
  • Excuse me ⇒ Me sighoríte
  • No problem ⇒ Kanéna próvlima
  • It’s ok ⇒ Óla kalá
  • It was nice meeting you ⇒ Xárika ya tin gnorimía
  • Goodbye! ⇒ Adío!
medical and health greek words

Doctor’s Appointment

Greek Health Phrases


  • I need to go to the hospital ⇒ Prépi na páo sto nosokomío
  • Call an ambulance! ⇒ Kaléste asthenofóro!
  • Help! ⇒Voíthia!
  • I don’t feel good ⇒ Den niótho kalá
  • I need to see a doctor immediately! ⇒ Prépi na do éna yatró amésos!

At the Doctor

  • I have a fever ⇒ Ého piretó
  • I’m pregnant ⇒ Íme égkio
  • I have a cold ⇒ Íme kriologiménos
  • Here are my insurance documents ⇒ Edó íne ta égrafa asfálisis mu
  • I have a cough ⇒ Ého víha
  • I feel dizzy ⇒ Ého zaláda
  • It hurts here ⇒ Ponái edó
  • I have diabetes ⇒ Ého diabíti
  • Asthma ⇒ Asthma
  • Heart condition ⇒ Kardyakí páthisi
  • I don’t have health insurance ⇒ Den ého asfálisi igías

At the Pharmacy

  • I would like to buy some___ ⇒ Tha íthela na agoráso ___
  • Painkillers ⇒ Pafsípona
  • Insulin ⇒ Insulíni
  • Band aids ⇒ Tsiróta


  • I’m allergic to ___ ⇒ Íme alergikós se ___
  • Pollen ⇒ Gíri
  • Animal hair ⇒ Tríhes zóon
  • Bee stings / Wasp stings ⇒ Tsibímata mélissas / Sfíkas
  • Nuts / Peanuts ⇒ Xirí karpí
  • Egg ⇒ Afgó
  • Seafood / Fish / Shellfish / Shrimps ⇒ Thalassiná / Psárya / Ostrakoidí / Garídes
  • Flour / Wheat ⇒ Alébri / Sitári
  • Milk / Lactose / Dairy ⇒ Gála / Laktózi / Galaktokomiká
  • Gluten ⇒ Gluténi
  • Soy ⇒ Sóya
shopping words in greece

Shopping in Greek: Psonia

Greek Shopping Phrases

The Basics

  • How much is this?  Póso káni?
  • What time do you open/close? ⇒ Ti óra anígete / klínete?
  • I’m just browsing ⇒ Aplós kitázo
  • I’ll buy it ⇒ Tha to agoráso
  • May I pay with credit card ⇒ Boró na pliróso me pistotikí kárta?
  • May I have the receipt, please? ⇒ Boró na ého tin apódixi parakaló?


  • May I try this on, please? ⇒ Boró na to dokimáso, parakaló?
  • Where are the changing rooms? ⇒ Pu íne ta dokimastíria?
  • It’s too small ⇒ Íne polí mikró
  • It’s too big ⇒ Íne polí megálo
dining table - greek phrases to use at a restaurant

Greek Phrases to use at a Restaurant

Greek Eating Out Phrases

At the Entrance

  • Do you accept credit cards? ⇒ Boró na pliróso me pistotikí kárta?
  • Do you offer vegetarian food? ⇒ Prosférete fagitó ya hortofágus?
  • Do you offer kosher food? ⇒ Prosférete fagitó kóser?
  • Do you offer halal food? ⇒ Prosférete fagitó xalál?

Ordering Food

  • May I see the menu, please? ⇒ Boró na do to menú parakaló?
  • We would like to order, please ⇒ Tha thélame na paragkílume, parakaló
  • Is there a local specialty? ⇒ Prosférete kápya topikí spesialité?
  • I have diabetes. Does this contain sugar or carbohydrates? ⇒ Ého diavíti. Periéhi záhari í idrogonánthrakes?
  • I don’t drink alcohol. Is there alcohol in this? ⇒ Den píno alkoól. Éhi alkoól aftó to potó?
  • Enjoy your meal! ⇒ Kalí órexi


  • We would like to pay, please ⇒ Tha thélame na plirósume parakaló
  • We would like to pay separately ⇒ Tha thélame na plirósume xehoristá
  • Keep the change ⇒ Kratíste ta résta
  • The food was delicious! ⇒ To fagitó ítan nóstimo!
  • Give my compliments to the chef! ⇒ Dóste sigharitírya ston sef!
giving directions in Greek

Giving Directions in Greek

Greek On the Street Phrases

  • I am lost ⇒ Ého hathí
  • Turn left ⇒ Strípste aristerá
  • Turn right ⇒ Strípste dexiá
  • Go straight ahead ⇒ Pigénete efthía
  • Go back ⇒ Pigénete píso
  • Stop ⇒ Stamatíste


  • Open ⇒ Anihtó
  • Closed ⇒ Klistó
  • Entrance ⇒ Ísodos
  • Exit ⇒ Éxodos
  • Occupied ⇒ Katiliméno
  • Vacant ⇒ Eléfthero
skiathos beach in sporades greece

Skiathos beach in Greece


We never said that it was going to be easy, nonetheless, we hope to welcome you to Greece!

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Efharistó polí !

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