The Top 17 Chania Beaches to swim in


We found the top 17 Chania Beaches to swim in! Crystal clear, deep blue waters, idyllic landscapes, warm sun, deserted beaches, endless sands, and unparalleled natural beauty invite us to the most beautiful prefecture of Crete for unique moments of water experiences!

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A scenic view of Balos Beach in Chania, featuring clear turquoise waters, white sandy shores, and a rugged hill in the background. A few boats are anchored near the shoreline, and people are scattered across the beach enjoying the sunny day.

Balos Beach

The landscape here is reminiscent of exotic Pacific islands but at the same time combines the beauty of Greek nature, forming an unprecedented setting for the country’s data!

Between the Cape of Gramvousa and the smaller cape of Tigani, the blue-green waters become “one” with the sky and the rocky formations, creating idyllic images that make you fall in love with Balos at the first dive!

How to Get There: Following E.O. Chania – Kasteliou, you will reach the dirt road that leads to the beach after 46 km. You continue on the dirt road for another 8 km. and then you go down the path, which is about 20′ from the sea. The slope is quite steep and needs a lot of attention. Alternatively, there are daily boat cruises from the port of Kissamos.

Falasarna Beach

At a distance of about 60 km. west of Chania, we find the beach of Falasarna. The white, fine sand, the crystal waters, and its great length are what make it unique in all of Crete, while the huge waves that often rise here make us feel like children again!

How to Get There: You choose E.O. towards Kissamos and head towards Platanos. Then follow the signs with the sign “Falasarna”.

Glyka Nera Beach

The name of the coast in question arose from the fresh waters that spring from the White Mountains and end up in and next to the sea. It is located 4 km. far from Sfakia and 75 km. south of Chania. It is surrounded by large rocks that inspire awe and provide deep shade, while the deep blue waters do not let you get out of their arms!

How to Get There: By boat from Sfakia or Loutro, you will arrive within 5-10 minutes. If, again, you want adventure, then, following a difficult path from Sfakia (30′) or Loutro (60′), you will also be taken there.

Elafonissi Beach

Here, a rosy carpet of small shells, crystal clear, shallow waters, and pink sand explain why this beach is one of the most loved in Crete. The route is a bit difficult, as it has many turns, but it is worth it! Plus, the umbrellas and sunbeds, are available for anyone interested.

How to Get There: You will head towards Kissamos, follow the signs and you will reach Elafonissi in about an hour and a half.

Agia Roumeli / Agios Pavlos Beach

At the exit of the Samaria gorge, south of Chania, we find this specific beach. You can start from the starting point for the E4 path – which indeed leads to the picturesque church of Agios Pavlos – and you will meet the endless coastline that stretches below it. Plus, the cedar forest that grows there.

How to Get There: You will arrive either on foot or by the sea! If you are a fan of adventure and fitness, get ready for trekking, crossing the Samaria gorge at a distance of 16 km. Alternatively, there are very frequent ferry routes from Chora ton Sfakia. You’ll be there in an hour.

A scenic view of Kedrodasos Beach in Chania, showcasing clear turquoise waters, a sandy shoreline, and lush greenery. The surrounding hills and scattered clouds add to the serene atmosphere, with a few people enjoying the beach.

Kedrodasos Beach

At a distance of only 1 km. the beach in question stretches from Elafonisi. It is a unique oasis with turquoise waters and tropical breezes. The natural shade offered by the cedars is remarkable (you won’t need to carry a beach umbrella with you)!

How to Get There: You will go by road to Kissamos and then to Elafonisi based on road signs (76 km SW of Chania). Then, before following the road to the last one, you turn left. The road will take you to a square, from where you will have to continue on foot.

Loutro Beach

At a distance of about 70 km. from the city of Chania we find a relaxing retreat. The picturesque fishing village of Loutro. What immediately steals our hearts is the pebbly beach, as its turquoise waters invite us to get lost in their arms and not want to part with them! It is organized and has everything one could want from water sports (canoeing, etc.).

How to Get There: You can reach here from Chora ton Sfakia within an hour and a half. Alternatively, it is only 15 minutes away by boat from Sfakia.

Marathi Beach

A must for couples because of its romantic sunset – it is not unfairly called “the beach of lovers”! It is located at a distance of 15 minutes from the center of Chania by car. Marathi is organized (with taverns and cafés), has fine sand, and is never caught by the waves. Which is why it is also ideal for families with children.

How to Get There: Following the road to the airport by car. At the junction, you will meet the signs that will guide you to Marathi.

Seitan Limania Beach

At a distance of 22 km. northeast of Chania and 2 km. east of Chordaki village, east of Akrotiri, we meet the specific coast. It is also called Stefanos Beach. Sea strips penetrate the vertical wild rocks creating inlets. One of them is Seitan Limania. With its wonderful, clear blue waters is a location of incomparable natural beauty.

How to Get There: You will drive about 15′ from Chania to the airport. Then you will follow the difficult path on foot (about 10′).

Chrissi Akti beach

Chrissi Akti, one of the best Chania beaches, is a top choice for tourists. It’s a short 2.5 km from Chania and is known for its golden sand and clear waters. The beach spans 500 m and is shielded from strong winds, making it safe for families. Chrissi Akti offers amenities like umbrellas, sunbeds, and dressing rooms. It’s easily accessible by a 20-minute bus ride or a walk from Chania.

A picturesque view of Stavros Beach in Chania, with rows of sunbeds and umbrellas lining the sandy shore. The calm, turquoise waters are dotted with swimmers, and a few boats are anchored near the shoreline. A rugged hill rises in the background under a clear blue sky.

Stavros beach

Located 17 km from Chania, Stavros Beach stands out as one of the top Chania beaches. It gained fame as the filming location for the iconic syrtaki dance in “Zorba the Greek.” The beach is a lagoon, offering a unique natural setting. It’s in a bay, shielded from winds, and surrounded by mountains. Stavros is an organized beach with various facilities.

Pachia Ammos beach

Pachia Ammos Beach, located south of Chania and west of the picturesque village of Palaiochora, extends over a kilometer and is known for its fine sandy shores. The shallow waters make it a safe choice for families with children. Ideal for swimming, Pachia Ammos offers both organized sections with amenities and quieter, unspoiled areas. This beach caters to diverse preferences, ensuring every visitor can find their preferred spot.

Nea Chora Beach

If you’re staying in Chania City and looking for a beach close by, Nea Chora is conveniently located just ten minutes away on foot. As one of the Chania beaches close to town, Nea Chora offers sandy shores and clear waters alongside a marina.

Being close to town, it can get crowded in summer, particularly on weekends. Arriving early is advisable. Facilities include sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, and showers. Restaurants and cafes are also readily available across the street. Despite its proximity to the city, Nea Chora’s beauty rivals that of more remote Chania beaches.

Karavopetra Beach

Karavopetra Beach, located between Koundoura and Paleochora, is a serene, less frequented destination. The sandy beach features large, uniquely shaped rocks along the shore and a towering rock formation near the water, offering great photo opportunities. Access to the beach requires a drive or a local bus ride, followed by a walk. As there are no on-site facilities, visitors should bring their own refreshments.

Glaros Beach

Glaros Beach, with its excellent facilities, is a great spot for relaxation and family outings. From the beach, you can see the island of Agiou Theodorou to the west. The beach features golden sand and clear, shallow waters safe for swimming. Boat trips often stop here, making it busier at certain times. Accessible by car or bus from Chania, the beach offers amenities like toilets, showers, cafes, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

Coastal town with buildings overlooking a beach and clear blue waters with hills in the background.

Fragokastello beach

Fragokastello, located east of Loutro, is a unique beach in Chania. It’s known for its 14th-century fortress visible from the sandy beach. The beach features shallow, clear waters, making it family-friendly. The area encourages exploration and offers seafood tavernas for dining. Amenities include sunbeds, umbrellas, a snack bar, and parking. It’s accessible by road and is 80km from Chania.


Paleochora, on the southern coast, offers a variety of beaches. Pachia Ammos, the main beach, is sandy, Blue Flag-certified, and child-friendly. Grammenos beach, 5km west, has clear water and amenities. Karavopetra beach is secluded and pebbly. Psilos Volakas and Krios beaches offer tranquility. Gialiskari beach to the east has a relaxing atmosphere with its pebbles and shells. Astropelekita, 3km from Gialiskari, is wild and secluded with underwater caves. Pachia Ammos provides sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, and parking. All are accessible by road and are 71km from Chania.

In conclusion, Chania beaches offer a diverse range of experiences, from the family-friendly shores of Pachia Ammos with its convenient amenities to the secluded and natural settings of Karavopetra and Astropelekita. Whether you prefer a bustling beach with all the facilities or a quiet spot away from the crowds, Chania’s coastline has something to satisfy every beachgoer. With easy access by road and a variety of landscapes to enjoy, these beaches not only provide the perfect seaside escape but also highlight the natural beauty of Crete.

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