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Greek Island Hopping – Naxos – Sifnos – Milos

Explore some of the less known islands of the Cycladic Archipelagos, where you will indulge in common day life of the islanders, in a different way in each stop. Get charmed in the stripped-down cosines of Naxos, indulge in the secrets of gastronomy in Sifnos, while allow Milos to marvel you in a plethora of ways. Finally in Athens the hallowed Antiquity will be literally laid at your feet in the sacred lands of Acropolis and Sounio.

Greek Cyclades Island Hopping

Explore Athens and 3 islands in the Cyclades region, Tinos, Naxos and Santorini. Be a traveling eyewitness to the diversity of way of living in three islands that are so close yet so far apart. In Tinos learn and marvel one of the most ancient crafts, marble sculpture, and how it has affected the island. In Naxos, view how tourism hasn’t left a big change to the island, while on the other hand Santorini in its own enchanting way will show you the cosy and luxurious side of traveling.