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Exploring the Aegean Jewels in an 11-day Honeymoon


For 11 incredible days, you’re going to see the best of Greece. Kick things off with a deep dive into Athens’ history through a private tour, then set sail for the Greek islands. First stop: the peaceful Milos, where a guided tour shows you stunning spots like the otherworldly Sarakiniko beach. Next, Santorini awaits with its delicious food and wine scene, topped off with a luxury catamaran cruise at sunset. Finally, in Crete, step into ancient Minoan history, then unwind in Elounda with some well-deserved luxury.

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My name is Eleni, I am a social bee and an art enthusiast working in the hospitality sector for 15 years. I am a passionate traveler, and I am excited to share with you the best my home country has to offer! I will be delighted to craft an amazing trip for you perfectly adjusted to your preferences and wishes!


Arrive in Athens and enjoy a day at leisure

Start your Athens honeymoon by stepping into the heart of ancient history. Right from Athens International Airport, we’ve got a private ride ready to whisk you off to your hotel in the buzzing Greek capital. Once you’ve settled in, why not take a leisurely stroll or grab a bold Greek coffee at a cozy café nearby? Feel adventurous? Consider a hike up Philopappos Hill for a dose of history and a sunset view over Athens that you won’t forget.

Private Guided Tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

Today’s private tour is like stepping into a time machine, with three incredible ancient sites on the agenda. With a local guide who knows all the secrets, you’ll dive deep into ancient Greece. The tour starts at the Acropolis, where you’ll stand in awe of historic treasures like the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike. Then, to deepen your understanding, we’ll visit the Acropolis Museum. This place is a treasure trove, bringing history to life with its vast collection of artifacts. Lastly, we’ll take a scenic drive, catching glimpses of Plaka and the Roman Agora, wrapping up a day full of discovery.

Arrive on Milos Island by plane and spend the day at leisure

Wondering how far Milos is from Athens as you enter your Milos honeymoon? Your journey starts with a private driver from your Athens hotel to the airport, setting the stage for your 40-minute flight to Milos. Once you land, another private transfer will whisk you away to your cozy accommodation. With the rest of the day free, soak in the breathtaking landscapes Milos is celebrated for. From vibrant greens and blues to a variety of stunning beaches and historic treasures like the ancient Roman theater, it’s the perfect setting to begin your adventure. Tonight, relax and recharge; a full day of exploration awaits tomorrow.

Half-Day Catamaran Tour to Kleftiko

Ready for a Milos boat tour you won’t forget? Dive into a 6-hour adventure to the iconic Kleftiko Beach and the island’s secluded west coast. Launching from Adamas on a sleek catamaran, this trip is your ticket to the island’s stunning western gems. Splash around at Kalogries beach, snap a few memories at Sykia Cave, and spend a solid 2 hours soaking in the beauty of Kleftiko. As you cover almost three-quarters of Milos, you’ll also step onto the untouched sands of Agia Kyriaki on the south. Wrapping up, you’ll be brought back to Adamas, ending a perfect day exploring Milos’ wonders.

Enjoy a day at leisure

Today’s all yours to explore what Milos is known for. Whether you fancy a boat tour to see the island from a fresh angle and swim in hidden caves, or you’re looking to unwind in one of the many natural hot springs amidst stunning views, Milos has it all. Don’t miss the Lakkos baths in Adamas—a spa experience in a cave, where the warm waters hover between 95 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a unique chance to soak in nature’s own spa, blending relaxation with the island’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Catch a Ferry to Santorini Island & enjoy an afternoon at leisure

This morning, you’re off from Milos to Santorini, a gem among the world’s romantic destinations. Once you land, a private driver will whisk you to your hotel, setting the stage for a leisurely day ahead. In Fira, the island’s heart, meander through charming streets lined with shops, cafes, and bars, all perched on the caldera’s edge for stunning views. Consider unwinding with a glass of the island’s famed wine as you take in the scenery or delve into the past at the Historical and Cultural Archaeological Museum. It’s a must-see in Santorini for anyone looking to blend relaxation with a touch of history.

Experience the magic of Santorini sunsets on a Catamaran Cruise

Kick off your first full day in Santorini with a laid-back breakfast and take your time exploring the charms of Oia and Fira, the heart of Santorini. Maybe even sneak in some last-minute shopping. Later in the afternoon, our guide will collect you for a breathtaking semi-private sunset sailing cruise. Glide past Santorini’s iconic cliffs on a luxury catamaran, making stops at the red and white beaches, and near the historic Venetian Lighthouse. With swimming and snorkeling gear available, dive into a few aquatic adventures. Then, back on board, savor a freshly prepared BBQ meal with drinks, all while witnessing one of Santorini’s magnificent sunsets.

Santorini Greek Food and Wine Tasting Experience

On your last day in Santroini, dive into the heart of Santorini’s wine culture with our exclusive tour, where the unique volcanic soil gives life to distinctive grape varieties, including the celebrated Vinsanto wine. Our Wine Tours Santorini invites you to embark on a journey through the island’s wine heritage.
With experts guiding the way, you’ll visit the best winery Santorini has to offer, plus two more, each providing a glimpse into the local winemaking traditions and a chance for wine tasting in Santorini. It’s not just about tasting; it’s about experiencing the essence of Santorini’s viticulture.
This tour is designed for everyone, from casual sippers to connoisseurs, offering an engaging and insightful exploration of Santorini’s wines. Get ready to let the flavors and stories of Santorini wines captivate your senses!

Agios Nikolaos Crete
Catch a Ferry to Heraklion, Crete from Santorini and head straight to Elounda

Heading from the breathtaking Santorini to Crete on your journey? Crete awaits with its vast landscapes, from shimmering beaches and towering mountains to quaint villages and captivating Minoan ruins. Once your ferry reaches Heraklion, our driver will escort you to the opulence of Elounda, home to your 5-star hotel Crete. Settle in and decide how you want to spend your afternoon: exploring Elounda’s charming port or indulging in the luxury of your hotel. Either way, your Crete vacation promises relaxation and adventure.

Agios Nikolaos Crete
Private guided tour of Knossos Palace and Archaeological Museum

Get ready for an amazing Crete tour, focusing on the must-see in Crete: the ancient site of Knossos. With our expert local guides, you’ll dive deep into the heart of Cretan history, all from the comfort of a luxury vehicle. You’ll stand where legends once roamed at Knossos Palace, marveling at its ancient ruins and vibrant frescoes.
Your adventure continues with a private tour of the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, where the past comes alive through its stunning artifacts. Afterward, enjoy a leisurely walk-through Heraklion’s streets, tantalized by the scent of fresh herbs, and soak in the lively local café culture.
This tour is a dream come true for anyone eager to explore Knossos Crete and immerse themselves in the island’s rich historical tapestry.

Agios Nikolaos Crete
Spend the morning at Spinalonga Island with a private guide before heading to private beaches

Set sail for Spinalonga Island, Crete’s historic gem, aboard a private traditional boat. Your journey starts as you weave through the scenic Northeast Coast, heading for the quaint villages of Elounda and Plaka. From Plaka, a charming traditional boat carries you to Spinalonga, a fortress island steeped in history, from its 16th-century Venetian architecture to its time as Europe’s last leper colony until 1957. Your private guide will take you on a fascinating guided tour around Spinalonga, uncovering the layers of its past, from Venetian to Ottoman to modern times. After soaking in the history, dive into a refreshing fishing trip around the stunning Kolokitha Bay, complete with a swim from our boat, snacks, and drinks. Your adventure rounds off with a delicious lunch in a traditional Plaka restaurant with views of Spinalonga and a visit to Kritsa, famous for its artisan weavings and textiles. This journey to Spinalonga Crete is not just a trip but a deep dive into the island’s unique legacy.

Agios Nikolaos Crete
Depart from Heraklion to Athens by plane

Today marks the finale of your unforgettable 12-day Greek island adventure. Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and ensure you arrive smoothly at Crete Heraklion Airport. From there, you’ll catch your flight, leaving Crete to Athens or directly home, carrying memories of Greece’s stunning highlights with you.



Your Athens honeymoon is set to be unforgettable at the Perianth Hotel, a beacon of neo-modernist design right in the ancient city’s vibrant heart. Nestled in the quieter Agias Eirinis square, yet moments away from Athens’ iconic sites, the hotel offers a refreshing escape. Perianth reflects modern Greek culture with flair. Inside, you’ll find a celebration of the Athenian modern movement, art deco elegance, and breathtaking views of the Acropolis. The hotel is adorned with contemporary Greek art, creating a gallery feel. Plus, with the Zen Center Athens on-site, offering meditation, yoga, and more, it’s a uniquely holistic haven for your special honeymoon trip.

White Coast Milos00454

Domes White Coast Milos

Discover your dream Milos honeymoon at the Domes White Coast Milos Reserve, celebrated as one of the best hotels in Milos. This luxurious retreat is a part of the esteemed Domes Resorts collection and offers a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Immerse yourself in luxury amid the untouched beauty and traditional Cycladic architecture. Here, every moment is a nod to the rich cultural heritage of Milos, allowing you to uncover the island’s secret tales while basking in the elegance of yesteryears. It’s not just a stay; it’s an opulent journey back in time.

canaves elements_0656

Canaves Epitome

Embark on your Santorini honeymoon at Canaves Epitome, redefining luxury with its unique position above Ammoudi’s quaint fishing town. This sanctuary blends the timeless beauty of Cycladic architecture with contemporary elegance, creating the perfect backdrop for love.

It stands out among Santorini honeymoon hotels by offering unparalleled sea and sunset vistas from the seclusion of its 53 luxury suites and villas. Canaves Epitome is your invitation to indulge in the pinnacle of sophistication and serenity on your special honeymoon trip.


Daios Cove

Kick off your Crete honeymoon at Daios Cove Luxury Resort and Villas, nestled in the hidden tranquility of Vathi’s secluded cove. Renowned as the best hotel in Crete, this 5-star sanctuary near Agios Nikolaos offers unparalleled luxury. Its unique design harmonizes with the natural landscape, providing a serene oasis for couples to discover.

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