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There was a time when “I Love Athens” and the little ‘tsolia’ were the core business of Greek souvenirs. However. today the consumers (not only tourists) require something different, and the Greek market does not disappoint.

New Greek souvenirs began to come as a response to the crisis. Many young creators, looking for a professional way out, reached the point of awareness and dedicated all their imagination, and creativity, to the rebirth and development of souvenirs.

Greek-inspired brands and collections began to spring up one after the other, confirming that the Greek reality can offer its special proposal and open the door to a new era!

And while souvlaki and ‘tsarouhi’ began to acquire a modern dimension, to become fashionable, and to find new minimalist applications, the Greek public also began to turn its consumer interest to these objects.

This is what made Greeks become tourists in their city. Take a walk in Plaka and around the Acropolis and discover all those shops that are an attraction, not only for foreign tourists but also for Greeks.

On your walk enter the stores below and you’ll have the answer to the question ‘Where can I find the new Greek souvenirs?’

Forget Me Νωτ - Shopping in Athens - Greek Souvenirs

Forget Me Νωτ

Forget me Nωt in Athens

In the first house that Theodoros Kolokotronis stayed in Athens, at 100 Adrianou Street in Plaka, Forget Me Νωτ opened in March 2014, to create another type of ‘revolution’ in the field of Greek design.

The store was a ‘revolutionary’ entry into tourist shopping, marking the beginning of a new era. In the two areas of the store, the petrol, and the white room, one can find the best samples of modern Greek design, as they collaborate and host works by renowned, but also promising young Greek designers who with their objects shape the current Greek artistic identity. Through constant search, new designers, new products, and brands are added to the store every day, with exclusives, items in a limited edition or collectibles. This is their way of collecting seemingly unrelated products. What they have in common are authenticity and quality.

11, Andrianou, Plaka
+30 210-3253740

Anamnesia - Greek Souvenirs - Shopping in Athens


Anamnesia in Athens

This is one of the new brands in the field of Greek souvenirs that are hosted in stores of the same name throughout Greece.

Firstly, Anamnesia gives life to the wonderful memories from the summer holidays in Greece, which we never want to end. Secondly, their creation, from conception to production, takes place entirely in Greece, in collaboration with valuable partners in the field. Thirdly, the designers draw inspiration from mythological figures and characteristic elements of the Greek tradition, to give the concept of the souvenir a unique dimension. Finally, most of the products found in Anamnesia stores are exclusively designed for the brand.

99, Andrianou, Plaka
+30 2146870704

Athena Design Workshop - Athens Shopping - Greek Souvenirs

Athena Design Workshop

Athena – Design Workshop in Athens

A few meters below the Acropolis Museum you will find the Athena – Design Workshop that is a separate area from its retail store. This space is an alloy of design services and handmade constructions. At Athena, everything is unique, handmade, and original.

In terms of design, its services cover a range of illustrations, interior design, graphic design, technical drawing for television, events, and much more. Finally, the workshop operates under the umbrella of hand printing, where the designs are imprinted on cotton fabrics, wooden constructions, and more.

30, Parthenonos
+30 210-9245713

Diatauta - Athens Shopping- Greek souvenirs


Diatauta in Athens

Mr. Vlassopoulos has been involved in tourism for several years, maintaining one of the well-known restaurants in the center. His experience and constant contact with inbound tourism led him to decide on the next step. Thus, he wanted to create a space to show the public that Greece is not only an old-fashioned tourist product. Greece is an army of young bold and inspired creators who have a lot to offer. For this reason, “Diatavta” started its operation just a few months ago and the mix of products it offers is based on three different pillars: Food products such as honey, oil, traditional drinks, herbal, Greek-made, cosmetics, and finally, new souvenirs and fashion products.

You can visit the elegant tiny store and see for yourself that it is a different one-stop shopping destination, in the heart of the center, which manages to highlight the new Greece in its few square meters.

32, Mitropoleos, Athens
+30 210-3212348

The Art of Turtle - Athens Shopping - Greek Souvenirs

The Art of Turtle

The Art of Turtle in Athens

All Katerina wanted to do was to make jewelry. Looking to find a space that combines a workshop and a retail space, she found this beautiful road under the shade of the Sacred Rock.

Moreover, her shop reflects the essence of a unique aesthetic identity. Nature, wood, and metal meet in it. In her shop, you will discover the jewelry that she designs and manufactures. Furthermore, you will find a series of elegant pots and plants which essentially complete her collection.

Finally, the theme of her jewelry has as a point of reference the five elements of nature. Ether – the turtle, water – seahorse, fire – salamander, air – a hummingbird, and earth – elephant.

39, Parthenonos
+30 216-7002405

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Feature Image by The Art of Turtle

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