A Tour of Greek Dishes around the Islands of Greece

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‘What are we going to eat?’ Probably the most common question of the summer holidays expresses the strong desire to taste the delicacies of the island that hosts us. Fortunately for us (and our stomachs), the opportunities we have for summer local tasting are dozens as each island is proud of its specialties.

Therefore, we gathered the best of dishes of the Greek islands so that you do not return from them on an empty stomach. Make sure to note down your favorite ones so you can order them when you reach the islands!

Firstly, we are starting our culinary journey with the beautiful Cyclades, perhaps the most famous group of islands in Greece. Secondly, we are moving north, all the way to the green Sporades and the emblematic islands of Northern Aegean. Finally, we are crossing to the Ioanian Sea where the magestic Eftanisa stand proudly.

Froutalia from Andros by Akis Petretzikis

Froutalia from Andros by Akis Petretzikis

Cyclades: It has it all, from fish to meat to veggies


  • Gouna: delicious fish, usually lakerda, which is baked in the sun with plenty of salt. Add sun-dried octopus and local Naoussa wine.


  • Lasagna with garlic
  • Pitarakia: cheese pies with xerotyri, mint, and onion
  • Flaunes and Koufeto: sweets which are offered at weddings with sweet zucchini honey and walnuts.


  • Patouda stuffed lamb with liver, rice, and pine nuts
  • Kalogiros beef on eggplants with cheese and baked tomatoes
  • Pastitsio not as we know it, it is made with sweet pumpkin in the pan and looks like a pie, for digestion.


  • Froutalia: a giant omelet with potatoes, sausage, cheese, and zucchini
  • Ponzi, their version of rakomelo
Mastelo from Sifnos by Greece Is

Mastelo from Sifnos by Greece Is


  • Patatato: made with goat or beef in the pot with potatoes


  • Tomato meatballs of course!
  • White fried eggplants
  • Fava beans
  • Garlic spaghetti and a necessary accompaniment for all meals a sweet Vinsanto wine.


  • Kopanisti
  • Beans: string beans served plain or with garlic
  • Bouboula: roast pork in the sun with oregano
  • Skate with garlic and spaghetti with salmon, caviar, and vodka.


  • Chickpeas baked in a clay pot closed with dough
  • Mastelo: meat marinated in wine in a clay pot
  • Caper salad
  • Chickpea meatballs
  • Soft mizithra
Cheese Pie from Skopelos by Akis Petretzikis

Cheese Pie from Skopelos by Akis Petretzikis

The Sporades and North Aegean: Fish all the way


  • Rofos stew and fish soup and fresh tuna.


Agalipokeftedes: they are made with a small anemone of the sea and lobster spaghetti, for which the locals are proud that they started to make their first meal as…food of the poor.


  • The famous Skopelos spinach cheese pie. No need to say anything else.


  • Traditional goat cottage cheese,
  • Sun-dried octopus
  • Amazing donuts with local honey.


  • Maridopita: small maridaki with batter and plenty of chopped onions in the pan
  • Pickles of all kinds
  • Handmade spaghetti
  • Plenty of mastic liqueur. For confectioners, the underwater mastic is a constant value.


  • Goat on a spit


  • Avries: something similar to asparagus
  • Paspalas: salted pork flavored with thyme
  • Fava meatballs
  • Kambouni with eggs: omelet with chives
Sofrito from Corfu by Akis Petretzikis

Sofrito from Corfu by Akis Petretzikis

Ionian Islands: With an Italian aroma


  • Aliada: Kefalonian garlic which is prepared exclusively with garlic and potatoes, without bread and nuts
  • Meat pie
  • Cod pie
  • Lagoto: rabbit stew with plenty of garlic


  • Sofrito: lemonade with rice
  • Burdeto: anchovies, octopus, or sardines in the oven with garlic or tomato
  • Pastitsada: meat with spaghetti
  • Savoro: fish with tomato and rosemary


  • Epic stew with rabbit or hare.


  • Eglouvis lentils: named after the tallest village in Lefkada, famous for its excellent lentils


  • Spicy oil cheese mitato
  • Vrechtoladea: with tomato and the famous nut of Kythira
  • Vrachosalad: with delicious greens from the shores of the island
  • Sweets such as ‘Tsirigotika skaltsounakia’, sweet pumpkin pie, and apple paste


  • Chicken with potatoes and tomatoes in the ‘tserepa’, an ancient earthenware dish like a lid that has been kneaded together with goat hair.

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Finally, we have excluded the Dodecanese group of islands intentionally, as we will dedicate a full blog article to them. So, stay tuned!

Featured Image by Magna Grecia Hotel

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