Company Mission

Greece Insiders is an Athens based destination expert.

The Greece Insiders’ mission is three-fold.

i/ For our internal mode of operation:

Our aim is to cultivate an Inclusive and empowering work environment in which our team members feel like part of a big family. This ensures the high level of support, effective communication and commitment that are needed in order to create a “can-do” mentality.

The consequent creativity, sense of security, and enthusiasm allows our team members to grow professionally and always operate above the set standards of the industry.

ii/ For our guests & clients

In order to keep improving our services and provide unique and authentic experiences, we need to ceaselessly engage in field research, site & services inspections. This function is covered by our customer experience department, by conducting mystery and follow up visits throughout the season.

Along the same lines, we collect and process feedback thoroughly, so as to monitor and supplement our team’s performance, skills and knowledge. The interdepartmental cooperation between operations, HR and customer experience creates a targeted, personalized training scheme – this means a better professional by your side.

iii/ For our community

We see ourselves as a driving force of the overall effort to place Greece among the top tourist destinations globally. At the same time we feel the responsibility to maintain the authentic character of the destinations and experiences we include in our offers. The viability of the cultural exchange between guests and locals depends on the way of approach. Conducting our business in a sustainable manner, we achieve the high level of immersion which we pursue for our guests. At the same time we ensure that the places and people they come in contact with are not threatened by erosion.

We also feel that our mission entails more direct and tangible ways of contributing to our community. Once a year, with the active participation of our staff, we engage in activities which support and benefit our fellow citizens who are in need.