Best Greek islands to visit in September

If you haven’t organized your Greek getaway yet, don’t worry. September, rather than August, is considered the last month of summer in the country, often offering better opportunities both for relaxation and in terms of prices.

What’s more, the weather is still warm, but not terribly hot, destinations are calmer without the vast crowds of summer, while airplane tickets, accommodation, and the cost of many services are dramatically reduced.

My main concern, whenever I find myself planning a September escape, is the fact that the usual timetables of itineraries are, for the most part, changed. Thus, before you start picking islands completely at random, please do some research on ferry routes and flights. It is very possible that the time needed for traveling from one island to the other will automatically rule out some of your ideas; especially the routes provided by fast-ferries disappear completely.

During this time of the year the weather can change considerably but it mainly remains warm. In any case, to maximize the chance of experiencing decent weather conditions you may need to be looking at islands as far south and/or east as possible.


Chani port at Crete Photo Credit: r chelseth

Crete isn’t just another Greek island; it is very large and contains very diverse landscapes, really resembling a small country.

You could easily spend 3 weeks on Crete, seeing something new every day. It has all the things necessary and you will find masses of useful information on the Crete section of this blog.

Tip:  the weather in Chania remains warm and fair till mid-October. While there, do not miss the most iconic places like Gramvousa and Balos lagoon and the Samaria gorge.


Kefalonia Photo Credit: Mike Fleming

In September, the holiday season winds down, the temperature drops a bit too, but the general feeling is much more relaxed and pleasant; perfect for beach-bumming and for activities like hiking and cycling.

A visit to the famous Myrtos beach and to the cosmopolitan Fiscardo, as well as to the natural setting of Melissani, are still in the cards, while restaurants and accommodation are not crowded anymore, resulting in more attentive service.


Mykonos Photo Credit: Misty Faucheux

Now it’s high time to experience the flip-side of the most cosmopolitan island of the country. Lower accommodation prices seal the deal, as during peak-time they are unrealistically high.

At the same time, the weather’s warmth and the sunshine provide the perfect excuse to go swimming, where you will also enjoy more personal space. Still, don’t miss to visit the archaeological site on the islet of Delos and the picturesque village of Ano mera with its traditional taverns.


Chania port at Crete Photo Credit: Tom Mascardo/

September in Santorini is practically the fifth month of summer, as crowds flock in starting May to enjoy the memorable sunsets without the necessity for a beach visit.

However, now it’s time to enjoy tranquility in its most popular spots like Oia and Imerovigli.

Furthermore, a visit to the archaeological sites of Akrotiri and ancient Thera will be much easier, whereas swimming at the volcanic ‘Red Beach’, or the exploration of the fascinating Santorini Caldera by boat, are going to be serene experiences, inspiring a sense of balance and self-reflection.