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And although there are many spots to pop the big question, the following list of greek islands will help you decide which of these places is ideal for you.

Kefalonia  Photo Credit: Evo Flash

1. Kefalonia

Just north of the stunning Myrtos beach lays the secluded village of Assos, one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Kefalonia. The village seems to be “lost in time”, giving off an almost mystical atmosphere. The visit to the castle will unlock a dreamy wedding proposal perspective. To reach it you will be required to make a long walk between the olive tree forests. Bear in mind that the drive from Argostoli is almost half an hour.

Hydra  Photo Credit: Pedro

2. Hydra

One of the most romantic destinations in Greece is this little Saronic island, which happens to be one of the closest to Athens. Hydra has one of the most picture perfect ports in Greece and the atmosphere is simple, natural, traditional and super romantic. Pop the question under the setting sun and let the rest of the story be written by its colorful shades!

Fishing village Milos  Photo Credit: Jenny Brown

3. Milos

Looking for a more under-the-radar Greek island that has a beautiful history of romance? Head to Milos and get ready for the million dollar question. The island is full of stunning beaches that you can easily enjoy without crowds you’d encounter on more popular islands. Try propose on one of those. Don’t forget you are going to have the Gods on your side as the Aphrodite of Milos sculpture dates back to 150 B.C and is believed to depict the Goddess of love and beauty.

4. Leipsoi

Leipsoi, the small picturesque islet near Patmos in the Dodecanese, has  lately become a popular wedding destination. The deal here emerges from the fact that instead of five-star luxury hotels and modern amenities, Leipsoi gain their momentum from its natural beauty, with crystal-clear waters, golden sand, picturesque villages and unforgettable sunsets.

Santorini Photo Credit: Pedro Szekely

5. Santorini

The world is big, the options are endless. But really after all choices are evaluated, Santorini emerges as the grand favorite for the best proposal location in Greece. Its dramatic views blended with your romantic status form a killer combination. As for the sunsets? Well, it’s the kind of thing you just have to see to fully understand why it’s such a big deal. The walk to see the Oia sunset can get a bit touristy, so you might want to scout out some more private viewpoints for your proposal.

Cover Photo Credit:Annette Bernhardt

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