Our Greece Honeymoon!


Our experience was absolutely wonderful ! Being that we both have never heard of the company ,we were a bit hesitant since we were planning our honeymoon and we wanted everything to be perfect! That fear and hesitation was quickly squashed the moment we were able to speak to our travel guides, first we had Elena who initiated our itinerary and hit the nail on the head, gave us exactly the type of trip that we wanted and was looking for especially for our honeymoon! Then we had Lydia who finished off the tail end of our planning before getting to Greece and she was incredibly communicative and responsive to when we had questions and helped us get all of our things together prior to going on our trip! From the moment we arrived in Greece, everyone whom we had come in contact with was so incredibly nice and fun it felt like we were hanging out with friends! When meeting with each of our tour guides , even Lydia our travel guide one night, Being in a new place it was so refreshing to have amazing conversations about the culture and just being in the company of good genuine people. Lydia would check in with us through out our trip to make sure we were okey and it was incredibly comforting.
We kept saying to ourselves each day it can’t get better and somehow they both topped it off when we had different types of food tours ,Wine Tours and the sheer beauty of each archaeological site was just amazing. We never felt rushed in any way being that it was our honeymoon we wanted to remain active but also have some down time and their itinery gave us a lot of time to explore on our own, places that we wanted check out. We did all of the mainland and we had the same driver each day we traveled which was like one big road trip with a great friend! There was even one day we were supposed to do a hike, the weather ended up being crappy and our driver yannis was on the case in no time he made some calls and we were able to still do something with the day and make it so much fun even though we didn’t get to initially do what was planned! That being said I cannot recommend them enough! From the moment we got to Greece, till the moment we left , everybody was so incredibly nice our experience was phenomenal and we cannot wait to use them again to go back!

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