The sweet side of Greece through 7 traditional sweets

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Greece may be known for its many savory, traditional dishes, but it also has a sweet side that often stays on the sidelines. From the Cyclades to Northern Greece, these are just some of the traditional sweets that one enjoys in our country.

Turkish Delights - Loukoumia - Syros Island

Turkish Delight Photo Credit: Katy

Turkish Delights – Syros

In Greek we call them Loukoumia, however, they have an origin from Istanbul. Nevertheless, in Greece, it’s directly connected with the island of Syros. On the island, the art of making Turkish delights arrived with the first refugees who came from Chios passed it on to the next generations. Syrians offer the Turkish delight at weddings, celebrations, and even memorials. People say that it is unbeatable thanks to the water of Syros Of course, no traveler is going to cross the island without buying a box of Turkish delights from the traditional sellers with typical baskets that go up to liner ships to sell their southern wares.

Amygdalota - Andros island

Amygdalota – Andros Island

Amygdalota – Andros

Andros is not the only island famous for its almond-based sweets (amygdalota). However, they are the most famous ones and the reason is the tradition of the island in almond-based sweets. The recipe is simple but delicious and contains ground almonds, egg whites, and flower water for aroma.

Revani - Veroia

Revani Photo Credit: fugzu

Revani – Veria

The syrupy sweets of the pan are the favorites of the Greeks and the revani is very high on the list. This syrupy temptation from semolina and yogurt is a traditional dessert of Veria and it is not uncommon for Thessalonians to go there just to try the traditional revani of the city.

Melopita from Sifnos by Akis Petretzikis

Melopita from Sifnos by Akis Petretzikis

Melopita – Sifnos

The Cycladic Island, where Nikolaos Tselementes was born, has many traditional recipes and one of them is your sweet honey, pita! It is based on unsalted mizithra (or cream cheese) and honey and accompanies your morning coffee perfectly. They usually make it on the island at Easter, but you will find it all year round. Variations of melopita can be found on other islands, such as Mykonos or Ios.

Watermelon Pie from Milos Island by Akis Petretzikis

Watermelon Pie from Milos Island by Akis Petretzikis.

Watermelon Pie – Milos

In Milos, they take advantage of their favorite summer fruit and its naturally sweet taste and put it in a pie. It may be a specialty of Milos, but the pie with watermelon can be found in other parts of Greece such as in Messinia and Folegandros.

Pasteli – Kalamata

The pasteli is one of the few sweets, perhaps the only one, that dates back to ancient Greece. It refers to many ancient Greek and Byzantine texts. In Greece, you can find it at the supermarket and at the shops that sell organic products. However, the city that has one of the most famous pastels is Kalamata. If you do not know which one to choose, prefer the soft pastel. It is the one that has only honey and no added sugar.

Greek Bougatsa from Thessaloniki

Greek Bougatsa Photo Credit: Hotel & Food Photography

Bougatsa – Thessaloniki

If the famous bougatsa of Thessaloniki was missing from this list, there would be many reactions from northern Greece. Bougatsa was born in Constantinople, before its fall, but around 1917 it became the bougatsa from Thessaloniki and Serres. This is sweet in a pan, with thin phyllo that requires great art to make. They stuff it with a rich cream for extra taste.

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re ready to taste new flavors that are absolutely amazing, Greece is the destination for you. Also, you’re in luck because our experienced travel designers can create the most suitable itinerary for you that will tingle your taste buds while you explore the magical sites that this country has to offer. So, contact us and let’s plan your sweet and savory trip to Greece this summer!

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