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Perfect Family vacation combined with beach leisure time and fun outdoor activities!
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Welcome to Athens!

Athens Airport to Hotel:
Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it. You will be transferred to your hotel.

Walking around the city center of Athens:
Athens’ heyday was around 400 years BC, that’s when most of the classical monuments were built. During the Byzantine and Turkish eras, the city decayed into just an insignificant little village, only to become the capital of newly-liberated Greece in 1833. Ahead of the 2004 Olympics, almost the entire infrastructure was transformed: the Metro, trams, new ring roads and viaducts have eased the pressure of the heavy traffic.

Athens is still a rather messy and chaotic place—it wouldn’t be Athens otherwise—and despite all the improvements, still retains a great deal of its oriental charm. The whole coastal stretch from Piraeus to the old Hellenikon airport has been improved with new plantings, viaducts and paths for walking. The Plaka district is becoming more and more popular and it is on the way to catching up with Psyrri, Gazi and Rouf as regards restaurants. Discover the beauties of the Anafiotika district, at the feet of the Acropolis, and visit the ancient village still housed in the midst of the city.

Acropolis Guided Tour & Flavors of Athens Food Tour

Acropolis & Flavors of Athens Food Tour:
A perfect tour to get a true feel of Athens! Ascent to the top of the sacred rock of the Acropolis to be confronted by one of the world’s most important structures in history, the Parthenon. Once there you will enjoy a guided tour which will reveal the magnitude and the rich heritage of Athens and the cultural achievements of the Greek civilization of the Golden Age.

After visiting Acropolis, get ready for a 3-hour food tour that will truly make you feel like an Athenian! Sense the intriguing Greek cuisine and local food culture through an experiential food tour in the heart of the bustling capital of Greece. Wander through authentic corners of the city and visit a number of dedicated artisans that have perfected their recipes over the decades, specialized food stores sourcing the best products from all over Greece as well as the vibrant central food market.

Athens Treasure Hunt

Athens Treasure Hunt:
The ultimate treasure hunt! Follow the directions, hunt for clues and solve riddles, view fascinating landmarks and lesser-known gems in a fun way.
Interact with locals, learn about our way of life, taste treats and drinks that locals relish and get the true feeling of our city.

The objective of the game is to navigate through the city and discover the Athenian culture and way of life in a fun and interactive way. The treasure hunt is achieved by following simple, yet sometimes cryptic instructions and solving a number of puzzles and challenges specially designed for travelers that are new to our city. Become a local citizen for one day, complete the tasks and have a great time!

Travel to Zakynthos & day at leisure

Private Transfer Athens Hotel to Airport:
The pick up time for your transfer will be advised at your hotel. Your driver will deliver you to the Athens Airport.

Domestic Flight to Zakynthos

Private Transfer – Zakynthos Airport to Hotel:
Upon Arrival, your driver will be awaiting you with a sign with your name on it.
You will be transferred to your hotel.

Zakynthos, day at leisure:
Zante (or Zakynthos) is an Island with rich historical insights and there are many places of interest for Culture explorers. There are also various activities you can get involved with at your leisure time. Therefore you will surely enjoy your stay on the island. The most famous site one must visit is the Shipwreck, a picturesque beach on the north shore of the island. If you follow this route, you can take pictures, admire the beach and the wonderful Mediterranean nature on a large metal platform set up on the top of the hill. In this area there are some wonderful sights which you can access by car.

Shipwreck of Zakynthos Excursion

Navagio Full-day Excursion:
The most beautiful beach of Zakynthos and one of the six most photographed beaches of all Greece. Accessible only by sea, it gives you the idea of hugeness and perfection. It consists of millions of small pebbles with the blue shades of the sea as far as the eye can see, it results unique in its gender and the relict looks like if it was made by an artist.

After some land exploration of the island, time to board on your cruise to marvel the beauty of the Blue Cave.

The Blue Caves are one of the most popular and advertised attractions of the island; you can visit them with your own boat or with one of the many organized tours. The Blue Caves consist of particular geologic formations giving life to a succession of caves along the North-West coast of the island; they start soon after Agios Nikolaos to end near Skinari Cape.

Ancient Olympia Guided Tour & Honey farm visit

Transfer from Zakynthos to Pylos, through Olympia:
Your driver will meet you at the lobby of your Hotel.
You will taake a fast boat back to Peloponnese Peninsula, once arriving at Kyllini port, your driver will transfer to Ancient Olympia and then to a honey farm before you reach the final destination of the day, Pylos

Olympia Archaeological Site and Museum Guided Tour:
Olympia is one of the most celebrated sanctuaries of ancient Greece. With your guide you will walk through and learn everything about the impressive ruins and you will marvel the numerous attractions of the site such as the massive temple of Zeus, the Museum, and the ancient stadium where athletes used to train and run 3000 years ago.

Honey Farm:
You will continue your day with a sweet and delicious visit to a local honey farm to learn all about the production of honey and taste some delicious local sweets.

Free day at leisure

Pylos, day at leisure:
This exceptional 5-star family resort features spacious terraces or balconies with sitting areas providing inspiring views over the Ionian Sea, while most ground-floor units have private infinity pools. The beach-entry and common-use swimming pools with swim-up bars, along with a number of chill-out bars, a library, a rustic lounge and extensive outdoor seating areas offer plenty of options to relax while savoring some of the most stunning vistas in Greece. A large variety of restaurants serving ethnic, international and local dishes will satisfy all.

Families may enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and be pampered with a wide array of upscale family and child-friendly services. Kids can choose from an enormous variety of supervised fun activities, tailored specifically for them, giving parents plenty of time to indulge in their own favorite sports or simply unwind. Families are invited to connect with unspoiled nature and a unique cultural heritage, become acquainted with local traditions and experience the warmth and hospitality of Messinia from the comfort of one of the most family-friendly resorts in Greece.

Sea Kayaking in Navarino Bay

Sea Kayaking in Navarino Bay:
Sea kayaking in Navarino Bay one of our most popular trips, offering you the experience of remoteness with a visit to the island of Sphacteria. You will explore beautiful rock formations, relax on a hidden cove with a deserted beach and hopefully spot some migrant birds sea turtles or seals. Our trip begins from Divari beach very close to Gialova lagoon. Before departure, we brief you on trip details, kayak paddling techniques and safety measures. Soon we will be paddling by the town of Pylos and the castle of Niokastro heading towards the Tsihli Baba, an imposing monolithic islet with an impressive rock arch formed at its northern tip. Weather permitting, we circumnavigate the islet, visit a few of its sea caves and paddle through its tunnels and arches. Our next stop will be the one and only accessible from the sea beach of the island of Sphacteria. During our stop there will be enough time to swim, snorkel, sunbathe, rest and enjoy a picnic with freshly baked bread organic, garden grown fruits and vegetables, homemade olive oil, and cheese. Once the lunch stop is over we paddle back to the starting point to end an adventurous day spent in the tranquility of the Navarino Bay.

Hike, Swim & Archery in Polylimnio Waterfall

Hike, swim & Archery in Polylimnio Waterfall:
Starting from village of Haravgi we descend towards the gorge. We follow the water streams leading to a magnificent place. We walk into a magical but real natural paradise while passing along striking fonts full of water.The waterfall of Kadi stands between the big rocks of the gorge, with waters falling from a height of 25 meters onto the surface of a wonderful turquoise pond. Other larger lakes such as Kadi and Mavrolimna, give us also a chance to cool down with a swim in their cool waters. The sounds of nature, lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls will turn an easy in difficulty walking path of three kilometres a unique and unforgettable experience. The hike is combined with archery where we can test our capabilities with the bow and the arrow. At the end of the activity we enjoy our picnic with local products.

Free day at leisure

Transfer from Pylos to Nafplio:
Your driver will meet you at the lobby of your Hotel and drive you to Nafplio

Nafplio day at leisure:
Nafplio is the first capital of modern Greece and one of the most beautiful towns. A masterpiece of Venetian, Ottoman and Greek architecture, it lies underneath the imposing Palamidi castle and features the fort of Bourgi in a small island right in the middle of the harbor.
The maze of red and burnt-orange rooftops will lure you in a trip across centuries while the refined beauty of the town, that oozes elegance, will turn you into a Nafplio regular once you walk those cobblestone streets.
Nafplio has long been one of the top choices for getaways for Athenians. Every corner has a different story to tell…

Epidaurus or Mycenae Guided Tour & Pottery workshop

Option A. Mycenae Guided Tour:
You will depart in the morning to reach Mycenae. There, you will enjoy a guided tour of the site and museum, and get to admire the monumental remains that beautifully blend with the surrounding landscape. Your guide will offer interesting information about the history of one of the most important civilizations and insights into the way of life of the Myceneans at the location where everything took place.

Option B. Epidaurus Guided Tour:
After a scenic drive, you will reach the world heritage-listed archeological site of Epidaurus and stunningly preserved ancient theatre of Epidaurus constructed in the 4th century BC and still prized today for its amazing acoustics.

Believed by ancient Greeks to be the birthplace of Apollo’s son Asklepios, you will not miss to visit and admire the sanctuary of Asklepios, a remarkable testament to the healing cults of the Ancient World and witness to the emergence of scientific medicine.

In the afternoon, you could head to the Palamidi Castle to enjoy the parnormic view of the whole region, or you could coordinate your driver to enjoy some leisure time on the beach with your family.

Pottery workshop:
After your guided tour you will stop and participate in a fun pottery workshop. Inspired by the Mycenaen artifacts, you will be introduced to the ancient art of pottery, in order to create your very own, unique Mycenean artifact to take back.

Departure Day

Departure Day:
You will have to say goodbye to the beautiful Greece. Your driver will pick you up and transfer you to Athens Airport. Once arriving in Athens Airport, you will check-in to your international flight and depart Greece.

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