10 Amazing historical places in Greece

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The so called “stone forest”, with its numerous
impressive monasteries that are harmoniously set
within a serene landscape will offer you a sacred
fascination like no other.

Apart from the sun and countless islands, Greece is also famous for its ancient culture. Greece’s culture manifests by landmarks that survive in various parts of our country. These amazing historical places in Greece express in the best possible way our past.

Today we return to the past, and go on a trip to ancient Greece, through ten historical and archeological sites in Greece that evoke all sorts of emotions from the visitor.

Parthenon at the Acropolis in Athens

Parthenon at the Acropolis in Athens

Parthenon – Attica

The famous Parthenon was built in honor of the goddess Athena, protector, and patron of Athens. Its construction began in 448/7 BC. and the inauguration took place in 438 BC. during the Megala Panathinaia. Today it is part of the wider monument complex in the list of World Heritage Sites since September 11, 1987.

Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia Photo Credit: Andy Montgomery

Olympia – Peloponnese

Olympia was the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece dedicated to Zeus. It was the venue of the Olympic Games which were held in the context of the Olympics, the most important holiday of the Greeks during most of antiquity. The starting point of the Olympic Games dates back to 776 BC.

Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

Ancient Theater Epidaurus Photo Credit: Dimitris Karagiorgos

Ancient theatre of Epidaurus – Peloponnese

The ancient theater of Epidaurus was built by the ancient architect Polykleitos the Younger. Today the most beautiful and best-preserved of all the theaters of Epidaurus. Intended for the entertainment of patients, it has a capacity of 13,000 spectators and its acoustics are excellent. Finally, during the Greek revolution, two national assemblies took place there.

Tomb of King Philip II - Vergina

Tomb of King Philip II Photo Credit: Guillén Pérez

Vergina – Macedonia

Firstly, Vergina, in the prefecture of Imathia, is on the site of ancient Aigai, the capital of ancient Macedonia. Secondly, it became world-famous in 1977 when the university excavation of Aristotle University discovered the burial sites of Macedonian kings. Thirdly, among the other tombs and a tomb, according to Andronicos, he was the son of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.


Delphi Photo Credit: Dimitris Karagiorgos

Delphi – Mainland

The oracle of Delphi was the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world. Additionally, Delphi maintained its important position until the end of the 4th century AD when the operation of the oracle was finally put to an end by decree of Emperor Theodosius I.

Knossos – Crete

Knossos was an important city in antiquity and the Minoan palace is its main place to visit. It was the seat of King Minos and what stands out is the Throne Room, with the purgatory tank and the alabaster throne framed by desks.

Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae

Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae Photo Credit: Andy Montgomery

Mycenae – Peloponnese

The Lions Gate is the main entrance to the Acropolis of Mycenae, the main center of the Mycenaean Civilization. Furthermore, it was built in the middle of the 13th century BC. and is an imposing megalithic monument.

Archaeological Site of Delos Island

Archaeological Site of Delos Island Photo Credit: Alex Healing

House of Cleopatra and Dioscorides – Delos Island

The house of Cleopatra and Dioscorides in Delos (2nd century BC) is one of the many archaeological treasures of the island. Moreover, Delos, as well as the rest of the Cyclades, was home to people of the prehistoric and pre-Hellenic era and especially of the Neolithic era with particularly characteristic elements of the Early Cycladic civilization. Finally, in ancient times it was especially famous as the birthplace of the god Apollo.

Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounio

Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounio Photo Credit: Andy Montgomery

Ancient temple of Poseidon – Sounio

The ancient temple of Poseidon in Sounio is the trademark of the area. In ancient times it was an altar to honor the god Poseidon. However, the temple we see today is the second one. The Persians destroyed the first one before its completion in 480 BC.

Ancient Theater of Dodoni

Ancient Theater of Dodoni Photo Credit: Harrygouvas

Ancient theater of Dodoni, Ioannina – Epirus

The ancient theater of Dodoni is located in Ioannina and was a place of worship of Zeus and Dionysus, but also a well-known oracle of the ancient Greek world. The theater is located at a distance of about 2 km from the settlement of Dodoni. The first evidence for the existence of the oracle is most likely around 2600 BC. Therefore, making it the oldest oracle found in Greece.

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Feature Image by: Ben Ramirez

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