Weather in Greece in September: Ultimate Travel Guide

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Greece Weather

In a nutshell, weather in Greece in September features average daily temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) to 28°C (82°F), varying by region. Northern areas like Thessaloniki are slightly cooler, while southern coastal areas such as Athens and Crete tend to be warmer.

Are you planning a trip to Greece in September? This ultimate travel guide will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your visit. Greece in September offers perfect weather, making it an ideal time to explore this stunning country.

A picturesque beach with striking red cliffs, clear blue waters, and a small sandy shoreline. The landscape is rugged and scenic under a bright blue sky.

Overview of Weather in Greece in September

Greece experiences little rain in September, with an average of only a few rainy days or occasional brief showers. This means that you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about rain showers interrupting your plans.

The sea temperature is still warm and pleasant, ranging from around 23 to 25 degrees Celsius (73 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit) in most coastal areas. This makes it an excellent time for swimming and enjoying water activities.

As September progresses towards the end of the month, temperatures start to cool down slightly compared to the summer months. However, it remains warm and comfortable, especially during the daytime.

Temperature Ranges and Climate

The climate in Greece in September is generally mild and pleasant. The days are usually sunny and warm, with ample hours of sunshine to enjoy. The evenings are still quite mild, making it necessary to carry a light jacket or sweater for evening activities.

Advantages of Visiting Greece in September

One of the main advantages is the lower tourist crowds compared to the summer months. September offers fewer crowds at attractions and beaches. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of Greece without the hustle and bustle of peak season.

Another advantage is the more affordable hotel rates. As the tourist season comes to an end, hotels often offer discounted rates, making it a perfect time for a budget-friendly trip.

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Detailed Weather Conditions in September in Key Locations in Greece

In September, Greece offers a variety of weather conditions in different locations. Each location has its unique weather characteristics, making it a perfect time to explore different parts of Greece.

Athens: Warm Weather

Athens in September has warm weather ideal for exploring ancient ruins. With average high temperatures in the mid-80s°F and pleasant sunshine hours, it’s the perfect time for sightseeing. Evenings may cool down slightly.  Hotel rates are more budget-friendly compared to the summer months, and the nightlife scene is still buzzing.

Crete: Endless Summer

With warm sea temperatures and perfect beach weather, Crete in September is ideal. The average sea temperature in Crete during this month is around 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), making it ideal for swimming and enjoying water activities. The weather in Crete is still warm and pleasant, especially in late September. It’s a great time to explore the beautiful beaches and visit historical sites.

Santorini: Comfortable Evenings

Santorini offers comfortable evenings in September, with pleasant temperatures. The average low temperature in Santorini during this month is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for enjoying the nightlife and exploring the island after sunset.

Mykonos: Warm Nights

The average night temperature in Mykonos during this month is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, providing comfortable conditions for enjoying the nightlife.

Corfu: Gentle Showers

Corfu experiences gentle showers in September, with occasional rainfall adding to the beauty of the island. The average rainfall in Corfu during this month is around 3 inches, creating lush green landscapes and adding to the natural beauty of the island. The rainfall is not significant enough to disrupt outdoor activities, and there are still plenty of sunny days to enjoy.

Milos: Beach Weather

Milos offers beach weather in September, with sunny skies and warm sea temperatures. The average sea temperature in Milos during this month is around 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), making it perfect for swimming and enjoying beach activities.

Rhodes: Second Summer

Rhodes in September has warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine hours. The weather in Rhodes during the second half of September is still warm and pleasant, making it a perfect time to visit. The island offers plenty of sunshine, allowing you to explore the historical sites, visit the medieval town of Rhodes, and enjoy the stunning beaches.

Halkidiki: Mild Weather

Halkidiki offers cooler temperatures compared to the summer months. Located in northern Greece, Halkidiki is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and charming mountain villages. In September, the weather in Halkidiki is still pleasant, but the temperatures are slightly cooler compared to the summer months.

Samos: Light Breeze

The weather in Samos during this month is still warm and pleasant, with a light breeze adding to the comfortable climate. It’s a perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and exploring beautiful landscapes. While the days are warm, the evenings can be slightly cooler.

Kos: Never-ending Sunshine

The average sunshine hours in Kos during this month are around 9 hours per day, providing ample time for sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful coastal areas. The weather in Kos is still warm and pleasant, making it a perfect time to relax on the beaches and visit historical sites.

View of Kokkari fishing village with beautiful beach, Samos island, Greece

What to Pack for Greece in September according to the weather

It’s advisable to pack lightweight clothing, sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle for day and night activities.

Essential Clothing for Day and Night

For daytime activities and beach days, pack lightweight and breathable clothing. Go for beachwear such as swimsuits, cover-ups, and sarongs. Pair them with comfortable sandals or flip-flops for a relaxed and casual look.

For evenings, especially if you plan on dining at restaurants or exploring the nightlife, pack some dressier options. Lightweight dresses or skirts with blouses are a great choice for women, while men can wear lightweight trousers and collared shirts. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.

Comfortable shoes are a must for walking and exploring Greece. Pack a pair of comfortable sandals or sneakers that you can wear for long periods without discomfort.

Must-have Accessories

Essential accessories like sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, lightweight clothing, sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, comfortable shoes, and a beach bag.

Aerial drone view of Fokos beach on Mykonos island, Greece.

Best Activities to Enjoy based on the weather in Greece in September

In September, Greece offers a plethora of activities to indulge in. The pleasant weather sets the perfect backdrop for exploring ancient historical sites like the Acropolis. Why not attend cultural festivals and local events, or partake in water sports with warm sea temperatures in coastal areas?

Outdoor Adventures and Water Sports

With warm sea temperatures and sunshine hours still plentiful, it’s the perfect time to indulge in activities like snorkeling, diving, or sailing along the picturesque coastlines. The Greek islands, including popular destinations like Crete and Mykonos, beckon visitors with their crystal-clear waters and idyllic beaches, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. For the more adventurous at heart, exploring caves or taking a kayak tour around the coastline.

Cultural Festivals and Local Events

During this month, you can immerse yourself in the rich Greek heritage through various celebrations across the country. From music festivals to traditional dances, and art exhibitions to theatrical performances, there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of the most famous events is the Athens Epidaurus Festival, featuring ancient dramas staged in historic theaters. Additionally, the International Fair of Thessaloniki in northern Greece is a prominent trade fair combined with cultural festivities, showcasing the region’s economic and cultural developments.

Culinary Tours and Wine Tasting

Pair your meals with exceptional local wines, as September is the perfect time to savor the renowned Greek varietals amidst the idyllic settings of vineyards and olive groves. Experience the essence of Greek hospitality through its cuisine and wines, creating unforgettable moments during your September travels.

In conclusion, the weather in Greece in September offers a delightful blend of warm days and comfortable evenings, making it an ideal time to explore its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture. From beach weather in Milos to a light breeze in Samos, each location presents unique experiences for travelers. Remember to pack essential clothing and accessories for day and night activities. Engage in outdoor adventures, cultural festivals, and culinary tours to make the most of your trip. Greece in September promises an incredible journey filled with memorable moments and pleasant surprises.

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