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Exotic, romantic, crowded, or isolated, the beaches of Ikaria are unique… Here you will read about 4 of them where a dip in their waters is a real experience and one more…The most exotic beach not only in Ikaria but in Greece, the famous Seychelles Beach!

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Mesakti Beach - Ikaria Island

Mesakti Beach – Ikaria Island Photo Credit: Vasiliki Theodoridou

Mesakti Beach

One of the best and most famous beaches on the island that you should not miss! With a view of the beautiful little church of the Ascension in the little port of Gialiskari. It is very long, crowded, and has fine golden sand. Also ideal for small children. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while in the summer there is also a beach bar that serves cold drinks and snacks.

Access to the beach is by going down several steps from the main asphalt road where one can leave their private vehicle.

Armenistis Village in northern Ikaria Photo Credit: de:User:Man77

Armenistis Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the north side of the island. It is located in a very touristic resort, Armenistis. It is a small cove with a few umbrellas.

Access is easy by private transport or the local bus on the island’s main asphalt road. A short distance from the beach, there are many shops, restaurants, cafes, and accommodations.


Livadi Beach – Ikaria Island Photo Credit: Exploring Greece TV

Livadi Beach

It is also located in the Northern part of the island, near Armenistis. One of the best on the island, with golden sand along its entire length, which small children love! The nice atmosphere at the beach is completed by the lush vegetation that surrounds the beach and the small lake that forms a small stream that reaches from the mountain.

The beach is busy, organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while in the summer months there is also a snack bar on the beach. It is also suitable for water sports. Behind the beach stretch many accommodations and restaurants that welcome numerous visitors.

Access to the beach is from the central asphalt road where one can leave their private vehicle and walk to the beach.

Nas Beach Ikaria

Nas Beach – Ikaria Island Photo Credit: adamansel52

Nas Beach

On the north side of the island is the beach of Nas. It is a small beach near the village of Armenistis with coarse sand and small pebbles. The water deepens sharply. When it blows from the north, waves develop with very dangerous currents for swimmers. On the back side of the beach, there is dense vegetation with a small river.

Of the most beautiful coasts of Ikaria, Nas is rightfully among the most popular beaches on the island. You will find him in a magical location near the village of Armenistis. Specifically at the point where the Chalaris River joins the sea. Its sandy and pebbly coast are surrounded by dense vegetation, waterfalls, and springs, while the picturesque landscape is completed by the historical ruins of a temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis, which you will see at one end of the beach.

To swim against the background of this unusual scenery you have to go down a few steps. A descent that will be rewarded by the beauty you will see. The “Gyros ton Rahon”, one of the most picturesque routes of Ikaria, ends at Nas beach. Here you can also do nudism. After your bath, you can enjoy local delicacies with a view of the Halaris gorge in the taverns that are built on the edge of a cliff. They are almost hanging from the rocks. At the same point, you will also find accommodation, if you want to stay in this picturesque location.

If you happen to be here at sunset, the picture you will see will be unforgettable.

seychelles beach ikaria

And now for the most exotic beach in Greece!

But there is another beach in Ikaria that is characterized as the most exotic beach in Greece, and this fact is also evidenced by its name!

The reason for the Seychelles of Ikaria with the impressive granite rocks that create wonderful underwater caves, the white sand and pebbles, and the deep blue waters! By just hearing its name, the visitor prepares for the scene he will face… A magical landscape, wild, pure, utterly charming.

The Seychelles beach which deservedly earns a place in the list of the most beautiful Greek beaches was created… by accident! Several years ago, specifically in 1985, from the rockslide during the opening of a tunnel to create a road to and from the village of Magganitis. The rocks tumbled into the water and over the years the water did its work.

The truth is that no photo and no description can capture the magic and the unique beauty, so pack your bags and go on vacation in Ikaria.

Seychelles Beach - Icaria

Seychelles Beach – Ikaria Island Photo Credit: Vasiliki Theodoridou

How to get to Seychelles Beach

Access to the beach is only on foot after a 20-minute walk from the main road, through a difficult path. Or, by water taxi from the port of Magganitis.

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