7 Reasons Santorini should be your Honeymoon Island!


In our romantic article, we are giving you 7 wonderful reasons for Santorini to be the island to visit for your beloved honeymoon. We also have a few more intriguing options in the end…

Santorini has become one of Europe’s favorite destinations for couples and newlyweds and you can explore it with Greece Insiders. The volcanic Greek island in the Aegean has beaches, idyllic villages, fun activities, remote getaways, great restaurants, fruity wines, beautiful hotels, and great views to enjoy with your spouse.

Houses carved into the rocks, terraces that rest on cliffs, on the solidified lava. The volcano, the ‘architect’ of Santorini, determined the uniqueness of the land. When you set foot on the island you think you are in an earthly paradise! Is it the air of the island? Its beaches? The inhabitants of the island? Is it their calm and carefree lifestyle? Perhaps it’s the food? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything!

Take a look at our article with the 7 ideas for a honeymoon in Santorini and we know that you’ll want it to be the first destination you visit as a married couple!

Eros Beach in Santorini - honeymoon in santorini

Eros beach, Santorini Photo Credit: Laurent Brudner

Visit the beach of Eros

Eros is the Greek god of sensual love and desire. Of course, then, Eros beach is one of the most romantic in Santorini. It is located on the south coast and is close enough to the beach of Vlychada so that the two points are often combined as one coast. You will find the typical black, pebble sand of Santorini, but here it is supported by pure white rocks. Being at the end of a dusty route about 10 km from Fira, and without public transport routes there, it is a quiet and secluded spot. There is a luxury beach club on the beach of Vlychada, but Eros has nothing but sand and open space. The waters here are clear and cool, but deep deep deep.

Cable Car Santorini - honeymoon in santorini blog

Santorini Cable Car Photo Credit: Wesley & Brandon Rosenblum

Take the cable car under the rock

The area of ​​the Old Port, under the rock from Fira, hosts a good selection of tourist boat companies and many wonderful restaurants. Fortunately, you do not have to go down the long stairs with shallow steps to get there. And most importantly, you do not need to climb it on the way back. The cable car of Santorini offers you a fantastic view of the caldera as you go up or down 220 meters between Fira and the Old Port. Tickets are quite inexpensive, cost about € 6 for adults and a half for children.

santorini cruise - honemoon in santorini blog

Cruising in the Caldera

Take a cruise on the Caldera

With its clear cliffs and steep islands, Santorini Caldera is a beautiful place to explore. It is recommended to book a boat tour, as it offers you a unique view and the opportunity to approach some of the most interesting places. Most excursions will allow you to swim in the hot springs created by volcanic air ducts. You can also make a route to the top of the volcano and mud at the springs. It is a huge outdoor spa.

hear of santorini - honeymoon in santorini blog

See the heart of Santorini

The heart of Santorini is a hole in a heart-shaped rock located on its side. It is a charming sight that creates a wonderful setting for a view of the caldera. As a bonus, is not so widely known, so the chances of being alone with your partner are high. You can find it heading west from the village of Megalochori, following the path to the small church of Agios Nikolaos.

wine tasting santorini - honeymoon blog

Wine Tasting

Take a wine tasting tour

Winemaking in Santorini dates back to at least 1200 BC, with some evidence suggesting that the industry began 500 years before that. The grapes grow, protected from strong winds and hard volcanic sand. The native white Assyrtiko grape is the most commonly grown here and produces an extremely dry wine with a citrus, earthy taste.

santorini sunset - honeymoon blog

Oia Sunset

Watch the sunset with your partner

Santorini is famous for its stunning sunsets, with the orange glow of the last light of day staining the whitewashed walls of the village houses. There are many fantastic places to enjoy the spectacle, with the most famous and most popular being Oia. Some of the more romantic options include Akrotiri Lighthouse, Franco’s Café in Pyrgos, and Skaros Rock near Imerovigli. Wherever you choose, it is best to get there early to get a seat.

andronis restaurant santorini - honeymoon santorini blog

Restaurant in Oia Santorini overlooking the Caldera


Great food with a view

The selection of first-class restaurants in Santorini is amazing. Most offer great views of the caldera and usually serve Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Unsurprisingly, fresh seafood is a common feature on many menus here as well. Be sure to book a table in advance, as all of these places are very popular.

Would you like for us to combine your honeymoon to Santorini with the nearby Cycladic Islands? Maybe island hop to the Sporades? If so, below are a few of our suggestions!

mykonos island - honeymoon in santorini blog

mykonos island


Can Mykonos be romantic? And yet, she can be! We all know the side of Mykonos with the frantic parties and celebrities walking in the alleys. However, has anyone tried to discover the other side of the island? Away from the loud music and the famous catwalk of the girls with the evening make-up on the beaches and the bars? Therefore, it’s time to get to know the wonderful romantic side of Mykonos. Take your partner and have breakfast at Cine Manto in Chora, in its lush garden, which locals love. Finally, take walks on the island and swim on calm beaches, such as Plati Gialos, Panormos, and Agios Sostis, to stay alone away from prying eyes.

milos island - honeymoon in santorini blog

Milos Island


With unique lunar landscapes, Milos is an island of exotic beauty is different from the rest of the Cyclades. We welcome you, to the island where the Aphrodite of Milos was discovered. Volcanic rocks paint the rocks on the beaches in many colors. The historic catacombs. The exotic beaches. The colorful Klima village. Emporio and Mandrakia villages with the cave buildings for the boats. Moreover, from a tourist point of view, Milos is of great interest and has all the infrastructure that will make the visitor spend an unforgettable vacation. Among the advantages of Milos are the good food, many beautiful beaches, the traditional settlements, and the various activities. Furthermore, its beaches are some of the most beautiful in the Cyclades: Paleochori, Fyri Plaka, Tsigrado, Plathiena. Yellow, orange, red, and dazzling white rocks are combined with green and turquoise waters!

skiathos island - santorini honemoon blog

Skiathos Island


Come and travel to the cosmopolitan Sporades, one of the liveliest destinations in Greece. If you want to include dives on beautiful beaches, walks in picturesque alleys, but also intense nightlife thus combining peace, tranquility, and fun, then Skiathos is the island for you! Initially, walking in the city of Skiathos, the cobbled streets, the whitewashed houses with tiles, the picturesque port secured by four green islands, and the beautiful Bourtzi will enchant you. Finally, the island has over 60 exquisite blue beaches with their beautiful crystal-clear embrace, which you will not be able to easily leave!

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