Last-Minute August 15th Destinations

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In a little over a week the biggest celebration of the summer, August 15th is arriving. We have found the top Greek destinations to travel to last minute. Some are the most popular and expected destinations, and whether we like it or not, they cannot not be on our list. Others are a little more unforeseen and unexpected but as equally wonderful.

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Which Greek destination is your favorite to celebrate on August 15th?

Mykonos Island, Cyclades

The island that we would send even our alien friends to if they ever came to our part of the world. Mykonos promises to give you unforgettable moments of fun, ensuring an ideal holiday for every taste. Beautiful beaches, some calm others not, endless clubbing, colorful cocktails, and ethereal beings, make Mykonos the absolute must for this summer as well. Especially on August 15, when the island is flooded with people and celebrities.

Luxury Yachts Between Tourkou Ammos and Monastiri Beach on Paros - greece insiders blog

Paros Island, Cyclades

A distant cousin of Mykonos, Paros easily wins over the visitor with its deep blue beaches, whitewashed houses, narrow cobbled streets, and plenty of options for night (and morning) entertainment. It is one of the islands that in its 195 square kilometers has managed to fit as much as all the Cyclades “fit” together. Mountain and seaside villages, quiet, alternative, and cosmopolitan harbors, sandy and pebbly beaches, green and rocky slopes, ancient history and sights, culture and civilization, but above all warm, welcoming locals with smiling faces.

Mikri Vigla Beach in Naxos

Naxos Island, Cyclades

The largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades, fertile and rich, with waters, mountains, and greenery, confirms the myth that it is blessed by the god Dionysus. Naxos Town and the capital of the island will impress you with its unique beauty, while lovers of swimming and water sports will discover the beaches of their dreams. The most popular of all is that of Agios Georgios, located a breath away from Chora. Its characteristic is the endless golden sandy beach and the shallow waters.

Santorini Island, Cyclades

The island is a destination as worthy as few. Perhaps because it is a place that combines fun with relaxation and adventure. As Elytis had written in Ode to Santorini “Bitter stone, tested, lofty”. A phrase that succinctly and fully describes the character of this island. Santorini is world-famous for its Caldera, its enchanting sunset, and its wonderful colored beaches. It has wild natural beauty, unique locations, and cliffs that look almost primitive and contribute to the mysterious atmosphere of the island.

Lefkada Beach

Lefkada Island, Eptanisa

Between Corfu and Kefalonia, lies the picturesque and beautiful Lefkada, an easily accessible island thanks to a bridge of only 50 meters that connects it to mainland Greece. Peaceful but at the same time cosmopolitan, the island offers something for everyone, regardless of origin or age. Enchanting sandy beaches surround the mountainous pine landscape with steep slopes that win over even the most demanding visitor.


Euboea Island, Attica

It ranks second in size, after Crete, and is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Its beauties are many and across the entire length of the island, giving it a spectacular image by all who happen to visit it. It has rich vegetation both in its mountainous and lowland areas and its beaches are one of its undoubted assets. Whichever part of it you visit, you will see for yourself.

Peloponnese, Mainland Greece

A favorite destination for all last-minute excursions since it is suitable for weekend getaways. In the Peloponnese, one can find everything: beautiful mountains. clear blue seas, vibrant cities, picturesque villages, lakes, and rivers. Its history reflects in its archaeological sites, and bustling resorts however, it has several quiet, hidden corners.

Nafplio Town

In less than two hours from Athens, we are in Nafplio, one of the most historic cities in Greece, which is par excellence the “weekend destination” for the Athenians.

Porto Cheli Town

In Porto Cheli, another popular location in the Peloponnese, you will enjoy the clear blue waters of St. Emilianou with the picturesque little church as well as the beautiful Hinitsa, Ververonda, and Kosta with their clear blue and transparent waters.

Aegina Island, Argosaronic

Another must nearby – island this time – is the island of Aegina. Aegina combines beautiful landscapes, interesting sights, and intense nightlife. In addition, picturesque villages, archaeological sites, and tourist resorts make up the image of an island that is anything but one-dimensional.

Hydra Island, Argosaronic

Only 2-3 hours away from the port of Piraeus, accessible from the Peloponnese coast, the beautiful and cosmopolitan Hydra is an ideal destination for your short getaways from Athens. The mansions – remnants of the economic strength of the island at the end of the 19th century – dominate the visitor’s gaze and willingly teach him the peculiarities of an architecture that, due to its proximity to the land, combines island and continental elements.

It is one of the only places in the world where all wheeled vehicles, including bicycles, are prohibited. The only vehicles in circulation are three garbage trucks belonging to the Municipality. People move around, as well as transport goods with horses and donkeys. Around 3000 people live permanently on the island, which increases during the summer. With the speedboats – taxis from the port you can visit seaside locations and beaches. These beaches will drastically change your opinion about the beaches of Argosaronic. A typical example is Agios Nikolaos with its crystal-clear waters.

Ouranoupoli - Halkidiki - feature image

Halkidiki, Macedonia

We proceed north and reach the land of Halkidiki. Attracting a significant number of tourists, Halkidiki has a unique nature to show. With secluded coves, crystal clear sea, beautiful islets, and villages with remarkable traditional architecture. Its characteristic is that it combines mountain and sea, peace and intense nightlife, ancient history and modern life. Among its most beautiful beaches are Paradisos, Kavourotrypes, Linaraki in Sykia, Tristinika, Marathias, Kalamitsi, Kriaritsi, etc. On the eastern coast of the Kassandra peninsula, we find Psllini Beach. It’s in front of the sea and surrounded by green gardens.

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