The Best Cyclades Islands in May

Daring to dip your toe in the sea while planning for summer vacations. Taking long walks on paved cobbled streets, with the sun setting behind freshly whitewashed houses. The rehearsal of our summer. Introducing the spring Cyclades to visit in May.


Away from the crowds of the 15th of August, Tinos is a wonderful Cycladic Island, with so many beauties that you cannot manage to squeeze in a weekend. Tinos has fantastic beaches with water so sparkly it looks fake, and a fascinating hinterland that creates a natural dilemma of what to visit first. First, go to Kardiani between plane trees and running water? Then to Volax with the background of the lunar landscape of the spooky rocks that embrace it, and the valleys with the doves that stretch around it? Or maybe Kalloni under stone arches and between flowered courtyards? But what about Pyrgos? If it were not a village, it could very well be an open-air museum of traditional architecture and sculpture.

andros island


As it is the greenest of the Cyclades, spring could only fit like a glove. The paths of Andros, which meander between idyllic gorges and running waters, are at their best at this time of year. Moreover, its Chora, which is one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades, is covered in orchards and plane trees. Finally, Korthi and Stenies villages with their beautiful mansions will leave you in awe.

Syros Island


You may know already that Syros is not famous for its beaches, especially as it belongs to a group of islands with magical waters. As there is some truth to that, there is a side to Syros that is extremely unique and breathtaking. Syros is an island made to be visited in Spring. Take spring walks among the colorful mansions of Ermoupolis, drink ouzo by the sea, go on spectacular routes with stunning vistas, and sightsee in museums like the one that tells the life of Markos Vamvakaris, and its local cuisine is no doubt one of the best Cyclades cuisines.

Sifnos Island


Probably the best cuisine of the Cyclades. One of the liveliest Chores in the Cyclades. A super romantic old capital called Kastro overlooks one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Aegean. And among all these, Sifnos boasts long sandy beaches, pebble coves, and shallow waters for families to have peace of mind, but also secret beaches for couples and hermits.

Tzia - Kea Island


Paths that connect beautiful Cycladic villages, mysterious ancient cities, and beaches with waters that shimmer in the light of the spring sun. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Tzia – even more than her beautiful Chora, Ioulida, or the cosmopolitan Vourkari, which so unfairly loaded the label of the expensive island. Walking under the bright light of the skin-friendly spring sun, and give it a chance to prove to you that it is much more than the “island of yachts”.

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