Getting to know Greece Insiders: Who we are & How we Work

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At Greece Insiders we take pride in tailoring unforgettable, carefree travel experiences for you and your loved ones, taking care of all the details on your behalf so that you do not worry about anything.

Sit back and relax and leave the planning to us. All you have to do is have a fabulous time!

Why work with us?

Working with us, you’ll notice that “attention to detail” is our middle name! All experiences have been carefully thought out and co-designed with trusted partners all over the country; Rest assured that you will be in good hands throughout your trip.

We continuously re-evaluate and improve our services as we strive to deliver immaculate experiences. To do that, we offer honest advice and tailor-made recommendations based on your needs and desires and with your best interests in mind, rather than what “sells”.

Moreover, we offer amazing off-the-beaten-path experiences or famous ones but with an authentic twist. As such, you can enjoy the highlights while avoiding tourist traps.

Who are our Local Partners?

To offer the best experiences, we take great care to select the best local partners, who share the same values with us, while being effective in terms of field specialization, license requirements, appropriate insurance coverage and seasonal availability.

In addition, we evaluate our collaboration with each partner every new season to ensure our standards are being met, checking whether the quality & originality of services coincide with our requirements, and then taking into account our travelers’ reviews and feedback, very crucial for us.

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses

How do we work?


After years of careful inspections, our hotel partners are all hand-picked, offering top services, breakfast always included. Having worked together for quite some time now, we’ve developed personal relationships with hotel managers and GMs, giving us peace of mind that our guests will be treated as we expect. Central locations, local character and a personal touch to hospitality are guaranteed!


Let’s be honest, efficiency is a huge part of your trip. This is a once in a lifetime trip for you, and you have limited time. It’s important that we don’t waste it with complicated travel. Therefore, we take care of booking all your domestic transports with the best and most secure airlines and ferries. We also take it one step further and complete the check-in process on your behalf and send your boarding passes. For our private transfers, we only work with experienced, professional English-speaking drivers. They are punctual and happy to assist with anything, while their vehicles are spotless and brand-new. If on the other hand, you prefer to rent a car, we collaborate with renowned car rental companies with a modern fleet, consistently maintained, incl. basic insurance.

Experiences/guided tours

Having already stated the importance of quality and originality, we now want to focus on our most important asset, our tour guides. State licensed and trained, vastly experienced, deeply knowledgeable in various fields, and with a great deal of empathy, they share knowledge, insights and local trivia in a friendly and engaging manner to adults, teens, children of all ages! Our guides are the best, and we constantly receive stellar reviews that can attest to that.

Trip plan/Itinerary

A couple of weeks before you arrive in Greece; you will receive from us a very detailed trip itinerary. It will include all the important info you need, such as pick-up/meeting times and locations, contact details of drivers/guides, booking reference numbers, maps, and local tips like restaurants and beaches, suggestions for shopping and site seeing in your free time.

What about traveler support while in Greece?

Security and comfort is another significant matter. Two magic words for you: Traveler Support.

We have a dedicated Traveler Support team, field – trained, showcasing high empathy and troubleshooting skills.

We also have all the modern tools to help our travelers in a fast, efficient, and accurate way, using a CRM Travel Database with multiple cross-communication channels to support our customers (24/7 emergency line, WhatsApp, Viber, and Email).

We guarantee fast response times and immediate assistance.

Overall, it is a blessing for us to make you experience our beautiful country through our eyes. Our company is small, but our work ethic and professionalism are huge, while we always aspire to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

Are you ready to become a true Greece Insider? Feel free to challenge us!

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