Greece with Kids Guide: Ultimate Family Trip

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Greece for Families

Traveling in Greece with kids is a delight. From toddlers to teens, children are adored, and you’ll feel like you’re with tiny celebrities. Kid-loving yia yias (grandmas) and friendly hotel staff will make your little ones feel special.

Greece is a great family destination with its sunny islands, ancient ruins, and warm culture. When planning, consider the best time to visit, family-friendly accommodations, and safety tips. For a less crowded and more affordable trip, consider visiting Greece with kids during the shoulder seasons of April to June or September to October.

This guide will help you plan the ultimate family trip to Greece.

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Your Ultimate Guide to a Family Trip in Greece

Greece is a wonderful place for a family holiday with its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and friendly culture. When planning your trip, you have many options. Island hopping is a great way to see different Greek islands and enjoy their unique charm.

The family friendly Greek islands offer many experiences for families. Santorini is famous for its stunning sunsets and blue-domed churches. Mykonos is known for its lively nightlife and lovely beaches. Naxos, Paros, and Milos have sandy beaches and clear waters, making them perfect for families. Exploring the Cyclades islands is a must.

Crete, the largest Greek island, is fantastic for families. It has historical sites like the Palace of Knossos and beautiful beaches. Rhodes is another great option with its charming old town and Aegean beaches. Lefkada is known for water sports and beaches, while Paxos offers a quieter, relaxed atmosphere.

For ancient ruins, mainland Greece is amazing. Athens is a must-visit with its iconic Acropolis and museum. The Peloponnese region has lots of history, like the ancient theater of Epidaurus and the archaeological museum in Olympia.

The best time to visit Greece is in the summer (June to August) for warm weather and inviting waters. For smaller crowds and pleasant weather, consider visiting in the spring or fall, especially with young children.

Greece is a fantastic family destination with a mix of history, beautiful landscapes, and a welcoming culture.

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Planning Your Family Greek Adventure: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to make your family trip to Greece even more enjoyable.

Plan your trip during the shoulder season or off-season to avoid crowds and high prices. This way, you can explore attractions and enjoy beaches more peacefully.

Renting a car is a good idea if you plan to visit different islands or historical sites. It gives you the flexibility to travel at your own pace and find hidden gems. Just check the driving rules in Greece before renting.

Pack light and bring a baby carrier instead of a stroller for young children. The uneven streets and lack of sidewalks can make strollers hard to use. Also, be prepared for limited facilities like ramps and changing rooms in remote areas.

Following these tips will help you have a fantastic Greek adventure with your family.

Choosing the Best Time to Visit Greece with Children

The best time to visit Greece with kids depends on what your family likes. If you want sunny days and warm waters for swimming, visit during the peak season from June to September. There are plenty of family-friendly activities and facilities available. Just remember, it can be crowded and more expensive. If you prefer fewer crowds and lower prices, visit during the shoulder seasons of April to June or September to October. The weather is still nice, and you can enjoy the beaches without the peak season hustle.

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Top Destinations for Families in Greece

When planning a family vacation in Greece, there are several great destinations for all ages. Island hopping in the Cyclades offers beautiful spots like Santorini, famous for its sunsets, and family-friendly beaches in Paros and Naxos. Crete, the largest Greek island, is perfect for exploring ancient ruins and enjoying great swimming. Each island has its own charm, from historical sites to sandy beaches ideal for kids. Consider renting a car to explore off the beaten track and enjoy the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. Greece offers diverse locations that promise a memorable family trip.

Island hopping in the Cyclades – Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos, Naxos, Milos, Paros

Exploring the Cyclades on a family vacation offers a variety of experiences. Santorini is famous for its stunning sunsets, while Mykonos is known for its lively atmosphere. Sifnos has great beaches and traditional villages, perfect for a relaxed family holiday. Naxos offers sandy shores and historical sites like the Portara, ideal for kids. Milos has picturesque landscapes and Shipwreck Beach, and Paros provides activities from water sports to ancient ruins. Island hopping in the Cyclades guarantees a memorable adventure for the whole family.


Crete, the largest Greek island, has a wide range of activities for families. Explore ancient ruins, enjoy great swimming spots, and visit historical sights like the archaeological museum and the old town of Chania. Families can relax on sandy beaches or try water sports along the south coast. With warm waters and beautiful views, Crete is a fantastic family destination, offering a mix of history, great food, and relaxing beaches.


Lefkada is ideal for families looking for a peaceful retreat. Known for its pristine beaches and clear waters, the island offers a serene atmosphere away from tourist crowds. Explore charming villages, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, and try water sports suitable for all ages. Visit Egremni Beach and Porto Katsiki Beach for amazing family adventures. This island ensures a relaxing escape for your family vacation.


Lefkada stands out as a gem for families seeking a tranquil retreat. Known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, this island offers a serene atmosphere away from the bustling tourist crowds. Lefkada boasts a perfect blend of natural beauty and traditional charm, providing a relaxed setting for a family holiday. You can explore the charming villages, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, and indulge in water sports activities suitable for all ages. Consider visiting the breathtaking Egremni Beach and the famous Porto Katsiki Beach for amazing family adventures amidst stunning landscapes. Lefkada ensures a peaceful and rejuvenating escape for your family vacation in Greece.


Paxos is a quiet gem in the Ionian Sea, perfect for families seeking a tranquil holiday. The island has crystal-clear waters for swimming and snorkeling, and its lush landscapes and charming villages offer a peaceful retreat. Explore hidden coves, dine at seaside tavernas, and enjoy the slow-paced island life. With ferry access from Corfu, Paxos is a top choice for a laid-back family getaway. Relax on Paxos’ idyllic shores and make lasting memories with your loved ones.


Zakynthos is an enchanting island in the Ionian Sea, offering a mix of nature and culture for families. Visit the stunning Shipwreck Beach with its clear waters and golden sands. Explore the Byzantine Museum or take a boat tour to see loggerhead sea turtles. Zakynthos’ beautiful landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for family outings and exploration, making it a must-visit destination in Greece with kids.

A scenic coastal town with a hilltop castle overlooking a bay, featuring blue waters and a shoreline with greenery in the foreground.


Corfu is a beautiful Greek island perfect for family vacations. Explore its archaeological museum and historical sites with kids of all ages. Enjoy sandy beaches and warm waters, ideal for swimming. The delicious food and rich history offer a great experience for everyone. Visit outside peak season to avoid crowds and make the most of your trip. Renting a car makes it easy to explore the island’s hidden gems. Corfu is a fantastic place to relax and create lasting family memories.


Kos is a lovely Greek island in the Aegean Sea, great for family holidays. It has sandy beaches and ancient ruins that both young and older kids will love. Visit historical sites like the Asclepeion and the Castle of the Knights. Enjoy swimming and water sports in the warm sea. For a fun day, see the Tree of Hippocrates and enjoy Greek food at local tavernas. Kos offers a peaceful and enriching experience for the whole family.


Lesbos is a peaceful Greek island perfect for a family getaway. It has stunning beaches like Eresos Beach and charming villages like Molyvos. Explore Petra village for its great swimming spots. Lesbos also has historical sites and archaeological treasures, blending education with fun. With warm waters, beautiful views, and a relaxed atmosphere, Lesbos is a hidden gem for a family vacation.

The Peloponnese

The Peloponnese region is a fantastic spot for families exploring Greece. It offers historical sites, beautiful beaches, and authentic Greek experiences. Visit ancient ruins like Mycenae and Olympia. The region has charming seaside towns with great swimming spots. Don’t miss Monemvasia, a medieval castle town. The Peloponnese offers off-the-beaten-track adventures away from crowds.


Athens is great for families interested in ancient history. There are so many things to do in Athens like, visit the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. Explore archaeological museums and historical sites. Walk through the old town for a mix of fun and education. Consider a day trip to the nearby island of Aegina. September has mild weather and fewer crowds, perfect for family trips. Choose family-friendly accommodations and enjoy kid-friendly Greek cuisine. Athens blends culture and recreation, making it a must-visit for families.


Thessaloniki, a vibrant city in northern Greece, combines ancient history and modern life. Visit the Archaeological Museum, the White Tower, and Rotunda. Enjoy the bustling waterfront, lively markets, and picturesque squares. Try local cuisine at family-friendly restaurants. Take a day trip to nearby beaches on the south coast. Thessaloniki offers a balance of cultural exploration and leisure for the whole family.

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Activities for Kids in Greece

Embark on a journey where Greek mythology comes alive, captivating kids with ancient tales at historical sites and archaeological museums. Engage in beach days on the sandy shores, offering great swimming and water sports suitable for every age. Consider Greek cooking classes, fostering family bonds through a delectable culinary experience. From exploring the Acropolis to the wonders of shipwreck beach, Greece provides a perfect mix of fun and education for the whole family. Whether your little ones are into ancient ruins or simply frolicking on the warm Aegean Sea coast, Greece offers an array of activities catering to both young and older children. Excursions to smaller islands off the beaten track or a day trip to explore the mainland’s rich history are not to be missed.

Mythology Comes Alive: Sites and Tours

Take your kids on a journey through Greek mythology at historical sites and museums. Visit the Acropolis in Athens or the ancient ruins of Delphi, where they can learn about gods and heroes. Interactive tours make these stories come alive, sparking their imaginations. Don’t miss the Acropolis Museum for artifacts and sculptures that reveal ancient Greece’s rich history. Walking through these legendary places creates unforgettable family memories.

Beach Days and Water Sports for Every Age

Greece’s beaches are perfect for family fun. The warm Aegean Sea is great for swimming, and kids can enjoy building sandcastles or trying water activities like paddleboarding and snorkeling. Older kids and teens can try windsurfing or jet skiing for more excitement. Explore hidden coves, relax on sandy shores, or join guided water sports excursions. Whether swimming, sunbathing, or having water adventures, Greece’s coastline offers endless fun for the whole family.

Greek Cooking Classes for Family Bonding

Join Greek cooking classes for a fun family activity that dives into local culture. Learn to make traditional dishes like moussaka and souvlaki together. Kids can help with age-appropriate tasks, making it an educational experience too. The delicious Mediterranean flavors and fresh ingredients will make these classes a highlight of your trip, creating lasting memories of your time in Greece.

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Choosing Family-Friendly Accommodation: What to look for

When picking family-friendly places to stay in Greece, prioritize locations close to kid-friendly spots like sandy beaches and water sports. Look for resorts or villas with spacious rooms or interconnected units for convenience. Choose accommodations with childcare services, kids’ clubs, or entertainment facilities to keep kids entertained. Ensure the property has good safety measures and pools suitable for all ages. Family-friendly dining options and menus that cater to kids are a plus. Staying near historical sites or museums can add an educational touch to your trip. Accommodations with family suites or apartments offer plenty of space for a comfortable stay.

Eating Out in Greece with Kids: Discovering Kid-Friendly Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is a treat for the whole family when vacationing with kids. Enjoy traditional dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, gyros, and Greek salads that cater to all ages. Choose family-friendly restaurants with welcoming atmospheres and child-friendly menus. Introduce your kids to Greek cuisine, including delicious desserts like baklava. Embrace the local food culture for a memorable dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find baby essentials in Greece?

Yes, you can find baby essentials in Greece. Supermarkets and pharmacies stock a range of baby products, including diapers, formula, baby food, and toiletries. You can easily find these essentials in most towns and cities.

Are there kid-friendly beaches in Greece?

Yes, Greece has many kid-friendly beaches with sandy shores and shallow waters. Making it safe and enjoyable for kids to play and swim. These beaches are often equipped with facilities such as lifeguards and beach amenities.

What are the safety concerns for families traveling in Greece?

Travelers in Greece should be cautious of pickpocketing in crowded tourist areas. Also, be wary of traffic when crossing streets. Stay informed about local regulations and emergency procedures.

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