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Summer is everyone’s favorite season, especially for a family who is seeking the best family vacation. Therefore, we propose our selection of the 10 best Greek islands for families. Read the article below and find out where you can dive in clear waters, play games on sandy beaches, take historical excursions to villages and settlements and gain experiences that will accompany you in winter. After all, all these elements are an integral part of the daily agenda for an ideal family vacation in Greece!

Let’s dive into the 10 best Greek islands for families:

Mikri Vigla Beach in Naxos

Mikri Vigla Beach in Naxos

Naxos: The ‘Great Lady’ of the Cyclades

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades, and it is chosen mainly by families. Why? Because of the numerous options of sites to visit and flavors to taste. But also, because it has sandy, organized beaches and great options for evening entertainment. It is, therefore, a destination that combines many possibilities, while it also has some beautiful mountain villages, Apeiranthos and Filoti, for your afternoon walks. Next to Chora is the lively Ag. Georgios, with the golden sandy beach, while a few kilometers further are the organized beaches of Ag. Anna and Ag. Prokopis, with the thick sand and the crystal-clear waters.

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skiathos island - santorini honemoon blog

Skiathos Island

Skiathos: The Cosmopolitan Island of the North

There are many descriptions that one may read about Skiathos. Nonetheless, it is an island with incomparable beauty that combines dense vegetation, blue shores, and intense nightlife. However, ‘the island with the pink beaches’, as described by the ‘local’ Greek author Papadiamantis is the most appropriate. The island, it is true, has many and very beautiful beaches. The strange thing is that it has only one settlement, that of Chora, and no other village, as is usually the case on most islands. Take your family on a boat trip to the world-famous Lalaria beach, and enjoy the fantastic waters. Finally, go to the heavenly beach of Koukounaries where you can enjoy the water sports apart from the beautiful waters. We know that you will not be able to resist, and you will go more than once.

Aerial view of Naoussa - town in Paros - greece insiders blog

Aerial view of Naoussa – town in Paros

Paros: The island ideal for all ages

The beautiful Cycladic island, white as well as its marble – voted for years now as the best by various international tourism organizations – retains its charm and popularity over time, as it seems to harmoniously combine natural beauty, authentic experiences, gastronomy, activities, archeological sites, even mountainous villages. A typical example of Cycladic aesthetics, Paros welcomes many families every year, as it has some of the most ideal beaches for families with young children. In Naoussa, visit the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros will excite you with the alternative activities it offers. Other interesting suggestions for families are a bike ride in the alleys, a visit to the Butterfly Valley, and a walk in the museums of the island.

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ithaca island in greece - best greek island for families

Ithaca Island

Ithaca: The ‘shelter’ for quiet family vacations

It is offered for a quiet and alternative family vacation who appreciate tranquility, ancient history, but also love the sea. Ithaca has sparkling crystal clear waters that do the opposite of disappoint! Besides, it is not accidental that Ithaca dominates in a multitude of verses from Homer to Greek poets and authors such as Kavafi, Dinos Christianopoulos, and Manos Eleftheriou! Therefore, beyond the unforgettable hours, you can spend leafing through books, organize family excursions by car to nearby mountain villages, such as the green villages of Stavros and Pelikata, where you will find the ruins of the building that is said to be the palace of Odysseus.

The beaches offered for family swims on the island are undoubtedly the well-organized Filiatro, Sarakiniko beach, but also Skinos and Mnimata, where you will need to have your umbrellas. To have incredible fresh seafood head to the well-known fishing villages of Frikes and Kioni on the north side of the island.

Caretta Caretta turtles on zakynthos island

Loggerhead Turtle Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett

Zakynthos: With the ‘shipwreck’ and the Caretta-Caretta being the backdrop of all pictures

Hearing its name may bring to mind frantic parties in the bustling Laganas, but Zakynthos, or Fiore of Levante, is also a family island, with long, shallow sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters. These stunning waters will excite the children, which are excellent in terms of facilities. For nature lovers, there are many interesting inland walks to take in the afternoons when the sun isn’t so strong. Moreover, note that there is a water park, which will introduce the children to the world of the Caretta Caretta turtle, through games and interactive exhibitions.

Furthermore, you must visit the famous Blue Caves, which you will reach by boat from Skinari. While apart from the famous Shipwreck (where you go by boat) you can also have a fantastic time on the endless sandy beach of Gerakas where the cute turtles spend their day. Additionally, the sandy beach of Alykes offers many opportunities for water sports for when you feel like having fun. Finally, the emerald waters of Limnionas, where the rocky cliffs are a magnet for older children who love to show off by jumping!

Andros Island - best greek island to visit in april

Andros Island Chora

Andros: The ‘Captainess’ of the Aegean

The once cradle of the shipping community of Greece moves between elegant walks in the manorial alleys of Chora, where among the famous captain’s houses, you can see the church of Panagia Thalassini and the Statue of the Invisible Sailor. Sit also in taverns, where in addition to nice traditional food, you can let the children play in the fields, playgrounds, and small animal farms. Now in the beach portfolio of the island, you add the pre-eminently family beach of Chrysi Ammos with the shallow waters, the hidden cosmopolitan beach Achla, the cosmopolitan Batsi, and the cool Vitali with the green waters. For those who want to escape the conventional beaches, Andros has many natural springs such as Sariza, as well as scattered small waterfalls that adorn the most mountainous landscape of the island.


Armenistis Village in northern Ikaria Photo Credit: de:User:Man77

Ikaria: Where the centenarians enjoy life

The secret of longevity still holds well on this Greek island, where the sui generis lifestyle, the ‘pure’ Mediterranean diet and the general ‘culture’ of every local – where time flows slowly and steadily, so much so that you forget it… is the answer of how they are centenarians! Somehow the average age reaches 90 years, somehow it ranks in the top 5 areas with unusual life expectancy – worldwide and you must include it in your ‘best places to visit in Greece for families’ list. Its beaches are unusually beautiful, both for surfers and children engaged in water sports, you can swim even in the port, while the famous festivals attract like a magnet people of all ages in endless dances of all kinds, from traditional Ikarian up to waltz and children’s ‘reconstructed’ classic songs!

Our blog article, Icaria: the Blue Zone Island is all about longevity and a specific lifestyle that leads the inhabitants to live a long and happy life.

Southern Crete

Southern Crete

Crete: The largest island of Greece

What can one first say about this island? In a nutshell, Crete has endless golden beaches with the most turquoise waters that make you think that you’re in heaven. There are so many attractions to visit, and many villages to feel the famous Cretan hospitality. The cobbled alleys in Chania will make you fall in love with them and not get enough of the walks. Ideally, this island is intended for more than a week of vacation, to see many places without feeling like you are running to catch them all. Perfect for all tastes and ages, Crete is a must-visit island.

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citadel of corfu - fortress

Citadel of Corfu

Corfu: An all-time classic family choice

The island of Faiaka always remains a classic destination for all families who want to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Surely the whole family will enjoy their holidays. How? By diving into the beautiful beaches of the island suitable for children, such as Marathias, Prasoudi, Halikounas. Furthermore, Vidos Island, an environmental oasis opposite the city, will simply leave you speechless… Finally, a good idea to visit is the Aqualand Water Park for a day of fun!

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beach in lindos rhodes

Beach in Lindos, Rhodes

Rhodes: The island with the endless family activities

We are ending our top 10 best Greek islands for families list with Rhodes. Rhodes has endless sandy well-organized beaches and many with very fun water sports. Furthermore, Rhodes has numerous accommodation options that have many with great activities for children. Visit the unique Medieval City and allow yourself to travel in time. For a different experience, take your loved ones to the Valley of the Butterflies. Finally, a trip to Lindos along with all the archaeological sites is a must. Not only to get a bit of history in your itinerary but also to show your children unforgettable images.

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