Hydra Island

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Car-free and protected by preservation order, Hydra has always been the artists’ ‘muse’ of the Greek islands.

Hydra  Photo Credit: Greece Insiders


It’s widely known that the island found fame thanks to the Michael Cacoyannis film A Girl In Black. And today it’s still just as popular with the A-listers, having attracted the likes of Eric Clapton, Princess Di and even The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

But aside from its fame, Hydra is easily preferred among well off Greek families. Since there’s no cars, children are safe and can wander around limitlessly, often enjoying  a donkey ride while their parents drink their cocktails and watch Hydra’s lively picturesque port.

Hydra  Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Your children will be able to explore magical streets, colorful doors and mysterious paths covered with exotic floral smells.

Hydra differs from the Cyclades islands, so don’t expect white houses with blue doors and windows, or barren, dry landscape.

Hydra  Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Its architecture is clearly unique for the region with many art galleries and museums located in 18th century estates. Lazaros Koindouriotis museum is one of the best, with amazing interiors and intriguing objects on display from the islands maritime acme.

And thanks to its great naval and commercial activity, the island has centuries of economic growth.

Fishermen in Hydra  Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Less than two hours from Athens, it generally fills up with chic Greeks in the weekends who come down there mainly to relax and slow down but also to see and be seen, in what is an impeccable mix of glamour and tradition.

At Hydronetta beach bar there is a daily explosion of colors, almost musical during sunset. And who cares if there are nearly no sandy beaches? Find a sun soaked rock and dive into the clearest of waters. In general, beaches tend to be small coves rather than large stretches of sandy shores, so it can get crowded during peak season.

Photo Cover credits: Greece Insiders

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