Monemvasia: A Beautiful Spring Destination


If you want to go on a road trip to the Peloponnese, Monemvasia is one of the most beautiful spring destinations in Greece. Contact one of our expert travel designers here to help you create the most exquisite travel itinerary to this enchanted land.

Monemvasia is a small historic town in the prefecture of Laconia in the Eastern Peloponnese. It stands out for its unique history and enchanting aura. It is famous as the “Gibraltar of the East” because from afar, it is identical to the rock of Gibraltar. The weather in Greece right now is simply gorgeous. Therefore, we thought of a trip to this beautiful place which is one of the most beautiful and popular spring destinations. Furthermore, we are suggesting ten stops in the area that will have you in awe of the wonders of this fairy-tale place.

Monemvasia view

Location and Area

It is located in the prefecture of Laconia and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places. The historic castle town of the South is a wonderful destination for every season of the year. However, spring has its own unique atmosphere, making it unbeatable!

Monemvasia is divided into two parts: Ano Poli – which was built first and is not inhabited – and Kato Poli which is inhabited today and hosts important attractions. The great Greek poet Giannis Ritsos comes from Monemvasia, whose tomb is located there.

Monemvasia Castle

The Castle of Monemvasia

Monemvasia stands out for its Castle, which has two settlements and is among the most beautiful sights in the country. If one sees the photos, one immediately understands why.

There are 40 churches in the Castle, with the most famous being those of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, Panagia Kritikia, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Stefanos, Agios Pavlos, and Agia Anna.


What to do in Monemvasia: A List of 10 things

Monemvasia easily responds to every requirement and desire of the visitor. We are presenting a list of 10 things to do when visiting the area!

  1. Stop at the two amazing squares, Elkomenos Christou and Panagia Chrysafitissa, in Kato Poli. The landscape and the surrounding atmosphere will undoubtedly enchant you. However, this place will also magically “transport” you to the time in history when the Kastropolitia was thriving.
  2. Follow the path to reach Ano Poli and tour the neighborhood highlighted by recent archeological work. The visit to the church of Agia Sophia is more than necessary. The view of the Kato Poli and the endless blue is simply a unique experience.
  3. Look for Ierakas, not only for the wetland and the taverns with the local flavors but also to meet the unique fjord of Greece and to tour the once-famous Byzantine port, from where the famous Malvasia wine was exported, which also gave the name Porto Delle Botte, meaning “port of barrels”
  4. Do not forget to make the extremely impressive route that will lead you to Kyparissi. The enjoyable course on the wild and steep volume of Parnon and the amazing view of the Myrtoan Sea will give you the feeling that you are moving in the air. At the end of the course, Kyparissi, the windless Aegean settlement will reward you with excellent images.
  5. A visit to Monemvasia without a stop in coastal Neapolis is a must. Look for the new Archaeological Museum to get a taste of the area’s historic heritage and the Maritime Museum to experience the Vatican’s links to the sea. Wander the alleys of the city and its coastal front and organize your excursions to the neighboring villages of Faraklo and Lachi, from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Neapoli, Elafonisos, and even Kythira.

A few more Natural Surprises and Breathtaking Villages

  1. The cave of Kastania is a unique experience. Hidden somewhere between the villages of Kastania and Ano Kastania, in the shadow of the eastern end of Mount Parnon, is a cave. This geological “miracle” is about 3 million years old, will surprise you. Leave it up to the are to choose the games of imagination and emotions. You just sit back and enjoy this “jewel” of Monemvasia.
  2. One of the most impressive destinations of Monemvasia is the Geopark of Agios Nikolaos. It is another unique creation of nature and an amazing landscape of incomparable beauty. The trunks from the former palm forest are mixed with rare imprints of shells. Some of which protrude through the sea, making it a rare and unique sight. Against the background of the wild landscape of Kavomalias and the clear blue waters.
  3. Follow the most famous hiking route in the area, from the beautiful Velanidia to the famous Cape Malea. The path through a natural landscape is distinguished for its wild beauty. It ends at the stone lighthouse of Maleas. This lighthouse was built in 1860. It is one of the most famous and important lighthouses of the Greek lighthouse network.
  4. Monemvasia is the municipality with the largest coastline in the whole country. The road trip in the Laconic Gulf from Elea to Neapoli will offer you unique natural landscapes, such as Plytra with its sunken state, Archangelos with its exceptional beauty, and also Vigklafia with its tropical waters.
  5. Move to the “heart” of the hinterland of Monemvasia and discover the dozens of large and small villages. The villages retain the identity and traditional colors of the place. The Larnaca Gorge in Molai, the traditional Watermill in Talanta, and the traces of Giannis Ritsos in Velies are just some of your choices.

Monemvasia Castle town


Monemvasia constantly attracts visitors from all over Greece and the world. Get to know its diversity and its many varied elements tucked in a romantic setting. Ideal for all seasons, weekends, or multi-day getaways, for relaxation and to discover the beauties of the Greek land, Monemvasia is hands down one of the most beautiful spring destinations in Greece.

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