Mykonos: Party & Chill


And not only this: it is heavily favored by billionaires and all sorts of celebrities who turn to it thanks to its natural beauties combined with its bustling party scene.

Crowds at Mykonos Town Photo Credit: sk

During the summer months, Mykonos attracts almost 50,000 visitors; a significant number compared to its 15,000 permanent residents of which 4,000 aren’t Greek nationals.

Most of them look for boozy escapes and Mykonos doesn’t exist to disappoint them.

Restaurant – beach clubs are becoming the new must along partygoers as they minimize the time lost between beach bumming and dancing on a stage.

A club at Mykonos Photo Credit: stefg74

Scorpios is currently the most popular and coveted celebrity spot sitting right next to Santanna lagoon-shaped beach club. Also try not to miss Pasaji restaurant and seaside at the magnificent Ornos beach.

More affordable clubs include Jackie O’, which often has drag shows and sunset cocktails, Tropicana Beach Bar, Cavo Paradiso and The Skandinavian Bar.

If you want to chill a bit before putting up an all-nighter, Passo Doble in Chora is going to have to be your pick as it offers good rock music in a strategic spot.

But what’s truly unique about Mykonos is that whether you like to party or you are in your 50s hoping to relax a little bit more in your vacation, there is a Mykonos itinerary for everyone.

Beach at Mykonos Photo Credit: dronepicr

You might set your eyes on the windmills in Chora, among the most recognized landmarks of the island and one of the most famous attractions along with Little Venice.

You can also take a boat trip to the archaeological site of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That’s where according to mythology, Apollo and Artemis were born.

Delos Lions Photo Credit: NervousEnergy

Τhen continue towards Rhenia island where you can stop for a swim and snorkeling in its pristine waters.

The best time to visit the island is during May and the first half of June and then in September. That way you will avoid the big crowds and enjoy the island more. Just note that if you want to swim, you might find the sea a little bit chilly in May.

Cover Photo Credit: Maggie Meng

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