Nafplio: Learning Pottery in an “art farm”


Housed in an old factory, the place makes quite an impression. Created by the artisan-owner (plus sculptor and craftsman to name a few of his attributes) he, who conceived, built and now runs this multi-functional place.

Pottery workshop for Families

Family Pottery Workshop Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

First of all, the place offers pottery workshops for groups and families. You can make your own pottery, but you also have the chance to see things as they are made of clay in front of you, right before you buy them. People working there are friendly and knowledgeable and can introduce you to the history of pottery in the area. The gorgeous pieces of artwork, ranging from small figurines to 6-foot-high statues, as well as small tables and chairs made from materials people usually throw away, are unusually interesting, to say the least. Kids love the place as the many crazy items –which they probably haven’t seen anywhere before – stimulate their fantasies. And then they have the opportunity to get hands-on and dip their hands in the clay, to build whatever their excited minds have come up with.

Earthenwork masterpieces Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

Or just a refreshment stop

The place also features a café that its owner handcrafted piece-by-piece. This cute place offers coffees and refreshments, along with a small variety of fresh and delicious local dishes.  There is also an antiques shop, with an intriguing selection of unusual things, like old “roptrons” – the beautiful door-knockers shaped like a hand which were so popular in past decades – along with paintings, beautiful old furniture and things that the owner  “never throw anything away” philosophy gave a new life to; Tables made of old doors or shutters …you name it! You can also buy new pottery, jewelry, art and copies of classical Greek statues, hundreds of things new and old which cannot be mass-produced, ideal for special gifts and souvenirs.

The owner can even make furniture especially for you, exactly the way you want them, and ship them to your home. And there are many other curiosities in the place to explore, like the industrial ‘Gazebo’ or the most amazing toilet you have probably seen in a long time.


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