Over 20 paradisical Greek islands that are car-free!

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We have gathered all the Greek islands where you don’t need to be bothered if you’ll find parking in the Chora, and if you have forgotten your keys at the tavern, you just had a seafood lunch at.

Enjoy a carefree and car-free article, and who knows, you might be booking your flights to Greece by the end of it!

Donoussa Island - Small Cyclades - car free blog

Donoussa IslandPhoto Credit: Andrea Tosatto

Let’s start from the Cyclades …

The Small Cyclades

Islands of the Cyclades, the pre-eminent summer destination, where it is not necessary to travel by car, are all the Small Cyclades: The two Koufonisia: Pano and Kato, Schinoussa, Herakleia, and Donoussa. Pano Koufonisi, more touristic than all the other islands of the complex, provides you with everything! Good food, excellent accommodation, seas as if photoshopped, and fun at the pace of your endurance. In Pano Koufonisi you will find the most beautiful souvlaki restaurant in Greece (without exaggeration). Also, in Pano Koufonisi you will discover Gala, a well-hidden beach that looks like a huge well, whose white-blue waters will enchant you. Kato Koufonisi now has a tavern, which in price competes with Mykonos! Beaches that you go either on foot or by boat and that you will not regret.

And on the opposite is Schinoussa. There you rent a motorbike and you go around the island in half an hour. From Chora to the sea, is just a ten-minute distance and all the good places for food are next to each other. What about Herakleia? Magic! Here on foot, you can stroll everywhere. Discover the cave of Ai Giannis in the stone depths of the island. This island is for you to find your inner peace… Further north, in Donoussa you are facing the shallow and tame sea. Two of the most beautiful beaches in the world are waiting to baptize you again. Here, boats replace the car and the island has rhythms of a sanctuary detoxifying you from any noise.

Octopus and Fish drying in the sun on Antiparos Island in the cyclades- car free islands of greece blog

Octopus and Fish drying in the sun on Antiparos IslandPhoto Credit: Matthias Forster

Scattered Cycladic Islands

Antiparos is also an island in the Cyclades where you do not need a car. You go to Paros and from there you easily reach the island of Tom Hanks and the famous cave! You will have stories to tell your friends back home how it was like for your breath to be taken away by the heavenly sights. Antiparos is a beauty and will enchant you with its simple and unpretentious Cycladic style. Opposite the volcanic Santorini, a part of Santorini that escaped to the sea and was called Thirasia. Whoever goes to Thirasia is a dreamer, someone who wants to relax and get inspired.

Aerial view of the northern end of Spetses - car free islands of greece blog

Aerial view of the northern end of Spetses islandPhoto Credit: dronepicr

The Saronic Islands at our Feet

In Hydra and Spetses, cars are not only unnecessary but they are also banned! The locals live in their rhythms that they willingly share with the traveler. Hydra is a mansion cosmopolitan, and Spetses island wrapped in history and legends. Furthermore, the youthful Agistri does not oblige you to take your car. Everything can be found on your feet and if you want to further explore, rent a motorbike. All these islands are worth visiting, even just for two days.

The Corinthian Gulf is so close!

At night the crickets put you to sleep and summer in Trizonia of Corinth travels you to a dreamy environment. Small islands opposite Fokida, where you are transported by local boats. The taverns on the beaches serve the most delicious kakavia (fish soup), and you will have the chance to swim at clean and beautiful beaches and relax with a book listening to the calming sounds of the sea.

Kalamos island in the Ionian - car free island of Greece blog

Kalamos islandPhoto Credit: Spiros Vathis

The Green of the Ionian Sea

Kastos and Kalamos, two diamonds forming a ring around Lefkada. Two islands that offer you an alternative way of vacationing without wheels, noise, and stress. Kastos is one of the smallest islands of the Ionian Sea in a very short distance from Lefkada. When you step on Kalamos the amount of greenery that surrounds you is truly impressive for such a small place. The old lighthouse and the imposing Castle will give you the perfect background for you to take pictures. The beaches are superb and very close to the shores of Meganisi, another island near Lefkada.

Dodecanese Islands are the Epitome of Beauty

For these destinations, the journey is long but it compensates you like stepping on an island from Lipsi, Arki, Halki, Symi, Tilos, Pserimos, Telendos, and Agathonisi! Islands that offer the comforts of modern paradises with their specifications. Quiet shores, crystal clear waters, fish taverns that come out of the sea alone, and hospitality that you can hardly find in cosmopolitan places. Each of the Dodecanese small islands is a story in itself. The food in almost all the islands is homemade. Try the crispy and delicious pitaroudia, fish appetizers bathed in aromatic ouzo, meatballs, and stuffed squid with rice.

Simos Beach, in Elafonisos, Car free islands in greece blog

Simos Beach, in ElafonisosPhoto Credit: Discover Peloponnese


Opposite Neapoli, Laconia, at the foot of the gulf of Lakonikos, Elafonisos is lying on a blue seabed. Elafonisos is an ideal destination for nature lovers. High sand dunes and rare sea cedars (those that survived devastating recent fires) adorn the beaches of the island. The beautiful twin beaches of Simos and Sarakinikos are unique. The lobster spaghetti in the taverns of the port is mouthwatering and above all fresh.

All Around Greece

And other paradises have banished cars all over Greece so we can enjoy heavenly waters without pollution and noise. Such as Amoliani in Halkidiki to Oinousses and Psara in the northern Aegean, Antikythera, and Gavdos the southernmost part of Europe. From Ereikousa, Mathraki and Othonos, and Fourni. What do you need? A good mood, good company, time, and no car.

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