A Trip of a Lifetime!


My wife and I wanted to see Greece from a Cultural point of view, but also to experience the people and everyday Greek life. We didn’t want to have to set up the whole trip ourselves, as we were busy and tired after a tough year. My wife stumbled upon Greece Insiders online. We told Elena what we wanted and within a couple of days, she’d put together a pretty much perfect trip. With a few small adjustments…it WAS the perfect trip! We had to do nothing but turn up! A wonderful driver, the best guides we could ask for, and nice hotels, made for the trip of a lifetime. One of the most important things for me, was the fact that Elena and Lydia made themselves available to troubleshoot any issues, at any time. The comfort of knowing that anything that might go wrong would be handled for us…was priceless! Thanks to Elena and Lydia, for a fantastic experience!!

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