Sea Kayak at Santorini


Now strike that all off your mind. Imagine you are under the warm Mediterranean sun, on calm, azure waters. You are floating in a kayak, at sea-level and the magnificent view of the island’s volcanic coastline is spread all over your horizon and upwards, along with the blue vastness of the Aegean.

With the help and guidance of an instructor you are about to enjoy the Caldera’s best-kept secrets in the unique way  which only such a small, quiet and versatile vessel offers. While the crowds just admire the scenery from a balcony somewhere, you are exploring it by paddling through it! You just have to be 14 years old and above, know how to swim in open sea and be of average physical condition. Meaning you are able to row your kayak once they teach you how to do it and not get drowned once you fall in the water.

Infinity Steps at Santorini

Infinity Steps Photo Credit: Santorini Sea Kayak

Why sea kayak?

The reward is precious. Kayaks are ideal as they are absolutely noiseless. The feel of tranquility and the swift, yet calm way that these things slide on the water’s surface are perfectly suited to anyone who wants to experience Santorini in harmony with this eternal landscape; away from the crowds and the packed beaches. Add to that the facts that each member of a kayaking team moves around freely, and that you can reach at any isolated beach you discover. And now you get why they gain popularity by the minute.

Vlychada beach at santorini

Vlychada Photo Credit: Santorini Sea Kayak

Choose one amongst the available experiences

So, the typical kayaking day starts with a lesson on kayak-handling, which by itself is fun, given that this sea is wonderful and the view spectacular. Then your guides can help you choose your kayaking tour. A typical one starts from the north-west side and goes round the spectacular cliffs of Oia, the most beautiful village of Santorini. The feeling of marveling at the harsh rock formations and breathtaking cliffs from the calmness of the cool water surface will be hard to forget. Enter the caldera from the north passage between Santorini and Thirasia, and make a coffee break at the latter. Stop at Palia Kameni for a picnic, swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear, see-through water. Continue south to Ballos bay and celebrate the day with the sunset view while having dinner.​​

One of the many advantages offered by organized kayaking is that the activity can be adapted to each team’s choices and abilities. For example, an amazing route for more experienced kayakers can start from Ballos Beach, within the Caldera, and go around the island, passing in succession from beaches like Mesa Pigadia, the White and the Red Beach and more.

White Beach at santorini

White Beach Photo Credit: Santorini Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak is a family activity

Not to mention that the whole thing is perfectly organized; apart from the BCU-certified English-speaking guides, everything from transfers to the activities themselves, sea-kayaking equipment, snorkeling gear, are taken care of… they even provide a picnic, (with sandwiches or fruits) for everybody. Or a tasty traditional Greek dinner if the tour is a full-day one.

Yes you guessed it right; it is also the perfect family activity. Especially if you have sightseeing-bored teenagers or sporty kids along, as specific family tours are specially planned to be safe for kids from 7 and up to 12 years old. And of course you can always have a go at a stand-up-paddling lesson with an instructor and maybe later have a paddling tour of the Vlychada Pumice Formations.

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