Kayaking in Nafplio!


Quite a few parameters make it possible. The sea is crystal-clear to the point that you will want to abandon ship and take a dive – the waters are calm and safe, since you are in a bay, while the fortress is right there, a few paddle strokes from the shore.

Kayaking at Argolis bay

Sea Kayaking around Nafplio bay Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

The most important factor, though, is that there is a team of highly trained and dedicated people that can take anyone –and this mean anyone, regardless of age or physical condition- out on a kayak tour in Argolikos bay, one of the most marvelous bays of Greece.

Nafplio sea kayaking route

The departure point is right on the harbor, while a typical route can include various destinations and it can be pre-planned according to your team’s needs, capabilities and available time. Its main and most valuable characteristic though is that it maintains the calm aura which is so characteristic of Nafplio. Imagine it like taking a stroll over calm waters. You take a brief lesson on kayak-handling and off you go, sliding on the water’s surface, from one idyllic place to another.

Nafplio Sea Kayak

Refreshing stop Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

And there are quite a few. You can tour around the port of Nafplion and marvel at the city from its seafront. This way the town will show you its quiet and serene side, as this is arguably the most relaxed way to approach it. Then the Bourtzi  fortified islet is yours for the taking. Probably the kid inside me is to blame, but I always get over-excited by the feeling I get when paddling towards a small fortified island. My kids seemed to be on the same page but I guess that place would make most of the kids thrilled with the idea. Now add to this the fact that your little island is a 17th century castle, right out of a Disney film and try to imagine their feelings while they drag the kayaks out of the water and start  exploring! The same feelings are evoked when viewing the forts of Palamidi and Acronafplia, especially if you realize that you are seeing them from the same angle that the pirates, that dreaded them and their cannons, would see them back in the day.
Harsh cliffs covered by succulent vegetation and crowned by the fortress walls slide by you as you paddle along, until you reach a small secluded beach where you make a short stop to enjoy a picnic with local delicacies and refreshments. Then you continue along the coastline, to reach the kayak base at Karathonas beach. Here you can enjoy other water-sports, like Stand-Up Paddling (SUP), before you get transferred back to Nafplio.

Nafplio activities

Sea kayking in clear blue waters Photo Credit: Greece Insiders

More options for sea kayaking at Nafplio

The above pertains to the half-day kayak tour; if you happen to have a whole day available and the weather on your side, the kayak team can take you to places you would never imagine. For example, a kayak trip to the famous Ancient Sunken City. A set of ruins in relatively shallow waters – only two meters deep at the shallowest point – built in 1200BC, known as Argolida’s Lost Atlantis. With its ancient breakwater still preserved at some places, it is ideal for underwater site-seeing, photography and snorkeling.

The Small Ancient Theater of Epidavros, built in the 4th century B.C, is another perfect destination on your coastal route. It offers a breathtaking, wild scenery, with pine trees hanging above the turquoise-colored waters of Argolida’s coastline.

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