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Why write a blog article on the Best Greek Party Islands in October? Well, summer in Greece, especially on Greek islands, lasts longer than expected. Therefore, whether you are young at heart, or single and want to gather with your friends to spend an unforgettable vacation, without families and couples around you, then get tickets to one of the following Greek party islands.

There are Greek islands that have been occupied by couples and others where families on the beach do not leave much space for you and your company. Because we know that a group of young (and older) people during their holidays are looking for a party island, with a fun vibe. Therefore, we present you the Best 10 Greek Party Islands where you can easily make your company even bigger.

A Group of Friends Having Fun on Mykonos Island

A Group of Friends Having Fun on Mykonos Island Photo Credit: Eric Benacek

Mykonos – The Greek Party Queen Island

Mykonos has a high rating among the top ‘clubbing’ destinations in the Mediterranean, while its nightlife is considered one of the best in Europe. Travelers from different cultures come together to just have fun. It also attracts internationally renowned DJs, to the various clubs and bars that have become famous. In addition, Mykonos is a ‘gay-friendly’ island during the summer and has many gay clubs.

In general, the island is widely known for its extremely interesting nightlife, with countless bars and clubs, which serve even the most demanding tastes. The bars of Mykonos are so many and so different from each other, that they will undoubtedly catch your eye, each for its different reasons. There are no strict ‘dress code’ rules here, since ending up dancing in a club with a swimsuit and sunglasses, is the natural flow of things.

A Group of Friends Having Fun on Ios Island

A Group of Friends Having Fun on Ios Island Photo Credit: Titanas

Ios – The Party Island that Does Not Disappoint

Ios is a landmark in entertainment! You will wonder what Ios can be different from the other islands. Why so much fuss around this party island? First and foremost, it is located in the Cyclades. And only this should convince you, as they are famous for their picturesque alleys and beautiful beaches -without wanting to underestimate the other Greek islands. However, Ios has another side of it that helps it climb the ‘party ladder’: its nightlife. First, in entertainment, Ios attracts many tourists, as its fame travels from America to Australia. It is a small Ibiza in the center of the Aegean, with its tourism growing every year and more.

Banana beach Skiathos, dancing starts early in the morning and lasts until sunset

Banana beach Skiathos, dancing starts early in the morning and lasts until sunset Photo Credit: gpanagiot

Skiathos – The ‘Mykonos’ of the Sporades

Most visitors to Skiathos prefer to take a walk in as many bars in the city as possible for fun, rather than spend the night in just one. In Skiathos Town, there are two attractions for nightlife lovers. One is located on the east side of Chora and the second attraction is in the old town, in the square of the Trion Ierarchon. In this area, there are many cafes with giant screens, so that sports fans can watch their favorite team if during their stay on the island, participates in a football or basketball match.

Beach on Paros Island

Beach on Paros Island Photo Credit: Allan Henderson

Paros – The Classy Party Island

The nightlife in Paros is what attracts Greeks and visitors from all over the world. Apart obviously from the stunning beaches and towns! The fun never stops and covers all tastes! From quiet bars overlooking the sea to bars full of people and loud music and large clubs of Athenian standards. In Parikia, you will find atmospheric bars along the coastal road, which in the summer months is a pedestrian street, built even on the edge of the cliff. Enjoy your drink accompanied by relaxing music and beautiful views of the Aegean.

In Naoussa, the pulse of the night entertainment of Paros beats loudly. Countless small bars in the white, paved alleys and in the harbor, which were once fishermen’s warehouses. There is no case for someone to leave Naoussa complaining. Techno, house, RnB, lounge, mainstream, and Greek music, are heard from the bars that cover every musical taste.

City of Rhodes by Night

City of Rhodes by Night Photo Credit: linmtheu

Rhodes – The Island Where Time Stops

For those who choose Rhodes for their holidays, they will certainly find entertainment options that suit them. Rhodes is a big island and the options are many. Along with the various options for various activities, in Rhodes, you can find everything. As far as food and party options go, in Rhodes, you can find restaurants with amazing cuisine, Greek or international, but also an incredible variety in terms of bars and clubs on the island and the music you can listen to.

DJ’ing at a party on Zakynthos Island

DJ’ing at a party on Zakynthos Island Photo Credit: Georgia Cartharis

Zakynthos – Demonstrates how the Ionian Islands party

It is one of the islands of Greece, which enchant the visitor from the first moment. It covers all tastes and combines tranquility with fun, the green landscape with the “golden beaches”. As soon as the sun goes down, the city is suitable for all tastes: from frantic parties until the morning, to more family taverns or more relaxed bars, on the beach. Ideal places for fun are Laganas, a famous place for frantic clubbing, but also Argassi, with various bars for the ultimate summer dance nights.

Partying on Kos Island since the 80’s

Partying on Kos Island since the 80’s Photo Credit: hofman01

Kos – Combines Beauty and Entertainment

In Kos, the options for night entertainment are plentiful. You can have fun in coffee bars that stay open until late at night and continue your night out in nightclubs and clubs located in every part of the island. There are also many restaurants with a strong Greek element, where you can find live music.

The famous Bar Street is located in the center of Kos, between Eleftherias Square, the Ancient Agora, and the plane tree of Hippocrates. There, the options for entertainment are many. You can find bars for all tastes, from Greek and mainstream music to rock and jazz. There are also many restaurants and taverns with live music where you can have fun and dine at the same time.

Venetian Harbor of Chania, Crete

Venetian Harbor of Chania, Crete Photo Credit: Rev Stan

Chania – For Endless Flirting

Chania is as big as it needs to be so that you do not get bored and do not fall on the same people every night. The nightlife starts from the hangouts in the old town of Chania, the Venetian port, and the seaside Kum Kapi and continues in the large tourist area of Agia Marina and Platanias, until dawn.

Traditional Greek Dancing on Naxos Island

Traditional Greek Dancing on Naxos Island Photo Credit: Tzef Pine

Naxos – The Underdog that will Surprise you

Naxos nightlife can get hectic, especially during the summer months. The nightlife is concentrated mainly on the coastal road of Naxos Town and in the alleys of the city itself. The best nightlife of Naxos is centered in the area of the port and the waterfront of Chora. Here you will find a large number of traditional bars and taverns, where a few drinks after dinner, plus some disco music bars that stay open until dawn. The nightclubs of Naxos are near the beach of Agios Georgios. The clubs of Naxos are always very crowded and play international and Greek music, with so many offers for alcoholic beverages.

Cocktail Promo on Spetses Island

Cocktails on Spetses Island Photo Credit: Daniel Lobo

Spetses – The Lively Island of the Saronic Gulf

Spetses is one of the liveliest islands of the Saronic Gulf. It is worth taking a walk in the picturesque streets of the city, where there are many shops with different types and then enjoy your coffee or dessert in one of the many beautiful cafes around the port. Its restaurants offer mainly Greek food, but there are also international alternatives. The city of Spetses has many bars and entertainment centers, which play Greek and foreign music and satisfy all desires and tastes. For cinema lovers on the island, there are two summer cinemas.

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